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   Chapter 42 My Wife

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5895

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Edward had been waiting for a long time, leaning against the car door. He sighed in relief when he saw a man, dressed like an officer, coming out, because he was not the man that Edward had seen in the photo.

The moment Mark Du reached the gate, he noticed Edward, because of the dazzling car Edward was standing next to. Mark Du looked him up and down and noticed that this man had a fair skin and an angular face with black eyes, bushy eyebrows, high nose and beautiful lips, which showed grace and nobility. 'Oh! No wonder he is so arrogant! He turns out to be qualified to behave like this. His temperament does overwhelm everyone around, let alone the fact that he drove this irrationally expensive car. But why do I feel like I have met him before?' Mark thought.

"Hello, I am Edward Mu." Edward introduced himself first, looking at Mark Du's dull expression.

"Well. Hello, Mr. Mu! I'm the accompanying officer for Colonel Daisy. you can call me Mark. Could you show me your credentials before I can let you in?" Mark Du came to himself and asked professionally. Edward was prepared. He handed over all the required documents, including the marriage licence that he had picked up in the spur of the moment.

Mark Du looked them over and was shocked by his identity. 'This man is the renowned CEO of FX International Group in S City! No wonder he seems familiar.' Mark had always seen the man's photographs in the newspapers at the Colonel's home. He didn't remember him distinctly because he seldom paid much attention to the finance section. The credentials reminded him of who Edward was.

'No wonder the Colonel took Justin to that tall commercial building that day. It turns out to be FX International Group. I thought the Colonel entrusted Just

delicate and even more beautiful when she was drunk and no longer cold.

Edward picked her up and took her out of the room and closed the door with difficulty. Daisy Ouyang slept soundly and didn't have a clue of anything. Edward began to anticipate her reaction the next morning when she found out that she wasn't in her room.

Luke saw Edward embracing someone and walking out. He walked towards him. The soldiers saluted to Daisy Ouyang, despite the fact that she was sleeping. They passed unobstructed by anyone as Mark had instructed the soldiers in the regard. Edward nodded to them in gratitude.

"Who is she?" Luke was confused about the identity of the woman in Edward's arms. He didn't realize it was his wife since he hadn't seen her in several years.

"My wife. Open the door, we are going home in your car, then, call someone and have them drive my car home." Edward said. Luke was perplexed by what Edward said, but soon he came to himself and walked out to open the car door.

Edward carefully put Daisy Ouyang in the car and cupping his hands under her head. He put her head on his lap as Luke made arrangements for the other car to be driven home.

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