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   Chapter 46 Edward Mu, You Are Shameless

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"Mom, you're really here! So dad wasn't lying!" Justin grinned from ear to ear, and hugged Daisy tight, arms around her neck.

"Yes, I'm here. You're getting so big! I almost couldn't lift you." She laughed. "Probably means you're eating well." Daisy nuzzled Justin's forehead gently and lovingly.

"Mom, when did you get here? How do you know where we live?" Justin asked eagerly. He didn't expect his mom till evening, but when he woke up, his mother was right there by his bedside. When Edward told him she would be there, he thought Edward was lying. But it turned out he was telling the truth.

Daisy stuttered and didn't know how to answer. "I...that is..." She didn't know when she got here, not to mention where she was. She was taken here by Edward, but she couldn't tell him that. It was too embarrassing.

"Justin, where is your father?" Daisy tried to change the topic.

"You are so reliant on me. I leave the room and you miss me already." That arrogant and teasing tone was so Edward. Daisy regretted asking. She dodged Justin's harsh questions, but now Edward was skewering her with his razor sharp wit. So embarrassing!

Edward leaned against the door gracefully. The grey gym outfit made him seem lazier and more approachable. He stared at Daisy and Justin, smiling the whole time. The scene was so sweet, so Norman Rockwell, with his beautiful wife and adorable son.

"No. I just asked randomly. Don't overthink it."

'Why do I lose it every time I'm around Edward?' she wondered.

"I didn't overthink anything. Or is it that you want me to overthink about you?" Edward was having fun. She was more vibrant this time -- last time she was just a cold and aloof officer.

"Mr. Edward, the staff of MY Mall are waiting downstairs. They said you called them here." Daisy was saved by the abr

ld and rude as when I first met you. Now you remember that I'm your wife. Where have you been before?' Daisy thought to herself.

"As I recall, I'm your wife in name only. Isn't that what you said?" Daisy retorted coldly. It always got on her nerves whenever the topic came up. It was like Edward was making fun of her feelings for him. So she would hide behind an icy demeanor.

"You really know how to hold a grudge. Okay, I'll head downstairs and wait for you. Find an outfit you like. I'd like to eat breakfast together." Edward noticed her mood and stopped flirting. He shouldn't press her too hard. He knew far too well what kind of hell that would bring him.

Daily collapsed on the bed. She was weak -- that morning was too much for her. She didn't know what was real. She didn't understand why all of a sudden Edward acted like he cared about her. He told her they wouldn't sleep together anymore, and that she would never have his heart. But then how could she explain this morning? Was he playing catch-me-if-you-can? Maybe it was a trick. He would entice her and she would fall in love with him all over again. Then he'd dump her. Like he did before. She resolved to never let that happen again.

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