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   Chapter 39 She'll Come Tomorrow

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Kevin hadn't taken his eyes off of Daisy since she had come in. He had been kind of upset at her attitude last night. That was why he had decided to leave without her this morning. Actually, he had been trying to avoid her for fear that he would say something stupid to her again.

Daisy knew nothing about his concerns. She just wondered why he was acting so weird today, not realizing it had anything to do with what happened last night.

"What took you so long?" Kevin frowned and asked. He wasn't angry, but worried.

"Because I had to deal with something." Daisy answered simply. She knew what he had been talking about. If the Hummer hadn't broken down on the way, she wouldn't have been so late.

Just as Mark had expected, It was quite a long meeting -- it went till 5 pm. Daisy was really worried that she wouldn't be able to pick up Justin before Edward left his office.

"Mrs. Daisy, hold on. Just a minute." Daisy heard that as she was rushing to leave. She frowned and stopped there, wondering 'what now?'

"Anything else, sir?" Daisy sounded anxious.

"Did you hear what I said?" The girl had gone too far. She hadn't heard a thing he said.

"What? You said the meeting was over, didn't you?" Daisy was confused. She looked at the commander with her head tilted.

"Ha! You weren't actually listening, then. I said we're having a party to celebrate your victory. I'm ordering everyone to attend." With that, he turned and walked out of the meeting room before Daisy could say anything.

Her mood darkened. She couldn't go and pick up Justin now! 'I want to see you, Justin. But my commander won't let me go.'

Justin was on his computer when his phone rang. The ringtone was so familiar. He immediately picked up, and a just as familiar voice came from the other end,"Justin, it's mommy. What are you doing right now?" Daisy knew that she couldn't go and pick up her boy today. She felt sorry and sounded kind of gloomy.

"Hi! Mommy, are you there?" Edward was busy in his office, up to his elbows in paperwork. He stopped to listen closely when he heard Justin say "mommy."

"Yes, I'm at the base now. Mommy is busy tonight, so I'll come and get you tomorrow, okay?" Daisy apologized, hoping Justin wouldn't be too disappointed.

"Okay! It's fine. I got it. Please promise me you'll be here tomorrow!" Justin felt bad that he couldn't see Daisy today. On the other hand, he had gotten used to plans being derailed. It wasn't the first time she'd cancelled on him.

"I promise! I have to go. See you tomorrow." Daisy had to hang up quickly as she heard someone calling her.

"See you! Mommy, bye." Justin was feeling so blue.

"What? Your mommy isn't coming?" Edward asked his son nervously. To be

honest, he had been waiting for her.

"No! She said she's too busy. She'll come tomorrow." Justin pouted and looked gloomy.

Edward thought the kid looked quite cute like that. He chuckled,"Come on! It's time to go. You'll see her tomorrow, right? Don't be so angry. Let's go home!"

"I'm not angry! It's just that I thought I would see her today and was really excited. But now..." he hung his head. He wasn't angry? Look how he was pouting.

"Okay, you're not angry. You're just upset. Shall we go home now?" Edward looked at his son with an impish smile. It seemed that Justin really was disappointed.

"Daddy, can you take me to the place where mommy is please?" Justin looked at Edward, hoping that he would say yes.

Edward paused for a few seconds. He wanted to ask Daisy in person why she had cried last night, but he wouldn't drop by unannounced. Actually he didn't know where she was. Besides she had said she was busy tonight. They would cause her trouble if they went there.

"Justin, your mommy said she was busy tonight, remember? So we'd better wait till she gets here tomorrow, okay?" Edward tried to talk his son out of visiting her now. He was practically begging him to stop asking.

"Yes, I was just saying." Damn it! He was just saying, just like when Mary said that she wasn't hungry and wanted to go out to lunch with them. Edward was relieved.

Daisy hung up the phone and gazed in wonder at the guy who came running up to her.

"Madam, the commander wants to see you there now! He was afraid that you would slip away again." This guy was a platoon leader. He was a simple and honest country boy. But now the boy was staring at her with a smile.

"Got it. Mr. Su, please go and tell him I'll be there soon." She needed a bath after that long journey. The commander would have to wait.

"Yes, madam. Please come ASAP, or he will send someone else for you." Everyone here knew that their commander was an impatient man, but Daisy always kept him waiting, which annoyed him.

"Okay! I will. Thank you, Mr. Su." Daisy knew what her commander was like. Sometimes she just tried to annoy him on purpose, because most of time he didn't have any good reason she should be there.

"No problem. Madam, I gotta go." With that, he ran off.

Daisy laughed at herself and shook her head. She walked to the dorm in ten minutes time. Firth floor. Her place. It was not a big space, but the atmosphere inside was so warm that you wouldn't imagine a cool girl like her was living here.

After a quick shower, Daisy slipped into a summer uniform without combing her hair. Just then, she heard a knock on her door. 'Who?' she thought, and opened the door. She was surprised to see Kevin standing there.

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