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   Chapter 40 Are You Enchanted By Me

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"Mr. Kevin, what brings you here?" Daisy Ouyang didn't expect to see him here.

"Well, I have been sent by the Commander. He told me that you wouldn't obey the command

Unless we use special power," Kevin jested. His robust body leaned against the door and his face wore a sly smile. Kevin's charming appearance reminded Daisy of Edward. She had seen Edward smile with a similar slyness on lots of magazines, a smile that could allure people without their realization. At this moment, Kevin was giving Daisy Ouyang the same feeling, a feeling that made her blush.

Kevin noticed her looking at him with a vacant look and his heart was mercilessly crushed by something. He knew that she was thinking of someone else then.

"Daisy Ouyang, why are you being so mean to me? It's one thing to not recognize my love for you but thinking of another man when you are looking at me is just... just torturous. Am I really a man to be ridiculed, for you?"

Kevin's face became pale with anger and he clenched his fists tight. However, he still managed to keep the sly smile and the smile became even brighter. If someone was to end up hurt

Chasing the one they loved, he hoped that it would never be her.

"What, are you enchanted by me?" Kevin mocked. Kevin's deep eyes were full of tenderness. Daisy couldn't tell if he was being serious or just joking.

Daisy panicked for a while but managed to calm down. She put a beautiful smile on her face and her awkwardness flashed away without either of them noticing.

"Yeah! You are good-looking and any girl could be attracted to the charms of a handsome man. I am no exception." Since he had seen through her mind anyway, it would be better to admit, she thought to herself.

"Well, I am wondering if I am lucky to have you go with me." Kevin chuckled and tried to seem pleasant.

"You are, indeed very handsome, after all, so I am thinking - why not?" she said in a coquettish tone. If he wanted to play word games, she was more than willing to join him.

"Miss Daisy, since you are doing me the honor of going with me, I think it's best that I am obedient to you." It was rare to see this girl being lively and lovely, so he didn't care to play word games with her.

"Let's go! Its time. If we are late, I am afraid, the Commander will come here himself." Daisy Ouyang ended the banter with Kevin. Actually, she never disregarded the possibility that the Commander may come over himself, because he had already sent two people to fetch her and one of them was a big cheese.

Kevin and Daisy showed up together. Their arrival caused quite a commotion among the soldiers, for Kevin was handsome and Daisy was pretty. They made a perfect couple. In the dull military life, their arrival was a pleasant sight for the soldiers' eyes used only to the mundane.

Daisy Ouyang glanced around them with cold eyes and showed off her power and position as the Colonel, and immediately, the commotion died down. Everyone knew that Miss Daisy was as cruel as the Devil when she trained her soldiers. They wouldn't dare to displease her if they wished to stay alive.

"It looks like you have high prestige and regard among these men. Only a glance and you can control them all." Kevin joked again. He noticed what had just happened.

"Are you sure I am not just relying on your power and position to frighten them? Isn't it because of you, the big cheese, standing next to me? Speaking of which, I am kind of using your authority." Everyone could make a joke, so could she.

"Both of you, come over here now. What are you mumbli

ng to each other about?" The Commander couldn't help chastising them. He thought that Daisy didn't pay much attention to him anymore. She only came when he sent two people to invite her. Nevertheless, he did like her honesty and couldn't stay mad at her.

Daisy walked toward him, naturally and gracefully. Her cold face bore no expression, she was calm as plum blossoms defying the cold winter and blossoming alone in a secluded valley, Elegant and dignified. No matter how many eyes focused on her, she seemed to be alone in a vast wild plain. Her face and even the eyes showed that she was cold and distant.

"Commander, are you afraid that I'd run away? Or, do you think I have the courage to disobey your order?" Daisy Ouyang glanced at him, thinking he was being ridiculous. Her high nose was characteristic of both pretty girls' and handsome boys'. Perhaps because of showering just now, her thin and soft lips parted slightly and her skin appeared like an almost transparent ruby, so delicate that people could be intoxicated by just one look.

"Ha-ha! My little girl, you really know how to make fun of me. If I hadn't sent people to bring you, who knows which corner you'd be hiding in." The commander's laugh made Daisy blush, which made her look even more attractive. Although she was wearing plain military uniform now, the beauty of her form and figure couldn't be covered.

"Commander, if you continue to scold her, I bet she will run away the next minute. I may not

Be able to help you to find her again." Seeing her face reddening, Kevin figured that she was blushing now. After all, she was the only girl here and it was normal for her to be shy.

"Fine, fine. Have a seat! I won't joke anymore." In fact, the Commander joked with her on purpose. He thought she could pass the test. After all, she was outstanding in every aspect. However, she failed. It was not her fault. The only reason was that she had no backer.

She must be very upset! During these years, he had witnessed her struggle - graduating from a famous military university overseas, working hard and fighting arduously for her job. He knew how hard the process was and he admired and respected her for this.

He knew that she had got married. Because if she got pregnant before marriage, she would be expelled from the military. He never asked her who the father of her child was. He wasn't going to let himself be involved in this affair, for he respected her privacy.

Daisy Ouyang drank a lot that night, as many officers kept proposing toasts to her. She accepted all their toasts because she did not want to be thought of as cold and distant. As a result, she got a little drunk and her face became more and more fascinating as she blushed.

Seeing her drunk, slightly hurt Kevin's heart. He had helped her drink lots of wine, but he did

Not dare to help her much fearing people may figure out that he liked her. At any rate, she continued to drink more.

Mark Du kept looking at her and he seemed to be worried about Daisy, judging by the look on his face. The reason was that he knew Daisy Ouyang would get drunk easily. These officers were going too far. As soon as the Commander left, they started to propose toasts to her. Obviously, they did this on purpose to spite her because they were not happy with the special treatment she received from the Commander. Little did they know that this was not the case. The Commander gave her no special treatment. She had achieved all her success through her own determination and hard word. They couldn't treat her this way.

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