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   Chapter 44 I Can't Take It

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5095

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Summer was a scorching season, but the mornings were cool and comfortable. The morning sun shone on the quiet world, where the bustle was yet to begin. It was peaceful and pleasant. Daisy Ouyang woke up to such a morning.

She suffered from a hangover. With her eyelashes moving up, she slowly opened her beautiful eyes. The sunlight shone through the curtain and made her squint. She looked lethargic, confused but lovely.

When she rubbed her eyes and opened them again, Daisy suddenly saw a handsome face beside her. She looked around in panic, only to find that it was not her sweet home in the dormitory building. She gave herself a pinch on the cheek. 'Ouch!' It hurt, so she wasn't dreaming.

Daisy panicked. She didn't know why she had woken up again in this man's arms after six years. How would he humiliate her this time? Maybe he would think she played some tricks on him again. If so, how was she supposed to tell him the truth, which she knew nothing about? He might be mad at her again when he woke up.

She took his arm away from her waist carefully, trying to run away while he was still asleep. However, he put it back around her before she could get out of his arms. Daisy was so scared that she froze. Her face flushed.

Actually, Edward Mu had woken up when she moved. He just wanted to see what she would do, only to find that she was so different and lovely. He pulled her back into his arms, murmuring,"Be good. Don't get up now. It's still early." Edward had a problem. He got mad easily when he didn't get enough sleep. He was up late last night and still felt tired now, so he sounded a little upset.

Daisy just stayed in his arms with her face against his chest. She could hear his heartbeat clearly. The scent of jasmine from him filled the air all around her. That was what it was like in his arms. It was intoxicating.

She wasn't sure he knew who was in his arms now, nor did she know whom he loved. However, she decided to take the chance and stay there longer. It would be fine if he got mad at her again when he woke up. She could at least, keep this beautiful moment in her memory.

Daisy raised her head slowly. She stared at his handsome face that she had seen many times in her dreams. Her hand ran across his eyebrows, his nose and his lips. She moved so gently that one in a sound sleep couldn't feel it, but Edward wasn't asleep.

"What? You like what you see?" Daisy stopped and looked into a pair of smiling eyes following that hoarse voice. Edward was staring at her mischievously.

"Er! I didn't mean to get into your bed this time. I don't know why I'm here. Believe it or not, I didn't drug you or play any tricks." Daisy struggled out of his arms in a hurry, trying to explain to him. She was herself confused. Why did these things happen to her?

"You didn't mean to do it this time, so you are saying you did, six years ago?" Edward lay on his side, glancing at her with a charming smile.

"No, I didn't mean to do that back then either." Daisy looked aloof now. No matter how she had gotten into his bed, she needed to defend herself and her pride.

"Oh! So, may I know what you meant please, Mrs. Daisy?" Edward exploded with anger. Was it so shameful for her to be in his bed? Why did she have to deny it like that? Did she know how many girls wanted to sleep with him?

"Mr. Edward, don't worry. I won't badger you. I know who I am, so I won't try to sleep with you or win your heart. You don't need to embarrass me like that." Daisy would never forget what he had said six years ago. She would feel painful whenever she thought about it.

"What if I give you the chance to do that?" Edward's face clouded. 'Good! Great! Damn it! One minute she lay in his arms like a girl in love, and the next minute she was being so cold and aloof from him.'

Hearing what he said, Daisy was kind of confused. She didn't know what he meant. Was he laughing at her for what she wanted or trying to pay her back for what she had said?

"Mr. Edward, it's not funny. I don't deserve the chance, and I can't take it." She had loved him for twelve years, more than four thousand days. He had never looked back at her. Now, he suddenly said he would give her the chance. How stupid would she be to believe him?

"Oh! If you don't deserve it, why did you call me while you were drunk last night? Why did you have a good night's sleep in my arms?" Edward looked at her and smiled with his eyebrow raised. He knew she hadn't forgotten what he had said that morning six years ago. If she had, she wouldn't have responded like that.

"What? I called you last night?" Daisy got crazy. How could she have called him? She didn't have his number.

"Yes, you really did call me." Edward put on a charming face and stared at her with his smiling eyes. She really wanted to run away for fear that she would become enchanted by him.

"No way. I don't have your number. How could I have called you? You're lying." Daisy was confused. "Well, My Colonel! Actually, you didn't have my number until I had once called you. Remember?"

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