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   Chapter 54 Is There Another Car

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5252

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Daisy looked at Edward with surprise, because she really didn't know why. Yes, she was the mother of a five-year-old, but she was still pretty naive about sex. Unlike Edward.

"What are you waiting for? Let's go!" Edward took her hand lightly. 'She is so lovely!' He thought.

"Well, you go down first! You must be hungry. I'll go and freshen up." Her face was still burning.

"Ok, Don't be too long!" Edward knew that she needed to switch gears emotionally, so he gave her room to be alone.

"Ok." Daisy glanced at him shyly.

"Hey Justin!" said Edward. "Let's go down to see what Mrs. Wu has prepared for you." Justin was a typical foodie. Sometimes Edward got embarrassed to see how much he ate.

Daisy looked at herself in the mirror. Her little face had turned red, her clear eyes were full of happiness. Her lips were still tingling from Edward's kiss.

She splashed cold water on her face until she felt calm. Then she toweled off.

She walked out of the bathroom, when her ringtone, a military jingle, sounded loud and clear.

Checking the caller ID, she saw it was Mark Du. Daisy frowned and pressed the answer button.

"This is Daisy Ouyang." Her tone was dignified as usual.

"It's Mark. Your leave's been canceled, colonel. They have a special mission for you. The commander wants you back immediately." Mark said urgently.

"What happened?" Daisy Ouyang asked while walking down the stairs. Her pace was anxious.

"I don't have details, but I don't think it's a good thing." Mark said. 'Too bad! I know she was looking forward to her vac

hicle! What's she going to do? Sleep in it?'

"I'm sure." Daisy Ouyang was firm.

"Well. Luke, ready the Rolls Royce Phantom VIII." Although Edward was curious about the reason why she wanted that car, he still gave the order.

Daisy wouldn't like this one either. She had no idea what a Phantom was before, but when the 19 foot gleaming monster came rolling up, she knew.

"Wait. Is this a Phantom?" Daisy was embarrassed. 'Uh-oh! It isn't what I thought.' It was not what she wanted.

"Yes! Didn't you say you were going to take it?" Edward was more confused, 'So there's nothing here she likes?'

Daisy Ouyang thought to herself, 'Can you be a little less extravagant? Don't you have a normal car worth $20k or $30k? I can't drive this. It's too expensive! They'll think I'm corrupt!'

"Do you have a less expensive car? I don't feel comfortable driving a million dollar car." Daisy had to ask.

"Try a half mile. And no." Edward answered neatly. Daisy looked at him with a disgusted expression. What was she supposed to drive?

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