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   Chapter 56 Do You Have Nothing To Do

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Even then, Belinda admired that she had a really strange but powerful predictive skills. As was expected, Daisy stood her up again! Belinda couldn't be more upset after reading the message from Daisy which said she had to call off their shopping plans. Everything seemed so wrong to her at that moment.

"Miss CEO, the contract with FX International Group has been drafted. Should it be sent to them now?" The secretary asked cautiously while carrying a pile of files in her hands. She noticed her boss looked very horrible today and it seemed that she was about to explode in anger.

"Just let them come and take it. We have no obligation to send it by ourselves." Belinda felt she treated Daisy far too nicely so that she was stood up again and again. Now that she couldn't do anything on Daisy, she thought she might take it out on the people she was in love with.

"But would that be all right?" Her boss didn't even care about the FX International Group!

"It's not a big deal. Just do it as I said so!" Then Belinda waved off the secretary out of the office.

Actually, there was another person as mad as her this summer morning and that was just the person whom Belinda was going to start a war with. It was Edward. Besides, their madness was because of the same person -- our great Colonel Daisy.

"Mr. Huang, is this the new deal you're offering me? Do you think it is worth the money I'll pay for you?" Edward said with disdain as his cold fierce eyes could kill every executive in this room with just one glance. All the executives were chilled and scared with his anger and were too frightened to say anything.

"Boss, we will fix it immediately!" Said the director of the Planning Department as he wiped his forehead and smiled nervously. Everybody knew how horrible it was when the CEO got angry.

"I want to see a proposal that will satisfy me before the end of the day. You can go now." Edward said, then stood up and walked away without any eye contact with the people in the meeting room. Later, the people left the room all relieved and thought that they'd better avoid to get near to the CEO's office.

Edward touched the screen of his phone for like tho

r. What he wanted was just to appreciate her beauty from afar.

Then he picked up his phone again and finally dialed a familiar number.

"Hey! Duke, are you available tonight?" It was not the one he really wanted to call.

"Yes. I am! Why?" Duke paused from his work, sitting back leisurely.

"Let's grab a drink tonight!" Edward thought he needed the alcohol to make the pain temporarily go away. Otherwise, he could not explain to himself why he could not get that woman out of his mind. He was becoming crazy about her.

"What? Why don't you stay at home and be a good man?" Duke made fun of him, knowing that there must be something that bothered him. It was always like that when Edward asked to accompany him to have a drink.

"None of your nonsense. Are you going or not?" Edward was getting a little annoyed.

"How could I say no since you have said so? Just name it. The old place?" Duke didn't make fun of him anymore. Edward's tone was kind of serious.

"Let's go to the City of Night Romance. It's boring to go to just one place over and over again." He said so because he wanted to relax himself and release his emotions there. The music and the effects there were perfect.

"All right. See you tonight." Although Duke did not like the noise in the City of Night Romance, as long as Edward liked to be there, he was good with it.

"All right. See you tonight." Edward hung up the phone slowly. He was not getting any better.

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