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   Chapter 51 Who Is She

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"Do we look like dumb cattle in a butcher's shop waiting for you to slaughter?" Belinda wasn't deterred. She wasn't as experienced as Edward was, but she had studied Commercial Management for a good number of years, she knew how to handle this kind of a situation.

Edward broke into laughter when he heard the metaphor. She was indeed a tough woman!

"So what would you suggest? What's your counter-offer?" Edward knew the market price. He had done his homework before seeing her. Compared to current market price, his price was a bit higher. As long as there was a profit margin, he could give the partner a proper cut.

"Cut down your price by two percent, or at least one. Then, we have a deal." Belinda was a smart woman. She knew that the way forward is through diplomacy and negotiation. So she didn't ask too much or say anything definitive, fearing they might not reach an agreement if she did.

"You're a good negotiator, Miss Shangguan. You're really sincere, it would be stupid for me not to do business with you. So, we have a deal. It's a great experience negotiating with a beauty like you. I can smell the sweetness in the air now." Edward said with a grin on his face.

Belinda rolled her eyes. What a playboy! He never forgot to show his blatant allure whenever he spoke.

"Okay, I'll have my secretary prepare a new agreement soon. Happy partnership, Mr. Mu!" Belinda Shangguan stretched out her delicate hand and gently touched his, and smiled back.

"Well, as long as you no longer ask me out for tea, I think we'll be very happy." Edward said. At that moment, he remembered Daisy. He suddenly missed her. What was she doing? Was she out or was she home?

"As long as your company doesn't cause any trouble. I'm very busy. I don't have much time to go out for tea." With that, Belinda picked up the papers on the table, and strode off without even a word of goodbye. "Damn it, who does he think he is? As if all the women in the world were interested in him!" she thought. She had never met a man as arrogant as him.

Edward grinned. He was used to her forthright manner. He checked his watch and left the office.

"It was a really lucky day, " she thought as she walked away but, suddenly knocked into something, or someone. The papers in her hand flew over everywhere. She looked up in anger. It was that same cold-hearted bastard again. That was indeed a lucky day— crossed him twice in one hour. Was that fate?

"Don't you watch when you walk? Are you blind or something? A bad guy with bad eyes!" She yelled at him angrily.

"Let's get it straight, woman. It was you that bumped into me. It's not my fault. Don't blame me!" Duke was annoyed too. How could he run into her again?

"Ridiculous! I don't have a problem with my eyes, I can see the road. Are you saying that my eyes have a problem?"

"I don't know about your eyes, but I guess your head must have a problem." Duke's face turned pale in anger. He hated being tangled up with a woman, especially, one so difficult.

"There is a problem with my head? How about your terrible and poor behavior?" Belinda stared at him in rage. Her face was flushed with fury, and her lips were trembling.

"If your head is fine, why are you being such a nutcase?" she said in anger. His bad temper sort of changed when he saw her anger.

"Well, well! What are you doing here? Flirting in public?" Edward appeared. He smirked at them. It was like seeing an iceberg meet a volcano. This must be worth watching.

"I don't know her!"

"I don't know him!"

They both blurted out in unison and snorted when they realized that they had spoken together.

"Ha-ha…If you don't know each other, why are you speaking in unison?" Edward grinned. They rolled eyes at him. Belinda's glanced around. Edward could sense an aura of confidence around her.

"Oh, I almost forgot you two are friends. You must be of the same ilk, the conceited and arrogant type." Belinda bent over to pick up the papers on the ground. "You both are the same. They say 'birds of feather flock together.' Very true, " she thought.

"You always like drawing conclusions, Miss Shangguan. You have a smart mouth and you're very good at debate. I wonder, what man can stand you." Edward looked at her from the corner of his eyes.

"Mind your own business, Mr. Mu!" Belinda hissed and gave them a cold look before walking away in her high heels.

"Who is she? Look at her!" Duke shook his head. There was a look of disgust on his face.

"The new CEO of YS Group. I hear, she has just returned home from abroad." Since Duke didn't have business with YS Group, he didn't really know her.

"What? Are you kidding me?" She seemed like a spoiled girl, not at all like a CEO.

"Don't underestimate her. She has her way when it comes to business." In fact, he himself had initially underestimated her.

"Really? If you say so, it must be true." Edward's words aroused Duke's interest in her. He was curious of what was hiding behind that furious face.

"You will know. Oh, what're you doing here?" It was unusual for him to be here.

"Well, I'm here to meet a client, what about you? Same reason?" Duke always spoke in a soft tone when he was in front of Edward, his good friend.

"Yeah, here she is! Always giving me trouble." Edward sighed.

"Well, I have forgotten that you have business with them. God, how can she be so fierce? She's always so aggressive." Duke remembered the quarrel with her in the parking lot earlier that day, he shook his head in disgust.

"Yeah, I know. She's a tough woman. Maybe you could take her home and spare everyone else on her way the trouble ." Edward snickered at him.

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