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   Chapter 70 Damn You Jealous

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"Oh, I see. Have a nice meal! I'm sorry if I disturbed you." She didn't hang up the phone. Because during the call this morning, she had hung up the phone first. But later she remembered that he had forbidden her from hanging up the phone before him, come what may. So she waited for him to end the call first.

"Okay! I'll ask Luke to arrange a computer for you, and I'll try to come home early today." Edward's charismatic smile had Mary spellbound. She was wondering who Edward was talking to because he was kind and gentle on the phone. But that didn't matter, because one day that tenderness would only belong to her, thought Mary.

"Mr. Edward is a quite the ladies man! You probably has many lovers! You already have one beside you. It seems that you have one hidden in your house too. I wonder where you get the time and energy to deal with them all." Seeing that Edward has hung up the phone, Belinda began to sneer at him. Her tone was a little harsh. She didn't know that Daisy was already living with Edward, so naturally, she took it that Edward had another woman in his house. She felt pity for Daisy, so she gave a crude reaction without much consideration.

"Miss Belinda, you seem to care a lot about my private life. Are you feel jealous? Or have you fallen in love with me?" Edward joked. He already knew that Belinda was not interested in him. He had met her several times, yet he didn't spot any trace of admiration in her eyes, perhaps that's why he could joke with her intrepidly.

Belinda stared at him and remained silent. "Damn you jealous!" Belinda cursed him in her heart. The day she felt jealous for this deceitful scoundrel, the sun would rise from the west. Only inane women would make the mistake of falling in love with him and feeling jealous!

No! She reminded herself to stop thinking like this because the inane woman she was thinking of, was none other than her best friend Daisy.

"Mr. Mu, can't you stop being so narcissistic? I wish you'd change your ways because I'm sick of hearing your self-absorbed, egotistical babble." Belinda stared at him with contempt. Is being creative such a big challenge for the CEO of an international company? Did she have to teach him how to behave creative? Belinda thought.

"So, Miss Belinda, what would you like? I will do whatever you wish." Edward lifted his hand to look at the time, with a little frown. His manner seemed casual and languid.

Belinda moved her lips, but she didn't utter a word. She knew Edward's words were too ambiguous; they could easily mislead anyone.

"Miss Belinda, did you bring the contract with you? If you have it here, we can take this opportunity to sign the contract." Rain's remark broke the ice between Edward and Belinda. Belinda felt pleased to change the topic. She didn't want to think about who Edward was calling.

She replied, "I didn't bring it with me. But my office is not far from here. I can ask my secretary to bring it here, if you have some time to spare." Truth be told, Belinda wasn't an unreasonable person. The only reason she was so mean to Edward was that she didn't like his ways and the company he kept.

"That would be better. It will save me from going to your office again in the afternoon." Rain sighed with relief, as now he wouldn't have to go out in the sweltering hot weather.

"Okay! I will call my secretary and have the contract delivered right now." said Belinda. She fetched her phone and dialed the familiar number.

Mary stole a glance at Edward; she found him lost in his thou

ghts. He looked absent-minded.

"Sir, do you have anything important to do? If you have any urgent business to attend to, you can leave." Just leave a car for me." Rain had seen the grand fleet of cars escorting Edward on the way here. He felt a surge of panic long after they had arrived at the restaurant. He felt fortunate that he was not the spotlight of such a dramatic scene. If it were him, he would undoubtedly become overwhelmed. Therefore he asked Edward to leave just one car for him.

"Oh, no I'm okay. I will go with you." Edward suddenly came out of his deep thoughts and replied. He raised his head and looked around the place, his eyes finally noticing Mary.

He was thinking about a question in the past few minutes. He wondered why Daisy's family hadn't appeared in his life all these years. Even if Daisy had intended to avoid them, still how come they didn't know of Justin's existence? Edward often wondered about this question. At times, he felt he knew the answers, but before long he found himself perplexed again.

It was rare for Daisy to have so much leisure time. The sudden break made her feel that she had nothing to do. After she hung up the phone, she sat there for a while in a state of trance. She found that Justin had stopped paying heed to her. Recently, he seemed to have a lot of things to do. He always stayed in his room and kept the door closed. It looked like he had much to learn. Daisy seldom saw him now. The laid-back and feckless life made her feel that time flew rather slowly.

She thought for a while and picked up the phone. She dialed Belinda's number with her slender fingers. She was prepared to be scolded by Belinda because she had broken an appointment with her.

"Hello!" Belinda was busy talking to Rain about the contract, and she picked the call without noticing who was calling.

"Belinda, it's me. Are you busy?" Daisy curled up her neck; she was waiting for Belinda to howl at her. As expected, a sudden furious roar sent a shiver down Daisy's spine. She had an impulse to hang up the phone when she heard Belinda's roar.

"Damn it Daisy, you flaked out on me again. Don't expect that I will forgive you this time." After Belinda had vented out, she realized that her voice had been too loud. She looked around and found that Edward didn't notice her. He was on another table speaking softly with Mary. She instantly felt relieved.

Rain was sitting quite close to Belinda as they were discussing the contract. He had heard Belinda's offensive language. But he did not know the Daisy whom Belinda was talking to. He merely frowned when Belinda cursed and then continued to scan the contract.

"My dear friend Belinda, just spare me this time, please! I promise it will never happen again." Daisy said. Daisy only revealed her lovely side when she was with Belinda. Judging from her cute voice, no one could imagine that she was a stern and cold female colonel.

"Get away from me! I will not be the daughter of my mother if I trust you again!" When Belinda heard how Daisy was trying to make peace with her, she felt delighted. Yet, her reply came out in a firm tone.

"Oh! Belinda. If you are not the daughter of your mother, then who calls you daughter?" Daisy smiled when she heard Belinda had brought up her dearest mother. It seemed that Belinda was really angry with her this time.

"I'm still my father's daughter. You're so stupid!" Belinda said nonchalantly. At the same time, she glanced at the contract, took a pen and signed her name on the contract.

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