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   Chapter 52 I Couldn't Answer Your Calls

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6470

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"No, that girl is way out of my league and not the kind I like, " said Duke. It was impossible for him to hook up with a woman like Belinda; a woman who was like a volcano ready to erupt any time.

"Really? Since then, tell me what kind of girl you like? A woman who is cool like you?" said Edward. As he said this, Edward thought of his distant and cold wife.

"Don't change the subject. In fact, I think both of you would make a great couple, given that both of you have such sharp tongues, " Duke said giving voice to his true feelings. "But I don't know what horrible things would happen if two such people actually got together, " he inwardly thought.

"Don't forget that I am married, Duke. But you, you have a chance. You are still single. How do you know that she is not your types without even giving it a shot?" Edward teased Duke.

"Oh yeah! When did you become such a staid and moral man, Edward? Have you always refused the women who have tempted you at innumerable occasions?" he said turning the tables on Edward. 'When did being married stop you? Alas! Belinda Shangguan, You are disliked and rejected by both of us! Neither of us are unwilling to chase you!' Duke thought to himself.

Edward smiled and shrugged his shoulders, "I am not as bad as you make me out to be, " he said. 'After all, I have high expectations from the women I choose to date.' he thought to himself.

"Forget about all this. Let's meet tonight!" said Duke. He knew that Edward was just joking.

"I need to go home early tonight. Let's catch up some other time!" Edward replied. He remembered that someone was waiting for him at home. And the feeling of being waited for by someone was very comforting for him.

"How come? It seems that you are in a hurry to hatch eggs!" Duke joked with Edward, though he had his doubts. 'He used to be a party animal who stayed up and drank all night. Why is he acting like this now?' Duke wondered.

eaking like this today?' she wondered.

"I missed you every day! If you don't believe me, ask Justin." Daisy smiled as she tried to convince Belinda. She was lying on the bed and smelling Edward's fragrant perfume.

"And how's Justin? I want to see him also as soon as possible." Though Belinda had talked to him on the phone, she still wanted to see him with her own eyes.

"He is fine. I am on a vacation and if you are free, I can pick him and we can come visit you, " said Daisy. She really wanted to see Belinda.

"How about tomorrow? Let's go shopping together just like we used to. I haven't done this since I came back to S City." Belinda loved shopping, but had not indulged in it recently as she was busy administrating her own business after having taken over the company.

"Sure! See you tomorrow. And don't stand me up again!" chided Daisy lovingly. She was really looking forward to meeting Belinda. She was back to her lively and lovely self.

"Oh really! And when did I stand you up? You are not supposed to do that. I won't accept your apology if you do, " retorted Belinda. Before this, Daisy always stood her up because she was asked to serve Yakira Mo and her daughter. Belinda detested them but could do nothing because she was young. She had been helpless.

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