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   Chapter 48 Don't Leave

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Daisy shot Edward a confused look. Why did he suddenly need to leave?

"Just stay here. Make yourself at home. I'll take you out to dinner tonight." Edward whispered in her ear. His warm breath made her stiffen.

"But I want to take Justin back to the base. I don't want to impose." Daisy lowered her lead and said in a low voice.

Edward was a bit taken aback. His demeanor turned cold and mysterious.

"You want to leave me that much? After all I have done for you?" His lips were sexy, but his words were evil. Daisy trembled in fear.

"That's what you want, isn't it? You have your life and I have mine. Isn't that what you told me?" Daisy said angrily. That was not what she thought or meant. But she couldn't let him know what he meant to her. She didn't want to see his disdainful look.

"But you are here now. You're in my life. Now what? You want to back down? Or are you just playing hard-to-get?" Edward roared. He was too full of rage to understand how cruel he was being.

His hurtful remarks turned Daisy's face pale. She bit her lips tightly. She never thought that Edward still regarded her as a calculating bitch. She fumbled for words, but in the end, she said nothing. What could she say anyway? He really believed what he was saying. It was partially her fault anyway, for creating that cold identity. There was no explaining it away.

When he saw Daisy's ashen face, Edward realized how cruel his words were. But he was too proud to take back his words. Full of regret, he combed his hair and went upstairs.

Justin worried. He didn't know why the sweet scene suddenly turned hateful and violent.

Daisy took a few deep breaths and calmed down. She forced a smile and turned to look at Justin.

"Justin, have you finished your breakfast? If you are done, then pack your stuff, we're heading to the base." Only the military base was her home, wasn't it? She was just a visitor here.

"Mom, do we really need to go?" Justin was upset, but he respected Daisy's decision. He knew that mom was the only one he could rely on.

"Okay. You don't want to go back?" Daisy was at a loss. What did she have if Justin didn't come back with her?

"No, mom. I will always go with you. I will never leave you alone." He didn't know what Daisy and Edward were arguing about, but he would always protect his mother.

Edward smashed his fist against the wall in a rage. He blamed himself for making the situation so bad. But did he love Daisy? He didn't really know himself. But when she said she would leave, it tore his heart to bits. The feeling confused him. He wan

ted to know the reason behind it. So the cruel words just tumbled from his lips as he tried to sort out his emotions.

Daisy held Justin's hand and walked slowly towards his room. Edward grabbed her before she could get there. The aroma of jasmine instantly filled his nostrils. He hugged her tightly and murmured in her ear,"Don't leave. I'm not sure if I love you, but you are really special to me. Since we are together now, can we just give it a try?" Edward's voice was quivering. He just wanted her to stay.

Justin stood at the door watching. He looked at his empty hand, and shook his head. He walked away, sighing. The grown-up world was too complicated for a child like him.

Daisy wriggled out of his grasp, and looked at Edward seriously.

"So we give it a try and it falls apart. What then? Or maybe I'm just a passing fad?" She just stared at his eyes. She tried to see through him, into his soul.

"But if we don't try, we won't know. Or are you afraid that you'll fall for me?" Edward said pressingly, giving her no chance to respond.

Afraid of falling in love with him? That was ridiculous. She had loved him for 12 long years. She had made him an indispensable part of her life. He just didn't know yet. Of course she was not afraid of loving him, because she was already in love.

Daisy shut her eyes sadly, then opened them with determination.

"Are you serious? Okay, okay! You can't sleep with anyone else, though. You can only be my man. You still up for it?"

Daisy asked solemnly. Since he insisted, she would give them a go. After all, she had loved him for too long. He didn't love her, and she knew that. But at least she had some good memories with him. Besides, she was his nominal wife.

"Done. But you must promise me as well -- no sleeping around. You're mine. You can't say no when I want it, either." Edward stared at her. He looked forward to being with her so much.

"I promise. And I will meet a wife's responsibility. I will help you with all your social engagements, but on one condition -- all of this can't hinder my work. I hope you understand that."

Daisy was no sentimental woman. They were a couple in the first place. Yes, they didn't sleep together, but they were legally married. That was a fact.

Edward smiled happily. He'd thought he'd need to try harder, but this was easier than he thought.

"Okay, but you have to live here with me. You'll still have your career." Living together was a given. That way he'd be able to treat her as well as she deserved. They couldn't just talk the talk without walking the walk.

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