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   Chapter 38 Refugee

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"No, you need to eat dinner first. You'll get a tummy ache." Edward was very stubborn about certain things, like now -- when he said no, he meant no. He would not budge.

"Okay." The little boy never really wanted any ice cream. He just wanted to vent his anger and divert Edward's attention away from Mary.

Rain, on the other hand, completely ignored what was happening around. He was too busy finding all the expensive, delicate and light food on the menu. The bar tab had cost him plenty last night! He was going to make sure that he ate well enough to make up for that.

Edward surely knew what Rain was thinking. But he kept quiet and just let Rain keep grinding his ax. He had more money than patience, after all. But when all the dishes were served, he was shocked. It was far too much. There was no way they could finish all of the food. He may be rich, but waste was no good virtue.

"Uncle Rain, are you sure you can eat all of this?" Justin looked at him excitedly. He really expected Rain to answer. He was still young, and believed the world revolved around him.

"No, I can't eat them all. But I want to try a little of everything." Rain said in a careless way. He just wanted to taste them all. Anyway there was no rule that whoever ordered had to finish the dishes.

Unbelievable! 'Rain, if you can't eat that much, why did you order them? Don't you know waste is a vice? I want to try them as well, but I won't order that much.' Justin protested in his mind.

"Uncle Rain, you are shameless. Wasting food is a bad thing." Justin stared at him sarcastically as if he was some convicted criminal.

"I am not as brazen as Edward." Who could be more brazen than Edward?!

Edward was embarrassed. He did nothing. Why did Rain get him involved? Rain was too focused on one upmanship. He let Justin draw him in.

"Son, just ignore him. He is like a refugee now. He needs his food." Edward's words hit the bull's eye.

Mary gaped at Edward fetching food for Justin. He was so sweet and caring, but not to her. She grew jealous.

"Auntie, why don't you eat? Don't you like the food? Uncle Rain seems to be enjoying it very much." Justin's words just hit two birds with one stone. On one hand, he seemed to be caring for Mary; but on the other, he derided Rain. Rain blushed, embarrassed. He grabbed some water from the table, hoping to swallow his reply along with the liquid.

"The food is great. It's just I'm not hungry yet." Mary thought she had replied tactfully, but that was not how others saw it. 'If you weren't hungry, why did you tag along ?'

Finally, the dinner was over amid the battle of words. They went back the company without Mary as she said she had something else to do. In fact, she went home to find a strategy.

Her exit made Justin the happiest, of course, as he successfully kicked Mary a safe distance away from Edward.

On the way back, Mary drove the car at full speed. She kept accelerating the car and honking the horn, trying to vent all the anger she built up

from tonight's events.

Today was the most humiliating day! It wasn't even worth getting out of bed for! It was one thing if Edward was oblivious to her beauty, but his kid! If the little brat thought she was a pushover, he would be seriously wrong. She was not! As long as she wanted something, she would spare nothing to get it. Just wait and see. No one will get in her way. 'Edward, you are the only one for me.' Mary thought.

A dark green Hummer headed to the military base in the suburbs, leaving a cloud of dust hanging in the air behind it.

"Colonel, we're here." Mark got out of the car and opened her door, but found Daisy asleep. She slept so soundly that Mark didn't want to wake her. But she had to report to the commander later. What should he do? Wake her up?

"Em... We're here now, ma'am." Just as Mark was mulling it over, Daisy opened her eyes slowly. She looked like an indolent, meek cat. Her voice sounded and soft, sweeter to his ears than ever. She murmured something sleepily.

"Yes, colonel. Do you want to go freshen up or go to the commander's place now?" Mark grabbed a large pile of documents and waited for her directive.

"I'll report to the commander now. I don't want them to wait too long for me. Staff officer has already arrived. We should make a point of being punctual." Daisy stretched her legs and got out of the car. The sunlight made her squint. She put the cap on properly, then took her briefcase.

"Okay, colonel. Do you need me to help arrange these files?" Mark knew that the meeting would take a long time as there were many things to report.

"No, I arranged them in the car. You can go now. I will call you when I need help." Daisy Ouyang was quite nice for a colonel. Just don't make a mistake around her.

"Okay, I will bring your luggage back then." Mark was Daisy's entourage, so he need to help manage her life as well.

"Okay. You can go now. You won't be needed for the meeting." Then she turned around and walked to the office building. Her shadow elongated under the sun.

Before even entering, Daisy heard the commander's boisterous laughter. He seemed to be in good mood today.

"Daisy! Finally you're here. Come in. We're all waiting for you." The commander said happily at the sight of Daisy. He loved the fact that she was competent and no-nonsense. She was as good as a man. All her grades were excellent.

"Commander, sorry to keep you waiting." Daisy said with a smile. She and the commander were more like friends than leader and subordinate. Usually, he didn't think of her as a commander, but an intimate friend.

"That's all right. You are the only woman here after all. That's your privilege, right?" The commander laughed generously, setting the whole crowd bursting into laughter.

Daisy instantly blushed. She was too coy and embarrassed to say anything. So she just lowered her head timidly, sat beside Kevin and nodded at him in greeting. The crowd knew she was quite introverted, so they wouldn't mind her cold response.

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