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   Chapter 49 See Me Out

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"Aren't you going to work?" Daisy cast him a confused glance. Wasn't he anxious to leave?

"Will you stay?" It's not that Edward didn't believe her, but after all, he was so cruel before.

"Don't worry! I promised, remember?" Daisy avoided his stare, and her pretty face turned red.

"OK, do what you want. But remember to come back, or I'll tear the base apart to find you." It was the way Edward was. Once he decided what he wanted, he would do everything in his power to make it happen. If he really fell in love with someone, he would love her with all his heart.

"You can go now! I'll go to see Justin." Daisy believed that he would keep his word. But she was not afraid of him. She was just tired of loving him for so many years. She did not want to avoid it again. Since he was willing to try and love her too, then how could she give up this chance?

"See me out." Edward hugged her from behind, and put his chin against her head. How could she say no?

Daisy just stood there, taking in the moment, hardly daring to believe that happiness had come so fast!

Turning around, she adjusted his tie carefully with her slender fingers. She trembled. She wanted to do this for him for so long, imagining her seeing him off to work. This was also some of the happiness she wanted.

"Let's go! I'll walk you out." Her voice was still icy, but she tried to sound as gentle as she could. She would not shirk her duties as a wife.

Luke had already prepared the car. Seeing Daisy, he was shocked, but he quickly pulled it together.

"Good morning, ma'am. I'm Luke, Edward's bodyguard. Nice to meet you." He was neither humble nor pushy, quite a man of character.

"Hi! Don't be so polite. You can call me Daisy." Calling her ma'am outside the military made her uncomfortable. His confidence set her at ease. He knew he was good. Edward wouldn't hire someone who wasn't.

"It's okay. He's like this. Let him be!" Edward squinted at Luke. He looked cool and calm every time. Nothing really seemed to change his expression.

Watching the car zoom off, Daisy headed back inside to see what Justin was up to.

"Mommy! Are we gonna stay?" She didn't have to be so tense anymore. She and Edward understood each other.

"Yes! We're staying. Happy now?" Daisy knelt down and gently squeezed his pink cheeks.

"Yeah! Really? So we'll live with daddy forever?" So it wasn't all for nothing! He got what he wanted.

Daisy was in a daze. Forever? She really couldn't guarantee it. She loved him, but di

d he love her? He was surrounded by gorgeous women. All of them were prettier than her. But she was the girl who had won his heart. But it hadn't worked out before. Who was she to guarantee forever?

Edward was glowing all the way to work. Daisy was the only woman for him, and now he knew for sure. How could he have kept her away for six years?

Edward, it was not just six years, but another six as well. If you only knew the truth...

The car pulled up to the front door of FX International Group and stopped suddenly. Edward frowned as he stepped out. He looked up at the hot sun, slammed the door and strode into the office, quickly. He just couldn't stand the heat.

Luke had the valet drive the car to the parking garage to keep the vehicle cool. He knew Edward would lose his temper if he sat in a hot car.

Edward knew he was a little late. Before he could sit down, Anna came in. It seemed that his schedule must be full or Anna wouldn't be in a hurry.

"Mr. Mu, the assistant of YS Group called us and said that our new contract price is too high. Their CEO asked to speak with you again."

"Why is that woman always difficult?" Edward was frustrated. Why didn't she let him be?

Anna kept quiet. She didn't really know what the problem was, so she couldn't answer.

"Just agree to her terms! See what she does." Edward casually hung the coat on the back of the chair, and sat down gracefully without taking any more notice of Anna. He opened the files on the desk.

"Okay, I will arrange it. You have a meeting in ten minutes. Do you want to host it yourself?" Anna waited for his reply, and her hands kept turning the schedule book.

"I'll do it myself! Is Mr. Rain in? Ask him to come by here first." Edward didn't look up. He was busy signing the documents on the desk. And he looked so charming when he was busy.

"Mr. Rain is out of the office. There is something wrong with the project he's on, and he may not return today." Anna frowned. She almost forgot to tell him this. She didn't like to make mistakes.

"I see. Tell Aaron to host the meeting in ten minutes. I will just listen." This was an unimportant meeting, so he did not have to host it in person. Aaron was a capable man. He needed to train him more so that he could work more efficiently.

Aaron was frustrated! He already had enough to do. The documents on his desk were piling up. They were almost taller than him! OMG! He wanted to quit and join another company! Why did his boss have to be so demanding?

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