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   Chapter 61 I Will Sort You Out After I Come Back

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"Oh, I see. Aren't you supposed to be at work today?" Daisy squinted at Edward and was dazzled by his bright smile.

"I'm not only your husband, but also the boss. My company won't go out of business if I'm gone for a day." Edward pulled out a chair and sat down, watching her playfully. "Rain is capable. I don't need to worry about it."

And, in the office of FX International, Rain shivered at his desk suddenly, as if he had heard what Edward said.

The word "husband" sent Daisy deep into thought. She frowned slightly but soon felt relieved. Edward was right. He was her husband. Although they had been out of contact for so many years, they were a married couple.

Mrs. Wu served them some small salmon-cakes with ginger-sesame sauce, perfect for such hot days.

"I need to get back to the base to at least pack some necessities." Daisy thought that she should bring some essentials and clothing here since she would be living here. She didn't like the things upstairs at all.

"Okay. I will go with you after lunch." Edward had also thought of it, so he agreed delightedly.

"I can do it myself. I don't have much. Well. I don't intend to move. Don't bother." Daisy didn't want Edward to be on base. Those who took part in the mission last night knew that she had downed the love drugs by mistake. If they saw Edward there, they would gossip.

"What if I insist?" Edward glanced at her unhappily, wondering, 'Does she even like me? I'm not presentable? She actually refused me!'

"Well…" Daisy didn't know what to say. She knew how overbearing Edward was. She frowned. She had no idea what to do.

Suddenly, Edward's phone rang. Daisy felt relieved when he answered. It took the pressure off her and gave her time to think.

"Hello. What's wrong?" Edward stared at Daisy all the time. He sulked as she breathed a sigh of relief. They had agreed to give each other a chance, but it seemed that she made that promise without really meaning it.

"Mr. Edward, the stockholders' meeting is today. We need you here. Aren't you coming in?" Aaron didn't go to the City of Night Romance last night, so he didn't know why Edward wasn't in the office today.

"Okay. I see. I will be right there." Edward almost forgot the meeting. If he wasn't there, those stubborn old men would play new tricks. Wasn't it boring for them to provoke him the same way for so many years?

"I'll arrange a car for you, Daisy. Something came up. Stockholders' meeting. I can't go with you." Edward stood up.

"It's okay. Just go. I can do it myself. Mark will help me." Edward wouldn't go with her. She relaxed somewhat.

"Don't be happy. I will sort you out after I come back." Edward snorted in her ear. What happened before had to be settled as well.

The smile died on Daisy's lips. 'I just refu

sed him. Why did he treat me so harshly?' Daisy rolled her eyes.

Rain met Edward as soon as he entered FX International Group.

"Wow. This is late even for you. You must be tired from last night." Rain snickered, picturing what happened the night before.

Edward side-eyed him and walked quickly to the elevator. Rain could imagine whatever he liked. It was none of his concern.

"Hey, Edward, tell me, Daisy must be all sexed up after those drugs, right? That's why you're late." Rain followed Edward to the elevator, looking forward to his answer.

"You'll know if I have Annie drugged some day." Edward said in a baleful, scary tone. He furrowed his brow, making his displeasure known. He had a talent for finding out what hurt others deeply, and using it against them.

Rain was furious. How could he? How dare he say that so shamelessly?

"Leave Annie out of this! Say what you like to me, but that was over the top!" Rain was irritated. Annie had no connection to him. Why did Edward always bring her up?

"No, it pisses you off. So I'll keep doing it." Edward smirked complacently. Rain was so angry that he wanted to beat Edward and wished that Edward was pounded into the pavement last night.

"Fine. Go ahead, but it won't be useful next time." Rain scowled at him, frustrated.

"I don't need to do anything next time. Someone else will put you in your place." Edward was difficult to deal with. He would never admit defeat.

"What are you talking about?" Rain was confused. Curiosity killed the cat, but Rain didn't live by that rule, so he'd ask the wrong question and always get bullied by Edward.

"Did you forget what today is?" After stating his piece, Edward strode out of the elevator, while Rain stood there in anger.

"Mr. Edward, you look happy." Aaron stared at Edward in confusion. He heard Edward chuckling just when he came out of his office.

"You can ask Rain about it. Is it time to hold the meeting? Prepare the documents that can shut those old men up." Edward did not answer Aaron's question directly. Instead, he let Aaron become the object of Rain's anger.

"I have prepared all the documents, except for the financial statements that you need to personally check." Aaron looked around and finally noticed that Rain was coming over with a gloomy face. He was purple-faced with rage, ready to bite the head off of anybody who tangled with him. Why did Edward keep doing this? Aaron broke into a sweat with fright and hoped Edward wouldn't make fun of him next time.

"I'll sort them out now. Get ready. I wonder whether they will present something new this time." Edward stepped into his office, ignoring Aaron who was lost in thought. It was not his duty to entertain them. They had to settle it by themselves. It wasn't his problem at all.

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