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   Chapter 68 Which Unlucky Man Is Your Prey Today

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They started driving towards the restaurant. They had picked a place far away from the office. Usually, Luke drove behind Edward on the way. But Luke was sent to prepare Daisy's desk. Before he left, he arranged for other bodyguards to follow Edward. It almost looked like a motorcade. Arranging so many people in his place, Luke seemed not trust anyone but himself, on the off chance any mishaps occurred with Edward in his absence.

Edward steadily held the steering wheel. When he looked in the rear-view mirror, he was speechless. He felt Luke had overreacted. Who did he think Edward was, the President of the country? With so many cars following him, the passersby might assume him to be a mobster. Edward felt he must talk to Luke.

Suddenly, a slender figure caught Edward's attention. Unconsciously, he slowed down the car. But he then shook his head with self-mockery. The girl he was thinking of couldn't be here. She would still be in Paris, the romantic capital of France. How could she possibly appear in the streets of S City?

Before long, they arrived at their destination, a famous Spanish restaurant named Can Majó.

Mary was depressed. She intended to sit beside Edward, but to her dismay, Rain took the seat, and she had to drive behind them in her car.

As an old saying goes, some were sad but the others were happy. Rain was in a pretty good mood, giggling along the way. As flamboyant as he was, he usually didn't share a car with other men. But today, he had abandoned his dazzling Maybach just to annoy Mary.

As they got off the car and walked towards the restaurant, they met Belinda at the entrance, who also came for lunch. Edward was a little frustrated to see her. He felt that luck was not on his side, as he kept running into people who he didn't want to meet.

"Huh! Mr. Mu, nice seeing you again!" Belinda flashed him a coquettish smile, and shot a glance at Mary.

"The pleasure is all mine, Miss Shangguan. What a nice surprise." Edward's

ary was vexed. The more people dining with them, the less chance she had to be alone with Edward.

Rain smiled before he spoke. He fiddled with his gleaming ear stud with one hand. Eyebrows raised, thin lips parted, he spoke in a low, sensuous voice.

"Miss Shangguan, you are magnificent; indeed it is a complimentary dinner. But today's dinner is on Miss Ouyang. According to your theory, she is the one who's desperate to be taken advantage of by the charming Miss Shangguan." Rain flashed a smug grin. It felt great to ridicule other people. No wonder Edward always mocked him.

That said, he thought, 'Huh. Mary Ouyang, you've been ignoring me this whole time. Now you'll know what happens to people who ignore me.'

"Oh? The lunch is on Miss Ouyang? I'm sorry, Miss Ouyang, I didn't expect you to be a person without self-respect. You know, a girl should always know better than to sell herself short. And in fact, very few women demean themselves by paying for futile love. My speculation is cliched but reasonable. Don't take it personally." Not a single word of Belinda's apology sounded remorseful.

Mary's face fell when she heard the sarcastic tone of Belinda's speech. Her lips parted, but she couldn't utter a word. Her hands clenched into fists, so tight that the blue veins protruded under her skin.

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