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   Chapter 58 But I Am Her Husband

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"Staff Gu! How did you get involved in a fight?" Mark called out approaching the crowd already gathered. He almost ran to see if he could help Kevin. He had been waiting for Kevin for a long time outside. He could have expected everything, but not that he would be busy fighting other men.

"Mark, you know him?" Edward noticed Mark's anxiety. It seemed that he knew the man with Daisy.

"Mr. Mu! You're here too! Is that man with you? Please stop him. The man he's fighting is Mr. Gu, the staff officer in our military base, " implored Mark while explaining Kevin's position. The circumstances had become a little critical since Daisy was roofied. Mark had been waiting in the car for them after the secret capture of the munition merchants. But when no one had come out, he went in to search for them, and noticed the fighting.

"Stand aside, Luke, " ordered Edward. Luke was a skillful warrior, but he didn't get the best in his fight with Kevin. This meant that Staff Gu was no ordinary man. He must be as good as Luke, if not better. Edward had imagined him full of malicious intent at the beginning. That was why he had not stopped Luke from fighting him. But since Mark had explained Kevin's position, he understood that he could no longer connive in a fight with a military officer.

Luke readily obeyed, stopped his attack and retreated to Edward's side. While walking back to him, he glanced at the woman in Edward's arms, and was startled when he recognized her. She was Mrs. Daisy, his master's wife. No wonder his master wanted her back.

As Luke stepped back, Kevin walked to them, indignant eyes fixed on the giggling woman, who was happily cuddling in Edward's arms. He wondered who this handsome man was, and what was his deal with Daisy. Did he know her? And more importantly, did Daisy know him?

"What do you want? Give her back to me, " commanded Kevin, fixing Edward with an unblinking stare. Kevin felt a little upset. It was all his fault. If he hadn't been so slack, the man could have never taken Daisy from him. But he couldn't let Daisy go with him, as he had no idea what his relationship with her was.

"For what?" Edward dryly asked. His eyes turned cold as he looked at Kevin. He had remembered who he was. Wasn't he the man Justin had shown him? He did not forget how affectionate an

tle hoarse. Since Daisy was squirming in his arms, it was difficult for him to resist her.

Despite his struggles to keep her away, Daisy was pressing her body into Edward's. She hugged and caressed him, moaning softly in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She felt like she was burning from the inside, and he was the only source to quench her thirst.

"Daisy Ouyang, get your hands off me. Or I will have you right here, " said Edward, gritting his teeth. He was still angry. What if he hadn't gone to the club tonight? What if he hadn't run into her? As he thought of the possible consequences, his face and mood turned darker.

As the car rushed towards the mansion, an atmosphere of romance spread inside. Daisy had reached inside Edward's shirt again, groping for her only comfort. The burning heat had taken over. Knowing not what to do, she simply followed her instinct. She climbed on top, and rubbed her knees along his inner thighs, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. She trembled as her lips touched his skin. And finally, her lips met his. She moaned with pleasure.

"Hm... Huh..uh!" She gasped, and deepened the kiss.

Although angry, Edward was almost amused. He smiled as he watched Daisy pressing her whole body against him, kissing him as deep and long as she could. He could almost imagine how ashamed she would be of her actions after tonight. Her kisses were as innocent and furious as her. Somehow, she had turned him on, too. As soon as the car arrived at the mansion, he pushed the door open, and got off with her.

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