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   Chapter 66 You Should Have Knocked At The Door

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Rain was utterly speechless. Why was he appointed when Belinda actually designated no one? For God's sake, he was already busy and occupied. But he couldn't refuse. He had to obey Edward unconditionally.

"I see. Please tell them that I'll go there in the afternoon." Massaging the acupuncture point between his eyebrows, Rain tried to calm himself down.

"Okay. Mr. Rain, is it really difficult to deal with Belinda?" Anna asked in curiosity. It seemed like everyone was trying to avoid that woman.

"Ha! Ha! Anna, you are also unexpectedly gossipy." Rain smirked. As far as he knew, Anna was always meticulous and would never ask anything other than work. He was very surprised at her sudden question.

"Forget it." Rain's laughter made Anna angry. She turned and strode away, but Rain laughed even more heartily.

Anna was embarrassed. She shouldn't have asked him about it. Instead of getting the answer, she made a shameful show of herself. She had forgotten that this guy was as mean and shameless as Mr. Mu.

Edward sneezed as if he knew what Anna was thinking. Why did he always get into trouble?

Daisy moved her sore body to pick up her ringing phone on the bed. At the sight of the caller's name, she threw the phone back and covered herself with the quilt, ignoring the call.

Edward took the phone down to check the number and was sure that it was Daisy's. This woman was playing hard-to-get again. 'She is still sleeping? Or she has been out without taking her phone?' At this thought, he called another number.

Knock. Knock. Daisy was immediat

e again. He had told her this morning that she couldn't hang up the phone first no matter what, but obviously, she had forgotten it completely. Or maybe she just didn't care.

Looking up at Rain in anger, Edward said coldly, "It's very rude of you to break in here. You should have knocked at the door. I'll punish you if you don't knock next time." After stating this with a fiery tone, Edward looked down at the document on the table.

"Well…" Rain was confused. Edward didn't care whether he knocked at the door before, but he was provoked today.

Indeed, Rain shouldn't have broken in, but most importantly, he came at the wrong time.

"Edward, why are you so angry? Are you at the change of life? Why are you so swollen with rage?" Rain always acted shamelessly in front of Edward, so he didn't care about Edward's warning.

"Shut up! Men won't enter upon the change of life!" Edward rolled his eyes, and immediately became melancholic.

For the record, men will also enter upon the change of life, but it's not as obvious as women.

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