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   Chapter 55 Let Me Serve You Today

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Daisy was deflated! Well! She shouldn't have expected so much from Edward, nor should she have asked the question.

Daisy finally took a look at the dazzling Ferrari. She finally understood. This was the only car that was suitable for her. No wonder Edward was willing to loan her this car.

"Could you please drive me there?" It was better for him to drive the car and drop her off at the base. It would look better that way.

Edward was stunned for second, and then he got it and smiled. So it was hard for Daisy to decide on a car because she cared about how much they cost.

"Why not? Of course! Let me serve you today, my darling!" Edward looked at her with a cheeky grin.

Daisy got into the car, dragged the long skirt, and scolded him in her heart. 'How could this guy be so ostentatious? Everything he has is a luxury. Doesn't he feel embarrassed attracting so much attention every day?'

Edward drove like lightning, so it took them less than an hour to get there. Daisy was busy taking various reports on the phone on the way. Edward did not disturb her and focused on driving.

"Colonel! You're finally here! Please go to the conference room at once. The commander and the others are all waiting for you there." Mark came to meet Daisy as soon as he saw her getting out of the car. Her dress stunned him momentarily.

"Well! Let's go! I'm going to change my clothes first." She walked over to Mark's Humvee. She did not even say goodbye to Edward, as if she had completely forgotten he existed.

Mark took a look at the shiny Ferrari. Edward didn't get out, so Mark couldn't figure out who was in the car. He shook his head in bewilderment and got into the Humvee too.

Edward was very unhappy. She had ignored him, hadn't she? She got out of the car before he could even put it in park, and left without a single word. Edward felt so wronged. He was always popular with women and had never been treated like this.

He pushed those thoughts away. He didn't have time for them. He punched the accelerator, turned sharply, and drove away at full speed.

Daisy didn't realize that she didn't say goodbye to Edward until Mark started the car. She was in such a hurry and she was used to taking Mark's car, so she had forgotten about it. When she turned her head to look for him, only then did she see his car flying away. Her thoughts were totally focused on whether Edward was angry or not.

When Daisy appeared in the conference room wearing a normal uniform, everyone's eyes were fixed on her. She was unused to the attention, and was like a deer in headlights.

"Daisy, Come on in. I'm sorry your vacation was ruined." The commander said in embarrassment.

"It's all right. A soldier's duty is to obey orders. I understand." Daisy said co

ldly, stoney-faced.

Kevin looked out of sorts today. He seemed lonely, with his deep, cold eyes. He was not happy, even though he had just been promoted to major general. He didn't even turn his head to look at Daisy. He looked attentively at the papers on his desk and ignored her.

Okay... So he wanted nothing to do with her. He had been worried that she would feel unwell after drinking so much, so he had driven out at night to buy her the chaser. When he came back, she was with another guy, so he left. He really couldn't tell much from a distance, but he could tell that the guy was pretty fit, and that car must have cost a pretty penny. Clearly no ordinary man.

Kevin shook his head to rid himself of such thoughts. He didn't want to think about what happened that night. He didn't want to feel the sharp pain in both his heart and soul again. After all, it was destiny. One man had already been ahead of him.

Daisy walked up to the seat next to Kevin's and nodded in greeting. He did not even look at her, which confused her. What happened to Kevin, and why was he acting so strangely?

The meeting was top secret and high priority. The leader of an arms smuggling ring showed up in the city. He was considered armed and dangerous. They had orders to arrest him without causing a scene and without collateral damage.

After much discussion, they worked out a plan. The criminal had a weakness for lovely ladies. So they would use Daisy, an outstanding aloof beauty, as bait. Not only was she beautiful, she could flirt like a boss.

Poor Edward! He couldn't know his sweet wife was being used to trap a lewd criminal.

With a plan in place, they would spring the trap tomorrow night. They would monitor his whereabouts during the day. Kevin would team up with Daisy and protect.

It was almost the wee hours when Daisy left the meeting room. She looked at her phone and wondered if she should call Edward. It was rude for her to leave without a word. She wouldn't blame him for being angry.

"Colonel Ouyang, are you going back downtown or to the dorm now?" Mark asked as he saw her coming out.

"Back to the dorm. There's work to be done tomorrow." 'Forget it. I'm not going to call. I'll explain to him when the mission is over.' Daisy thought.

Edward sat at his desk, going through paperwork. He frowned from time to time, and his eyes strayed to the phone on the desk. He hoped Daisy would call, but no dice.

Anger suddenly rose in him. He threw his pen across the room. 'How could that woman treat me like this? Why doesn't she call me? Who on earth does she take me for?' He thought angrily.

Well! Edward finally knew what it was like to be ignored. Now he knew how Daisy felt. She had been ignored by him for so many years.

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