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   Chapter 73 Miss Ouyang Is Here

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The condescending woman held the hands of a lovely boy in front of the grand building of FX International Group. However, the differences were obvious. The woman had taken off her military uniform, which, as a result, reduced her sternness, giving her an amiable disposition.

Several months had passed since Daisy had entered this luxurious and grand building. She still felt a little nervous, and involuntarily her steps slowed. Her cold hands started sweating and she grabbed Justin's soft hands more firmly.

Justin's distinguished face allowed them to enter the building unstopped. However, many curious glances followed them, wondering who Daisy was and why Justin, who always refused any woman who approached his father, was personally walking this woman inside. They couldn't associate this delicate and beautiful woman with the aloof female military officer they had seen three months ago.

They took the dedicated elevator to the CEO's office on the 88th floor, which consequently and inevitably drew greater attention. Daisy felt embarrassed, possibly due to the intense glances from the others.

As soon as they came to the 88th floor, Justin let go of Daisy's cold hand and headed for Rain's office. He still remembered how badly he had hoped that Rain would love his mother. But to his great disappointment, Rain had refused. Now, he wanted Rain to see his beautiful and charming mother so that he could see the regretful expression on Rain's face.

The moment Anna saw Daisy and Justin approaching, she walked forward. She already knew that Daisy was the female military officer who had brought Justin in last time, because it was Anna who had led the way for them. However, at that time, Anna had no idea who this woman was. The re-appearance of Justin and this woman in the building, answered her question.

"Nice to meet you, " Anna offered. "I'm Anna, chief secretary of FX International Group. Mr. Mu is in a meeting. Would you like to wait for him or should I inform him that you have arrived?" Anna inquired in a soft voice. She appreciated Daisy's composure and appearance.

Daisy wore a well-cut ankle-length dress and a pair of smart black mid-heel sandals. Her small face reddened. The beautiful facial features were made more prominent with eyes that were crystal clear. She was a natural beauty. Anna noticed that she was intensely surveying her surroundings.

Daisy tore her glance from her surrounding and turned to Anna. "Hello, " she said. "I'm Daisy. I can wait for him in his office." Daisy was also observing Anna. In spite of being aloof and elegant, the expression did not change on her cold face.

Anna was shocked when she heard Daisy introduce herself. But, she quickly recovered. She now realized why Edward had questioned her. It turned out that there was another Miss Ouyang.

"All right, Miss Ouyang. Please come with me." Anna raised her hand and pointed in the direction of Edward's office. Then, she walked briskly and pushed open the door inviting Daisy to step in.

"Sure. Thank you, " Daisy nodded slightly and followed her.

"Please take a seat and wait for a moment. The meeting is about to be over." Although Anna was curious about Daisy

's identity, she followed the rules and repressed her interest.

"Ok. Thank you." A small and brief smile finally appeared on her face. Daisy elegantly sat down on the sofa.

"You are most welcome. Would you like a coffee or tea?" asked Anna. This was the first time she had seen her smile. Her smile was natural, graceful, and brief.

"Nothing. Thanks." Daisy's elegant manners and behavior had actually won her many fans.

"I'll leave you alone. If you need anything, do call me." said Anna jerking her head to indicate that she would be sitting outside. She then turned around, closed the door and left the room.

Daisy quietly observed the luxurious office. Due to the lack of time and her anxiety, she had failed to consider the overall layout of this room before. Now, she nearly boxed herself in the ears. It turned out that Edward's elegance was based on big money.

"Mr. Mu. Miss Ouyang is in your office." Anna said as soon as she saw Edward walking out of the meeting room.

"Hasn't she gone back after the lunch? Why has she come here again?" inquired Rain. He was sure that Mary would have gone home and had a good cry. The meal had costed her heavily, which would certainly anger and distress her.

Anna was about to say something, but stopped. Had they had lunch together? It seemed that Mr. Rain disliked Miss Ouyang. And she had made Daisy sit in Edward's office. What should she do now?

"Did she say anything?" Edward frowned and asked in a displeased manner. He didn't want to waste his time in dealing with Mary. He was thinking about going home as soon as possible and hug and kiss the woman waiting for him there.

"No, she did not say anything. However, she came here with Justin." Anna wondered if she had done the right thing because Edward seemed to be seething with displeasure.

"What? Did she actually come here with Justin? Where is she now?" Edward's spirit lifted suddenly and his face was full of anticipation at the prospect of something. Was she the woman who had been disturbing his thoughts all day?

"She is in your office." Anna was suspicious of Edward's reaction. Was he delighted or discontented?

With these words, Edward rushed to his office. He desperately needed to know if the Miss Ouyang sitting in his office was his wife that he had wanted so much to meet.

Anna misunderstood his reaction and thought that he was angry. So, she also closely followed him and considered it her duty to clear up the mess she had created as a result of her own fault.

Rain shook his head when he saw both of them rushing towards Edward's office. He turned and unhurriedly walked to his own office, wondering why this Miss Ouyang was so important. Why am I so nervous? Edward wondered as he reached for the door to his office.

He steadied himself and took a deep breath before he slowly opened the door.

When the door creaked open, Daisy turned her head and smiled at Edward. Her smile was so sweet and full of grace. She outshone the fairest faces in the world. Edward's heart finally settled down. It really was her, the woman he had missed so much. It never occurred to him that Daisy, as aloof as ice water, could surprise him in this way.

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