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   Chapter 59 Give Me Your Phone

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As he scrambled up the stairs, Edward could no longer repress his aroused passion. He carefully put her on the bed, his lean figure pressing closer to hers. His cold lips touched her sexual, cherry lips.

The night was delicate and misty. Edward had no idea how long he had been entangled with her. It was not until the potency of love-philter had faded that he realized he was too tired to move. By that time, a satiated Daisy did not seek anymore release for her desires and finally fell asleep. The intense sexual experience had been the result of the strong effectiveness of the philter.

Tired as he was, Edward took Daisy to the bathroom and gave her a bath. Finally, he carried her to the bedroom, as she settled down with a vivid satisfaction on her face.

The sunlight of the morning penetrated through the curtains, falling over the lovers sleeping deeply on the large-sized bed. Daisy opened her eyes slowly, only to find her body tired and aching, even more than what she felt after a long day of training. As she turned over softly, she found herself shocked at the sight of Edward's handsome face, as he slept soundly beside her.

Daisy was going insane. Why did she feel like she was waking up from a hangover and why did she find herself lying on his bed every time? Annoyed, she shook her head and was jolted into an embrace by the sleeping Edward.

As she rubbed over her eyebrows, furious at her rising headache, memories from last night flashed in her mind. She recalled all of her initiative, her boldness and her making love with Edward. She really wanted to strangle herself!

Edward was clearly too tired from last night. Unaware of all the frustration and deliberation Daisy was going through right next to him, he slept soundly. And yet, his powerful hands continued to embrace Daisy's waist firmly.

Daisy, completely aware of herself now, felt remorse at always making a fool of herself before him. After the recollection of the crazy night, she had no idea what to do next or how to deal with him. She quietly lifted his hands away from her waist in an attempt to slip out of his embrace.

"Don't move. Otherwise... you know the consequences." Edward spoke in an exhausted and yet raucous tone, frightening Daisy and forcing her to give up her attempts of freeing herself. Feeling Edward's arousal, she blushed and straightened her body. Once again, frustrated, she didn't know what to do.

"I... Last night, I... I wasn't myself." Daisy was hesitant and soft, not daring to turn over

and meet his eyes. The situation was embarrassing. Last night, she was the one who had taken initiative and provoked his desires. Although it was induced by the drugs, she still felt ashamed and embarrassed, and scared that he might think she tricked him again.

"I know. Let me sleep for a while." Edward closed his eyes and embraced her again, overwhelmingly tired from last night's love-making. Who the hell drugged her last night, and caused to drain all his energy? It seemed that the woman was crazy as long as she took the philter.

"But, I should report for duty today." Although her body was aching all over, Daisy had a meeting later in the day, discussing the procedures for dealing with the munitions merchants.

"All right. But, are you sure you can stand up and walk?" Edward opened his eyes and squinted at Daisy, only to close them again. He thought women were too tired to walk after the intensive love-making. How was Daisy so energetic? Perhaps his movements were too soft and tender last night.

"I... don't know." Daisy blushed. She was not that certain about herself, feeling as though she had been torn to pieces, leaving no strength inside her body, as though she had been in a road accident!

"Give me your phone." Edward opened his eyes again and looked at her, almost speechless.

"What's up? Why do you need my phone?" Daisy was puzzled and pulled her bed sheet closer to herself. She felt not so composed and brave as to discuss this matter naked.

"Ask for a leave", Edward said briefly. Edward gave a wry smile, and thought of Daisy as slightly stupid. Why couldn't she understand such a simple question?

Daisy replied, "I have no idea what you will do with the phone."

"Of course, I'm making a call on the phone. Do you think I will eat it?" Edward asked.

"But I don't know where my phone is?" Daisy waved around her hands and looked troubled.

"All right." Edward gave in on her, stooped down, picked up his phone and handed it to her.

"Ok. Make that call." Edward maintained his calm despite seeing Daisy covered under the sheets, her eyes beaming playfully.

"Can this be done properly?" Daisy thought in bewilderment. How could she do this? Could she tell a lie that she over-exercised last night and couldn't get out of bed now, or, that she was bullied by a lecherous wolf last night?

She was frustrated. She wondered what Edward's response to her thoughts would be. After all, it was him who took advantage of her last night and got her too tired to walk.

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