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   Chapter 69 Do You Miss Me

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To ease the growing tension in the atmosphere, Edward intentionally coughed, while covering his mouth with his fist.

"Let's just go inside. Or do you all want to be grilled outside?" Edward knitted his bushy brows and took the lead to move inside----he detested hot weather.

The others followed him inside. Edward's handsome face and voguish charm inevitably attracted everyone's attention. But he simply ignored everyone and found a table near the window. There he sat elegantly with his legs crossed.

Belinda glanced at Mary, and she intentionally sat beside Edward. She knew Mary wanted to get close to Edward, but she wouldn't let her fulfill this wish.

When Mary saw Belinda's gimmick, she bit her lip and unwillingly sat beside Rain. She couldn't figure out why Belinda was constantly trying to give her a hard time. She didn't recall having displeased her. Why was Belinda so ungracious to her the first time they met? Had she eyed Belinda's boyfriend? Maybe that was the reason behind her behavior. After all, she had dated quite a few men, most of whom she had seduced by different means. So there was an off chance that she had stolen Belinda's boyfriend without knowing it.

"Miss Mary, are you okay? You don't look so good." Belinda was not easy to deal with. She had agitated Mary by taking her seat, but now she was pretending to care for her.

Rain and Edward exchanged looks and decided not to get involved. The atmosphere was quite intense. Who knows, perhaps the next minute Belinda would turn on them, so they decided to let the two women fight with each other. They were mere audiences.

"I am alright. Thank you for your concern." Mary twitched her lips and faked a smile. Deep down she wanted to tear apart Belinda's smug little face.

"Of course, I must show my concern towards the host. After all, we just met for the first time

, his lips unconsciously spread into a smile. With a swipe, Edward took the call. Then he spoke in a soft and gentle voice.

"What's going on? Did you have your lunch?" Edward was quite surprised that Daisy called him.

"Yes. How about you?" Daisy's distinct voice came through the phone. It was like a gurgling stream flowing across Edward's parched heart.

"I am having lunch. Did you miss me?" Edward said gently. His voice was so sweet that the people around him almost had goosebumps.

"No, not really. I just wanted to ask you if I could use your computer in the study room. I forgot to bring mine." Daisy answered hesitantly, her face blushed at Edward's words.

"Of course you can use it. I didn't set any passwords, so you can log into it freely. You don't need to ask me for all these things; you have full control over everything in the house." She didn't say she missed him, but he was still happy that she called as he had been moping about her hanging up his call earlier.

Belinda's looked a bit angry now. 'See, Daisy. That's the man you loved so much for so many years. He is sweet talking with another woman. And what about you? Did he love you? Did you even have a place in his heart?' Belinda thought to herself.

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