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   Chapter 60 What Are You Going To Do

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"Just call! What are you waiting for?" Edward laughed and pinched her nose. Her pink face was so lovely and inviting!

Daisy gathered her nerve, and finally dialed Mark Du's number. She was still nervous about facing her colleagues at the base. Everyone knew she had been drugged yesterday.

"Hello! Who's calling, please?" Mark Du's energetic voice came through loud and clear. It was obvious the young man was on duty.

"Mark, it's me -- Daisy." She adjusted the sheet to better cover herself. It felt weird being on the phone and naked at the same time. She resolved to get dressed after she was done on the phone.

"Oh! Colonel, I was about to call you. I'm glad you called me first!" Mark exclaimed. Even Edward could hear his exhilaration.

"Why did you call?" Daisy was a little nervous when she heard that Mark Du had intended to call her. She worried that something might have happened after she left.

"It's nothing important. The commander said that you can continue to take off for several days. So you don't have to come to the base today. And you can deliver the report after you come back to work. He sent his regards and hoped you have a good rest!" Mark Du's words meant something amusing by implication. Daisy became very embarrassed. What did the commander mean? Did everyone at the base know what happened yesterday?

"Okay, thanks." She hung up the phone hurriedly and buried herself in the sheet. But when she saw what was under the sheet, she yanked it down again, exposing her head. Wow! Edward was completely naked under there!

"What are you doing?" asked Edward. He now realized that she was only calm in uniform. But she was easily flustered in her private life.

"Well... Could you find some pajamas for me?" Daisy said in a low voice. She lowered her head to avoid looking at him.

"Just sleep!" Edward gathered her naked body into his arms. He closed his eyes and continued to sleep. He had overheard that her commander had asked her to take a few days off. Daisy regretted Mark's enthusiasm and his clearly audible voice.

She rested in his

y in the living room. Luke had already instructed her not to disturb their young master. She felt very strange this morning when she was told that. So Mrs. Daisy was back, that's why!

"Well... Just a quick meal for me, thanks." Daisy's face blushed more deeply. She felt ashamed to get up so late. Everyone could guess what they did last night.

"Okay! Please make yourself at home. I'll fix a meal for you and Mr. Edward." Mrs. Wu smiled broadly. This house was different with a hostess in it.

The mere mention of Edward set her heart fluttering and stirred passions she thought long buried. Her face turned the shade of a red apple.

"What are you thinking? You seem lost in thought." Edward walked briskly down the stairs. 'She's blushing.' he thought. 'She does that so easily these days. I thought she was calm and collected, but now...'

"Uh... Nothing. Where's Justin? I didn't see him inside." She had already peeked in Justin's bedroom, but to her surprise he wasn't there.

Edward raised his head and cast his glance around the house to see if he could find Luke. He didn't see him in the house either.

"Justin must be with Luke. He's learning tae kwon do from him." Every time Edward couldn't find Justin, he always found that Luke had taken him somewhere. Justin had been pestering Luke to teach him how to fight. It seems that Justin had finally found a trainer.

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