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   Chapter 47 You Can't Eat Dad

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Daisy finally made an appearance which shocked both the maids -- and even normally unflappable Edward.

She wore a white trailing dress, simple but trendy. Her raven hair cascaded to her shoulders and her eyes looked coy and bright, her cheeks blushed. Her skin was fair and smooth, her footsteps light and enchanting. She was a fairy from heaven, and hot enough to captivate any man.

It was the first time that Edward had seen her dressed like that. He never imagined that she looked like that under the boxy military attire. She was incredibly, unbelievably gorgeous. The perfect marriage of coldness and grace.

Daisy saw them all staring at her, pulled her dress a bit and looked at Edward helplessly. She didn't know what she had done wrong.

"Mom, you are so pretty today." Justin rushed over, but not into her arms. He didn't want to ruin Daisy's white dress with his greasy hands.

"Something wrong?" Daisy asked. She was still a little unsure. This gown was the last resort. Every other dress was either too short or too revealing. After careful deliberation, she chose the long conservative gown she wore now.

"No no! You look stunning in that dress." Edward extended his hand to hold Daisy's waist and escorted her to the table. The maid, as well as Justin, were shocked seeing that.

Daisy's face went even redder. She was embarrassed by this public display of affection. How could Edward embrace her in front of so many people, especially around Justin?

"Mrs. Wu, bring my wife her breakfast, and get the sober-up soup I just told you to make." Edward was back in fine form, giving orders. He didn't see anything inappropriate in what he was doing.

"Okay, Master." Mrs. Wu nodded and left. She saw nothing strange in Daisy's appearance here. Her relieved smile brightened up her kind face. She was happy that Justin's mother was pure and innocent, far cuter than women Edward brought home before.

"Mom, you don't need to go to the military base today?" Justin looked at Daisy curiously. There really wasn't enough time to get there. It was quite a drive.

"Oh no! I totally forgot about it. I have to get going." Daisy sprang up, but was tripped by the long dress. She began falling forward. Meanwhile, she closed her eyes ruefully and prepared to strike the floor in a very un-soldier-like fashion.

Edward grabbed her and saved her from the fall. He said with an angry voice,"Why are you in such a hurry?" He gently let Daisy go, letting her settle into her chair.

"Um... I need to go to the military base. I'm due back there." Daisy blushed. She seemed to be always making a fool of herself. Her iciness was melting fast under the heat of embarrassment.

"You don't need to go. Mark Du said you had a week-long vacation." Edward said slowly as he glanced at her.

"What? Why wasn't I informed of this? Is t

his a game?" Daisy asked confusedly.

"How should I know? Seems like you're not as well put together as you'd like people to think." Edward looked at her mischievously. He just found out that Daisy could be a bit forgetful. The longer two people stayed together, the more flaws they would spot. But it didn't matter no matter how many shortcomings Daisy had. He loved her in spite of and because of them.

"Mrs. Mu, here's your breakfast." Mrs. Wu's affection for Daisy was growing quickly.

"Okay. Thank you." The "Mrs. Mu" embarrassed her. She cast a glance at Edward and found that he was too preoccupied with feeding Justin and cleaning his mouth to notice how flustered she was. She breathed a sigh of relief.

That's not to say she wasn't dreaming of an idyllic scene like this for a long time. But now that it was right here in front of her, she hesitated. She didn't think she was charming enough to make Prince-like Edward fall in love with her. So she felt this happy moment was enough for her. She couldn't ask for more.

"Looking at me makes you full?" Edward said in jest, interrupting Daisy's fantasy. She frowned in regret and dove into breakfast to cover up her feelings.

Edward was taking care of Justin during breakfast, but his eyes never left Daisy. He knew exactly what she was doing.

"Mom, Dad is right. You can't eat Dad. He'd probably taste bad. But you can have a bite if you want to. Ha ha..." Justin used to be meek and cute in front of Daisy. She didn't know that he could be so "evil" as well.

Daisy spat out her food in surprise. She looked up at Justin, face reddening.

"That's good advice, son. Your mom can try it if she likes." Edward laughed, but Daisy wasn't sure what he was up to. There was a calculating look in his eyes.

Daisy was at a loss for words. Since when had she become the butt of their jokes?

"You don't need to go to work today, Dad?" Everyone was getting along, and Justin was thrilled. Now to step up his efforts -- he needed to strike while the iron was hot.

"Why do you ask? What are you up to?" Edward knew his sophisticated son far too well. Maybe Daisy didn't understand Justin's calculating nature, but he did. He was Edward Mu, after all.

"No reason, Dad. You always think I'm up to something. I'm not that bad. Besides, when it comes to plotting, I can never beat you." Justin tried to play innocent, but Edward knew better.

"Just tell me. What do you really want?" Edward glanced at Justin, cleaned his mouth and leaned against the chair gracefully.

"Dad, can we go to the beach again?" Justin said eagerly.

"Well, I have too much work to do today. So we can't go to the beach." It was burning hot outside. They would be grilled under the hot sun. He didn't want to squeeze into the overcrowded beach on a day like this. They could go another time.

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