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   Chapter 57 Someone You Cannot Mess With

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6907

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City of Night Romance was the most luxurious and erotic club in town. It was even patronized by some of the famous dignitaries and billionaires. Handsome boys and beauties found themselves presented with many opportunities to stray. Not to mention the waitresses, who would provide any services one wanted.

Pounding music, dancing crowd, and loud yells seemed to attract most people here. But the noble and handsome guest standing in the corner, did not seem to enjoy any of these.

Duke frowned upon the woman who approached him and gently pushed her away. He loathed noisy places like this and disliked the women here for the thirsty look on their faces.

Edward swirled the glass around a little, leisurely crossing his legs. He glanced at the women dancing on stage in revealing dresses with an evil smile on his face. A lot of women were giving him "the looks" and trying to catch his attention.

Rain was observing him closely. He speechlessly rolled his eyes, wondering what was exciting him so much and causing this abnormal behavior since early morning.

"Why didn't Justin come with you today?" inquired Duke. He was surprised that Edward had come to the club late in the night. After all, Justin was clingy and always wanted to keep an eye on him.

"Well! I don't need to tell Justin where I go every time, okay?" Edward casually smiled and sipped the wine. He was immensely enjoying the soft touches from the girls sitting beside him. He had promised Daisy that he would stay away from women. But he had conveniently forgotten the promise in the wake of the gratifying attention he was receiving.

"Edward, don't pretend to be cool! I heard that you couldn't even pitch a tent earlier because of her existence." The bright smile on Rain's face made the girl sitting on the other side move closer to him.

Edward did not get angry and just squinted at him. As time passed by, Edward suddenly became impatient and lost all interest in the women around him. He stopped the hands that kept reaching down and at the same time adjusted his sitting p

s master.

"Do you know who I am?" Kevin asked again. He was getting impatient and irritable. Normally he would be more calm, but this was about Daisy.

"Edward! What happened?" Duke and Rain had come to check the reason for the chaos created by Luke and Kevin's fight. But, now they could not stop staring at the woman in Edward's arms.

"No way! Edward, did you just grab somebody else's girlfriend!" Rain asked in surprise while watching the fight.

Edward did not have the time to answer their questions. He just tightly held the drunk woman in his arms and ruthlessly stared at Kevin.

Daisy, drugged, felt that the room was sweltering hot and her body was on fire so she kept rubbing Edward to feel the coolness of his skin. She knew the wine had been drugged but she had still drained the glass along with several shots in order to eliminate their suspicion. As Daisy got drunk easily, her mind went completely blank at first. However, all this chaos sobered her a little.

"Edward, why are you here?" Daisy asked him with a sweet smile and tried to pinch his face to prove that this was not a dream.

"I will settle this with you later." Edward warned her as he caught her hands and put them firmly by her side to stop them from torturing his face. Although she wore thick make-up and revealing clothes, he had recognized her at once and thus grabbed her.

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