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   Chapter 43 Let's Go Home

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"Master, she is Justin's mother, isn't she?" Luke Luo asked, although he felt that he shouldn't have. He hadn't seen Daisy Ouyang the last time, so he didn't exactly know that she was Justin's mother. What surprised him even more was that she was an officer. He needed some time to reconcile with the fact that she was a female officer.

"Yes! Come on! Let's go home." Edward Mu shifted a little to make Daisy comfortable.

Luke started the car. He glanced backward and tried to ask something.

"She is drunk, isn't she?" he couldn't help but ask. He could tell from the smell in the car. It seemed she had had quite a bit to drink.

"If she wasn't, she would have never allowed me to carry her out like that." Edward stared at Luke as if to say that he had asked a very stupid question. Luke was a little upset. It, indeed, was stupid of him to ask that. She was obviously drunk.

The car ran fast, but smoothly. Luke was a great driver. Daisy had fallen into a sound sleep, her hands touching Edward now and then. Edward was having a hard time. Actually, Daisy was resting her head on his thighs. This aroused him, which he somehow managed to control, and her hands, on him, made him even more excited.

Edward clutched her hands in his and smiled with desire in his eyes. His lips slowly came closer and finally, touched hers, just the way he had dreamed to. Her lips were soft and sweet, he couldn't resist licking them slightly. He started running his tongue over her lips. Daisy moaned and startled him.

Edward chuckled and took his lips away. He began to feel her lips with his fingers. They looked redder now from his kiss. Seeing this, he couldn't help but sigh in surprise. As far as he knew, it was the first time for him to kiss a girl without her knowing it. What was wrong with him? He had been proud of how well he could control himself. Why did he fail to do it with her? Anyway, he didn't feel bad, but somewhat excited.

Actually, Daisy couldn't handle her drinks. She knew she got drunk very easily and so, had never tried it. Tonight however, she drank quite a little, not because they urged her to, but because she wanted to. She wanted to forget about her troubles for once.

They reached Edward's villa just before midnight. The servants had gone to bed, so, only Luke and some other bodyguards knew that Edward brought Daisy home.

Edward carried Daisy in his strong arms and went straight into his bedroom. He didn't think there was anything wrong in that. He put the girl, who had given him a hard time all the way, gently on his bed. He adjusted the temperature, so that she could sleep comfortably. Contented with the arrangements made for her comfort, he left.

Edward took a cold shower to ease out all the stress. As he walked out of th

e bathroom in his briefs, drops of water rolled from his muscular body. He looked sexy and desirable. One could tell what a fantastic body God had blessed him with.

He put on a pair of pajamas and casually walked to his bed. Seeing Daisy still wearing her uniform, he frowned at having forgotten to arrange some clothes for her to change into. Edward sighed. He had no choice but to get a pair of his pajamas for her.

After much wavering, he finally started unbuttoning her uniform, while thinking to himself, 'Edward, you're just helping her change. It's no big deal. Damn it! You can control your urges.'

When he finally managed to help Daisy change into the pajamas, Edward let her long hair down, which was all over the pillow. This made him perspire in the forehead. What he had seen just now kept flashing through his mind.

It must be the regular and long-term training that had toned her body up. She was a slender girl with beautiful breasts, a well-rounded bottom and long legs. Every part of her was perfect, except for some scars, which gave him a different visual impact. He liked her better this way, as he found her more attractive. He felt his heart beat faster with the urge to explore her more.

Edward rushed back into the bathroom again, hoping that the cold water would help him suppress his desires. It had been a long time since he had slept with a woman. Maybe that was why he wanted to do it with her now.

Edward laughed at himself. He thought he must have lost his mind. He didn't know he would fall in love with her, but he had to admit that he was attracted to her now. He thought she was different. Otherwise, he wouldn't have kissed her in the car or let her sleep in his bed.

People thought he was a playboy. In fact, he was a man who had principles. Even Luke, who was with him all day, though he had slept with many girls in his bed. Edward only entertained the women in the other bedroom. Besides, he never allowed them to stay with him overnight, because they were simply used for gratifying his sexual desire.

They said he was a fickle and heartless guy. Actually, what he wanted was quite simple. He had been waiting for his Miss. Right. Hopefully, a girl like her would be the one.

Edward went back to his bed. He just stood there, staring at that girl with mixed feelings.

Just then, she suddenly licked her lips and groaned, "Mark, I'm thirsty." Her voice was soft and charming. She looked very attractive now. Edward thought it was a good thing that he had brought her back and nobody would see her in this state.

He brought some warm water for her to drink before he climbed onto the bed, feeling tired after all the events of the day. He let her rest in his arms and went to sleep without thinking about anything.

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