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   Chapter 53 What Are You Doing

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4944

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"No, I'm afraid I have to let you down again."

'She is so bad-tempered.' thought Daisy.

"Come on! You think I'd provoke the youngest woman colonel in the city? I actually value my life." Belinda Shangguan said and smiled, arranging the files with her right hand.

"Haha, So there is something you won't do." she said, laughing. "I thought you were invincible." Daisy Ouyang seized this opportunity to tease her.

"Ok, now I know you are quick-witted! I have something to do, let's talk tomorrow." Belinda Shangguan raised her head and glanced at her secretary coming into the room.

"Ok, See you tomorrow." Daisy hung up the phone. She lay on the bed silently, as beautiful as an Egyptian statue.

Edward opened the door and saw her lying on the bed. He walked over to her, and found that she slept soundly. 'Why is she still asleep? It's late afternoon.' Edward thought.

Edward moved the strands of hair on her face away from her eyes, smiling at her. She stirred sleepily, and he felt peaceful, staring at her beauty.

He kissed her gently on the cheek and prepared to take a bath. He usually did this when arriving home.

Daisy opened her eyes. She'd been awake the whole time, but pretended to sleep. She didn't know how to get along with him, and he wouldn't interrupt her slumber to talk with her.

She heard the hiss of the shower, and started to tense up. She'd agreed not to refuse his touch, but she was still afraid.

She sat up suddenly, her mind

e hot and heavy, but we're fine now. Though I think mommy's heart is racing." Edward said.

Hearing this, Daisy raised her head and shot him an angry look. 'How could he say such suggestive things to their child?'

"Oh! Daddy, why is mommy's heart racing?" An innocent question, though Justin was hardly innocent.

"You should ask your mommy, How should I know?" Edward said. He wanted to know how she dealt with the boy's uncomfortable questions.

"Just tell me, mommy!" Justin shook Daisy's hand hard with every word and stared at her in anticipation.

She was embarrassed, looking at Edward for help. She didn't know why Justin would ask these things.

Edward smiled. 'Is it a hard question?' He thought. But he still came to her rescue. He knew his teasing had gone too far.

"Don't put your mommy on the spot like that. Maybe she doesn't know." Edward winked at Daisy, which didn't make her feel any better about the exchange. This would be tougher than she thought.

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