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   Chapter 72 Do You Often Go To Daddy’s Office

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Mary quietly listened to Belinda and the others. She felt that they got along well with each other but in a strange way. They were neither lovers nor friends, but she could perceive their unusual chemistry.

Belinda felt perturbed, realizing how rude she had been. However, she felt embarrassed to make an apology, because she didn't know what to say. Belinda intended to defend Daisy, but in doing so, she had offended Edward who was a big shot of the City. She knew Edward would mind.

"Excuse me. I have to leave. Good day everyone." With these words, she left hurriedly. Belinda had the ability to admit and correct her mistakes. Whenever she lost her temper, she would leave the room. She would never invite humiliation her way. Though, she always escaped from Edward in a flurried haste.

Edward didn't mind her leaving abruptly as he was used to it.

Rain concealed his smirk. Edward was the most brute man in the world who had a sharp tongue. Rain was no match for him when it came to debate and discussions, let alone Belinda.

"Let's go back." Edward glanced at the expensive watch on his wrist and stepped out.

After hanging up the phone, Daisy went upstairs to look for Justin, wondering what the little guy was up to. She gently pushed the door, only to find that it was locked.

Daisy knocked on the door and waited for the door to be opened.

"Mummy, what's wrong?" Justin gaped at Daisy, pretending to be sleepy.

"What were you doing? Why was the door locked?" Daisy popped her head inside and examined the room.

"I wasn't doing anything. I was just sleeping." Justin stuttered, giving no definite r

of things had happened when she was absent. Justin's world had changed immensely.

Alas! If Daisy knew how Justin dealt with those women who flirted with Edward, she would be shocked.

"Uncle Aaron is dad's assistant. He knows dad's schedule very well." Justin grinned wickedly.

"Do you often go to dad's office?" Daisy asked casually while unconsciously tapping the table, and making a soft, melodious tune.

"Yeah. Dad often takes me there. It's really fun." Justin smiled innocently. It was indeed fun. He drove a woman mad just a few days ago.

Daisy was lost in her thoughts. When she'd take Justin to Edward, she didn't expect that Edward would be very welcoming towards Justin as Edward wasn't too fond of either one of them.

She still remembered how scared she was about Edward refusing to accept Justin, so she left hurriedly before he was ready that day. She didn't want anything bad to happen.

But it seemed that now Edward was very nice to Justin, or else he wouldn't take him to his office. No one would allow someone he didn't like to stay too close to him.

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