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   Chapter 71 Who Said That I Have A Boyfriend

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Belinda was as quick-witted as ever. Daisy felt speechless. She changed her expression. If she is her father's daughter, she would still be her mom's daughter. What is the difference?

'Emmm... Ok, I accept that you are smart. Now tell me, are you free this weekend?' Belinda and Daisy haven't seen each other for years. Daisy missed her very much.

"Are you planning on standing me up again?' Belinda complained sourly while putting the contract away.

"I want to go shopping with you if you've got time, but I am fine if you don't want to come with me. There are many other things I'd rather do." Daisy knew Belinda couldn't resist the temptation of a shopping spree.

'Daisy! I dare you! You must go shopping with me.' Belinda's booming voice caught Edward and Mary's attention.

No..., Belinda immediately regretted uttering Daisy's name aloud. Although Mary was familiar with Daisy, she wasn't sure whether Daisy's name would ring a bell to Edward. Belinda's shout definitely caught Mary's attention, and the reason behind her hostility became clear.

'Aren't you afraid of being hunted down anymore?' Daisy didn't realize what an unfavorable situation Belinda had put herself into.

'I feel like I am being hunting down now.' Belinda grumbled. Edward, why were you staring at me? Am I doing something illegal?

Edward was staring at Belinda because he heard Belinda call Daisy's name, so he was trying to figure out what was going on.

'What? Someone is hunting you right now? Where are you? I am on my way!' Daisy jumped to her feet, taking Belinda's words seriously. Belinda was the only heir of an affluent family. There were many people out there who wanted her dead.

'Take it easy. It was

ings." Edward said casually, trying to piss Belinda off so that she'll tell him what he wants to know. He wondered why Belinda was so hostile towards him all the time.

"I am free to do whatever I choose. You have no right to judge me." "Your problem is that you overthink things. You are welcome to think freely and speak your mind but insulting me is not an option. Don't impose your opinions on me. I am not going to accept any foolish remarks." Belinda couldn't forget Edward's gentle and loving tone on the phone, and she was angry that he did not offer the same affection to Daisy.

Edward didn't say much, but Belinda continued to contradict him with a long list of arguments. He found Belinda very irritable, and it made him smile gently.

"Miss Belinda, we do not have the right to interfere in your personal life, but it is your fault to mislead us. Please don't blame us for overthinking. Your behavior lead us to the wrong assumptions." Edward stood up coolly and replied in a sharp tone. Not arguing didn't mean that he had a good temper. It's just that, he didn't want to argue with a woman, but Belinda was too aggressive.

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