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   Chapter 50 I'm Talking To You

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Belinda Shangguan was just about to park her car but a luxury Spyker C8 pulled into the spot ahead of her. She had to slam on her brakes to avoid it.

She lost her temper, bursting from the car in a rage as she cursed Edward hundreds of times in her heart. She wouldn't have even had to be here if he hadn't insisted on discussing the contract outside.

Duke picked up the file on the assistant seat and opened the door. He heard a woman scream,"You asshole, do you know how to drive? I found that parking spot first! Move your car now!" She advanced on him, before she could even see him. Belinda really had a hot-temper!

"Are you yelling at me?" Duke retained his poker face and glared daggers at the woman. He had to admit, she looked competent and sexy.

"Yeah, I'm talking to you! Are you showing off your money? No wonder you drive a car that way!" Belinda forgot that she too was rich.

Duke's face darkened even more. He thought to himself, 'Shit, what's wrong with me? Why do I always run into these crazy chicks?'

"What do you against rich people? And I didn't hit you, so what's your problem?" Duke asked with his teeth clenched, fire in his eyes. Who wouldn't be unhappy outside where the sun's heat baked you?

"Yeah, you didn't hit anyone, but you grabbed my parking spot." Belinda suddenly looked up at the man. Why would she be afraid of him? Then, suddenly, she recognized him. Oh my god! Was he the guy she ran into in front of Sexy World? He was worse than Edward!

"Tell you what: stay off the road till you get better at driving." Duke glanced at Belinda's Lotus Evora 400 behind him and thought she was one of the trust fund babies. No wonder she acted so arrogantly.

"Why don't you just admit you're a jerk with no morals, and leave my driving out of it!" Belinda was not about to let this man off the hook. He humiliated her before. She also found it funny that he didn't recognize her at all.

"Morality? You're one to talk about 'morality!' You're tarnishing the word!" Duke said in disdain and slammed the car door without giving Belinda a chance to say anything more.

Belinda was too angry to say a thing. Shit, how could anyone be such an asshole! She kicked Duke's car wheel and went looking for another parking spot, ignoring the sudden alarm from his car.

Belinda Shangguan was the type of person to act even tougher when she met a tough guy. The poker-faced man made her uncomfortable, though, she didn't dare provoke him.

Edward was used to being late. Deliberately. Everyone became restless and uneasy, waiting for him to show up. Uncomfortable people were not as sharp as they would be normally. Then he'd pop in when they least expe

cted it, and he would get anything he wanted because they were already worn down.

But what if the opponent were Belinda Shangguan? And she was furious at Duke and on the verge of blowing up? Would she act differently from everyone else? Absolutely.

"Mr. Mu, I didn't expect you to be late. Is this a habit? Should I worry about how you might handle our advertising account?" Edward stepped into the exclusive office area of the Kate Hotel. Belinda's sarcasm greeted him like a slap in the face. 'What crawled up her skirt?' he thought.

Aha! That's right! Duke was here, so she probably had a run in with him again. And she was pissed off. 'And taking it out on me, apparently.' Edward thought ruefully.

"You must miss me a lot to be so angry, Miss Shangguan. Are you really so obsessed with me? If not, why did you need to talk to me personally?" Edward changed the topic quickly and made it sound ambiguous.

"What? Obsessed with you? Mr. Mu, sometimes being confident is a good thing, but you seem to have crossed over into narcissism." Belinda pretended to vomit, and looked at Edward with a sneer.

"If you weren't interested in me, why did you ask me out?" Edward grinned at his latest jab, and his smile just made him even more charming.

Belinda was speechless! 'No wonder he has his pick of the ladies.' she thought. 'He was simply a fascinating imp -- with a devilish sense of humor. Why was he still single?'

"Mr. Mu, if your company would work more efficiently, then we wouldn't need these meetings."

Shit, who would be interested in a playboy like him? Only the stupid women running after him would be loyal as always.

"If Miss Shangguan could spend time working rather than fighting with me, I believe that would be more efficient. Why do you waste time flirting with me? Or is this how you treat all your clients?"

Edward was never willing to lose in a war of words, especially to a woman.

"Mr. Mu just put forth a good suggestion. Maybe I can consider it later." 'Such a jerk! Who does he think I am?' Belinda cursed secretly.

"Glad to hear it. So, what are you nitpicking about this time?" Edward crossed his legs and sipped his coffee with an indifferent look.

"My request is very simple. I hope that you will reduce the required share by two percentage points." Belinda showed her professionalism with a serious look. Work always brought out this side of her.

"Does Miss Shangguan think our company is a charity, or that I am really such a nice person to agree to this?" Edward lifted his brows and looked at Belinda. His eyes showed something sharp and hard to read. He was a shrewd businessman, and this time Belinda had met her match.

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