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   Chapter 64 Remember To Breathe Next Time

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Daisy was so embarrassed! Edward was indeed seducing her again! She was like a little animal in front of him. It was easy for her to fall into his traps. She would certainly surrender to every of his love attacks. She just couldn't help it.

"Uh... Well... I will go and take a shower. You enjoy yourself." When she finished saying these words, she hurriedly ran into the bathroom. She quickly bolted the door and sighed with relief. She did all these without even a pause.

Edward snorted. She was not here in the bed anymore. What was left to enjoy? But he felt it was really amusing when he saw her nervously run away. She was just like a rat that saw his trap. 'Very good. I will wait and watch how you come out.' He thought.

Daisy patted her pale and embarrassed face with her hands. 'Oh, my God! Lucky for me, I ran quickly enough. Otherwise, I would have been devoured by that monster of a man.'

She calmed herself down and took off her clothes slowly. The cold water spread all over her, cooling her senses. The coolness of the water swept away her restlessness. She was no longer feeling agitated.

Edward leaned on the bed and waited patiently for her to come out. He heard her sigh deeply. He waited for a while but still didn't see her come out. He was now feeling anxious. Was he wrong when he guessed that she will come out quickly?

If the hand of time could be turned back, Daisy would not have gone to the bathroom first. She would have gone to the wardrobe to fetch some clothes before she had entered the bathroom. Now, the situation was so embarrassing for her. She took a deep sigh of dismay. She looked at the clothes she had just taken off. No, it was impossible for her to put them on again. What would she do then?

She hesitated for a while and didn't know what to do. She could ask Edward to bring some clothes for her. But she felt too ashamed to speak to him now. 'Oh, my God! This is driving me nuts! I have done nothing vicious and malicious to people. I only want to escape from this cunning pervert!' Daisy exclaimed in her heart.

The sound of the knocking on the door brought her back to her senses. She was shocked as she heard his familiar booming voice from outside.

"Damn! Are you staying there until tomorrow morning? What's taking so long?" Edward got too drowsy and bored when he was waiting for Daisy on the bed. But when he realized that Daisy still didn't come

se she could clearly feel that the hot part of his body was sticking out at her.

"Well... Can you put me down?" Daisy asked in a low voice. She lowered her head to try to avoid looking into his eyes. Her face was more attractive when she blushed.

"Why? Do you feel shy?" Edward gently swept over her nose with his fingers and left a gentle kiss on her lips. He raised her chin up with his fingers and made her look directly into his glowing eyes.

"I want to sleep." Daisy moved her neck aside and broke free from his grip. She pursed her sexy lips and murmured.

"You can sleep as you want. Nobody has forbidden you to sleep." They were already lying on the bed. Edward looked at her leisurely with a tempting smile.

Daisy stared at him, and felt speechless. This guy was so cunning! But he was really charming... He was holding her waist tightly and was putting his nasty thing on her body. She didn't dare to move. How could she sleep?

Edward decided not to tease her again. He gently put her beside him. He knew that they were both exhausted after a laboring night yesterday. He decided not to torture her tonight. He just wanted to simply hold her in his arms right now.

Daisy didn't expect that he would cave in that easily. She secretly raised her head to look at him doubtfully.

"Don't look at me like that, or I will change my mind and make you regret it. It will be hard for you to stand up tomorrow morning. Just think about that!" Edward threatened. Daisy became so scared. She immediately buried herself in his arms and stayed motionless. Gradually, she fell into a sound sleep.

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