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   Chapter 63 You Are Full Of Empty Threats

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Noisy music, drunk crowd, passionate dancing, and dim light. Kevin glanced around the bar, bought another shot, and downed the liquor in one swallow. However much alcohol he had, he was unable to dull the pain in his heart.

He shook his head, as if he wanted to shake off the pain inside him. Proud as he was, he never thought he would be drowning his sorrows. Perhaps he was the dumbest man in the world. And his love affair had ended before it could start...

Kevin looked more attractive when he was sad. His woeful smile lent a certain charm to him, and his handsome face and slim build had gotten him attention. The coldness in his gaze kept women away, however.

His eyes were like icy lake water. In a vodka induced haze, pain and hatred surged under the rippling surface. No one in their right mind would actually try and talk to him. However, the drunk were more courageous than the sane.

"Hey! Handsome, buy me a drink?" Suddenly, a pretty woman was there, talking to him. The drunken girl sat in his lap, giggling, and nuzzled his neck.

"Go find someone else. I'm not in the mood." Kevin shot her a cold stare, and answered with indifference. He pulled her hands off him, and pushed her away.

"What? Are you scared? I need a man, and what a man you are! Come on, I thought men were supposed to take advantage of a pretty girl." Leena Leng giggled, and teased in a sweet and girlish tone. Her lips almost touched his earlobe when she whispered.

"Do you always ask other men to take advantage of you? Sorry, Miss, not in the mood. And you aren't exactly my type." Kevin sneered. His eyes turned colder as he spoke.

through her belongings and played with their child, trying to ignore him. But now she had used up all her excuses. 'I don't think she can avoid me anymore.' he thought.

"Um... I... I'm not ignoring you!" Well... She was actually fending him off. Not only because of his warning, but also because of what she read in these newspapers. She felt revulsed by it when she saw, though she always told herself to have more confidence in him, and in herself. She couldn't stop thinking of his romantic affairs with other women. She wanted to stay away from him, to avoid his gaze, his touch...

"Are you not? Have you noticed the time?" Edward gritted his teeth, and glared at her as he spoke.

"Um... Well, I have a lot of things to pack." Daisy was a little frustrated. She was fine talking to other people. But when it came to Edward, she stuttered.

"Really? Show me. I'd like to see what's taking you so long." Edward scoffed. His face darkened in anger. He nibbled on her earlobe as he spoke, warm breath blowing into her ear. Daisy shuddered. There might be no getting away from this.

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