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   Chapter 62 He Has Been Acting Strangely

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Daisy ultimately chose to drive the Ferrari sports car to the base. It wasn't the least ostentatious among all the others, just a 2-seater silver model. But, of course, it was a limited edition luxury sports car, prized by collectors all over the world. It was still obviously a classic. But she had no other choice: Edward Mu's garage was filled with the most recognizable cars in the world, so it was difficult for her to be low key.

Since she wasn't wearing her military uniform today but instead her fashionable clothes with a pair of huge sunglasses, the gate sentry didn't recognize her at first. Naturally she was stopped.

"Ma'am. I'm sorry but this is high-security area. I need your ID please." As soon as Daisy rolled down the window, the soldier gave her a perfect military solute.

"It's me, Daisy Ouyang." She took off her sunglasses and revealed her cold petite face.

"Ah!" The soldier struggled to contain himself. Colonel Ouyang, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you." The soldier looked at her and then checked out her sports car. He seemed very confused. This was not the Colonel Ouyang he was used to. These new threads were so chic, so trendy, a far cry from the military fatigues she usually wore. And when did she get a new car? Didn't she always drive her VW POLO?

"It's alright. At ease, soldier. Carry on." Daisy nodded at him and started her car. When her car appeared in front the soldiers, she caused quite a stir. Some of the car aficionados knew exactly what she was driving, but they didn't know Daisy was the driver. Some even whistled at the car. Indeed, they rarely saw a famous car like this at the base. It was better suited to car shows.

Daisy parked her car, took a deep breath, and finally exited the vehicle. When they saw who was driving, the soldiers scattered. Who wouldn't run away? That was Colonel Ouyang! Who would want to be caned so hard that he couldn't get out of bed?

"Colonel, what brings you here? Didn't they tell you that you could extend your vacation?" Although he was happy to see her, Mark was still confused. And

ar actress. His hand was all over the woman's slim waist. His smile was intoxicating, but his eyes were fixated on the gorgeous woman in his embrace. That passionate look made Daisy jealous.

She turned another page and saw another beautiful woman beside his tall and dashing figure. The buzz was that this woman was close to him. He was around many women, yet that one was always there. Rumor had it that she was his favorite. Daisy knew that she shouldn't be thinking about these. They had grown way too distant now.

Daisy sighed and put down the papers. She didn't want the past to haunt her anymore. She was willing to try to believe that he truly felt for her and that it wasn't just a fling. She had nowhere else to turn now, as she was just hopelessly in love with him. She was so subservient in her love, so undignified, so painful, and so unconditional.

"Colonel, this is the phone you dropped last night. I packed the rest of your things into the car. Do you have anything else you want to take?" Mark interrupted her thoughts and handed her the exquisite cellphone. She snapped back to reality in an instant.

"Oh! I think that's it. Thank you. I'll be going then. Call me if anything comes up." Daisy looked around one more time to see if she needed anything else. She made sure that everything was taken care of and turned to leave. She quietly bade the place goodbye.

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