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   Chapter 65 Miss Daisy

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The night was short but was indeed beautiful. When the morning sunlight broke the darkness of dawn, crossed the horizon line and brightened the sky, Kevin finally opened his slightly intoxicated eyes.

He raised his hands and tenderly massaged his aching temple. He was shocked as he glanced at the naked body lying beside him. He scratched his head in frustration and regretted his crazy behavior last night. How could he meet and play with a virgin? He should have been more careful.

Kevin got out of bed, and walked into the bathroom naked. Not until the cold water fell over his body did the sense of reality came to him. The water curtain freely patted his face as he considered what to do with the woman sleeping on his bed.

If this woman wasn't a virgin, the passionate sex they did last night would do no harm to him. However, the woman seemed to be warm to him. She seemed to want it although she knew she had no sexual experience before. Because of this, he made the wrong choice.

He wiped the water off his face, brushed his hair, wore a bath towel around his waist and walked out. He had a superb, lean, compact and athletic body, possibly caused by the long-term training he experienced. He got dressed and looked at the beautiful woman sleeping soundly on the bed. After a moment of thinking, he took a pencil and paper, wrote something and then left abruptly.

Leena slept well through the night. She woke up at noon and looked around in astonishment at the room. It was totally unfamiliar to her. She moved her body and realized that everything in her was aching. She lowered her head and looked at her body in bewilderment.

Her body was naked under the bed sheet. Love bites were still obvious. Leena looked flurried and wondered what really happened last night. When she closed her eyes and tried to remember, the memories astonished her and made her jump up. Leena, how could you get so drunk and seduce other men to have sex with you?

She hurriedly put on the clothes which had been arranged nicely for her. A piece of paper on the nearby table drew her attention. She picked up the sheet and read the handwritten note.

"Hello! I'm engaged in business this morning and have to leave. I'm really sorry for what happened last night. I had no idea that you were a virgin. If some responsibilities should be taken, you can call me with the phone number below." The signature of Kevin was legible.

Leena felt so dispirited. She crumpled the sheet and threw it away. Then, she took her bag and walked out of the room. Before turning the handle to open the door, she walked back, picked up the paper and put it inside her bag. With a quick glance at the strange room, she ran out quickly.

FX International Group

"Sir, the YS group jus called and asked us to come and sign the agreement." Secretary Anna stood quietly, with both of her arms drooping on the side. She was waiting for Edward's reply.

"What? Can't that chick keep calm? Has she appointed somebody to do this?" Edward was in no mood to deal with that ill-tempered and rude woman. He wanted to stay home and have fun with his lovely wife.

"There's no request for that." Anna's interest in the CEO of the YS Group increased and she wondered what kind of woman could intimidate the ever authoritative Edward?

"Ok, ask Rain to do this. Recently, life has been too easy for him. It's time to find some things to burden him." Rain was busy with a great pile of documents in his office. He wondered whether Mary had come here. Why did it become so cold suddenly? Actually, he didn't know Edward was plotting some


"I got it. Sir, Miss Ouyang has come here. Will she continue to work with me?" To be honest, Anna never liked Mary. Even worse, she hated women as insincere and pretentious as Mary. However, with Edward's order, she had to work with Mary and guide her.

"Who?", Edward asked. That little chick shouldn't have come here right now. He recalled how fiercely he had sex with her this morning as if to punish her indifference. He also wondered whether she had gotten out of bed. She must have been so exhausted.

"The Mary Ouyang from the Ouyang Foreign Trade." Anna replied. Anna doubted how many women with the surname of Ouyang did Edward know. It seemed that he only knew one Miss Ouyang. Was it possible that Edward was acquainted with many women surnamed Ouyang?

Rain really had great predictive power. Yeah. Mary was here. But this time, Justin hadn't lowered the temperature of the air conditioner. The coldness seeped onto his back, all because of Edward.

"I see. This Mary, you can continue to work with her and give her some advice. All in all, she just pretend to learn and work here. That's all she has to do."

"Right, I will leave you alone then." Anna turned around and left the room.

"Anna, can I have a word with Edward?" Mary came forward and respectfully greeted Anna as soon as she saw her getting out of Edward's office. She would never be polite to an employee as insignificant as a secretary if she hadn't been requested to act humbly and keep a low profile. She could wait. As soon as she married Edward, she would certainly fire Anna and embarrass her publicly at the first opportunity she got.

"Sorry. Boss is very busy right now. Whatever you want to talk with him, you can tell me. I will get him informed later." Because Edward ordered her to guide Mary, it meant she was nothing to him. Otherwise, he would not try to avoid her.

"I got it. Nothing important, really. I just want to have lunch with him. I'm also wondering whether he has already gotten an appointment with others or not." Mary repressed her anger and gave a pretentious smile.

"Ok, I will deliver this message for you. Miss Ouyang, I need to leave now." Anna never learned how to fawn rich and powerful people. Therefore, the identity of Mary meant nothing to her because she was an employee of FX International Group, rather than Ouyang Foreign Trade.

"Thank you. Anna." Mary was so angry that her facial expression looked like it was distorted. As clever as herself, Mary knew that her message would not be delivered. Even so, she wore a false smile, which draw Anna's attention. Anna suddenly realized that Mary wasn't so innocent and naive.

Anna tapped at the door of Rain's office and rushed inside. Her expression did not change at all.

"Rain, Edward asked you to go to the YS Group and sign the new agreement for this quarter." With those words, Anna gave him a quick glance and wondered how he would react. Edward acted in a fury when he heard the YS group. So, she was curious about Rain's response.

"Why me? He can do it personally. Besides, that woman requests to speak to him every time. Has she changed her mind?!" Busy in a pile of documents, Rain raised his head and shouted angrily. Right now, he totally dedicated himself to the next month's business plan for the C Financial Group. He didn't want to waste his time and bicker with that rude woman.

"This time, Miss Belinda didn't appoint anybody to sign the agreement. Thus, Edward wanted you to get it done." Rain's response was also unusual and strange. It seemed that both of them disliked Miss Belinda.

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