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   Chapter 67 Keeping Quite Busy These Days

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5981

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"Or your desire was not satisfied last night? What I mean to ask is, didn't Daisy give you physical comfort?" Rain made a bold assumption and it seemed that he wouldn't stop until he got the right answers.

"You think I am like you, don't you?" Yes. He admitted his desires weren't satisfied last night, but this morning he had taken back more than he had lost.

"What's wrong with me?" There had never been a shortage of beautiful woman around him.

"Annie has not come here yet." Said Edward with an evil smile on his face, while rolling a luxury pen with his long fingers.

"What's any of this got to do with Annie?" Rain was confused.

"I have no one to offer you for fun." Edward always felt better after making fun of Rain. It felt good to have Rain around so he could amuse himself.

"Damn it! Edward. You are being wicked again. Does Daisy know about this shameless side of you?" Rain was curious about Daisy. Daisy was wearing heavy make-up when they met at the bar. He wasn't able to see her clearly through the quick glance.

"It's between me and my wife. Why should I tell you?" Edward glanced at him but gave no response.

"So what? By the way, when are you planning to introduce Daisy to us, Edward?" Asked Rain, expectantly. It was rare to see Edward care so much about a woman.

"Some other day. She has been keeping quite busy these days." It was true that she wasn't available. Because she was trapped in someone's bed these days and she couldn't even get off from it.

"No way. Edward, why do I get the feeling that you have done something brutal to her and that's why she has no time?" Rain leaned closer to Edward and studied him, trying to dig out some secrets from him.

"Isn't it normal to be brutal to my own wife?" Edward said calmly while neglec

red about her was for the sake of Daisy, not her.

Rain stood there bored. He secretly rolled his eyes, watching them talk in such a friendly way. Moreover, was Mary despising him? Even worse, she ignored him as is he did not exist.

"Edward, why don't we get out of here? I am starving to death." Rain couldn't bear this anymore eventually. Why did Edward care about Mary so much suddenly? He remembered that Edward was cold and indifferent to Mary last time. Soon after he changed his mind.

"Mr. Rain, there you are! So sorry that I didn't notice you were here." Mary looked at Rain with an apologetic look, acting like she just noticed him.

"That's ok. Miss Mary. I also noticed you just now. So no need to be sorry." Hmmm! Rain had never given anyone a chance to disrespect him. Besides, he was not bad at acting either. Who did Mary think she was!

Mary felt a little awkward. She thought she had made Rain feel insignificant, instead, she became the one.

"We were just about to go for lunch. Since Miss Mary has made a cordial invitation, it would be a good idea for us to accept it." Edward proposed this at the right time. It helped break the ice between Rain and Mary.

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