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   Chapter 37 Offended Mr. Mu

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6268

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"God! I'm freezing! Who was the jerk that messed with the air conditioner?" Rain Xia yelled and rushed out of the office. It seemed that he was eager to find out who did this and was going to kill him. Edward stopped and gave Rain a cold eye. Rain was confused and wondered if he had done something that offended him.

Of course! Of course he had offended him! Because that so-called 'jerk' was Edward's son, so how could Edward not be angry?

"Edward, you're here! Wow! And with Justin too! When did Justin come here? Why didn't you come see me?" Rain put on a saccharine smile. Everyone could tell that he was buttering them up.

Justin rolled his eyes, thinking why couldn't this man act like a normal person? Why did he behave so oddly every time Justin showed up?

"Uncle Rain, do you have a problem with daddy? If not, how come you just noticed him? He was there a long time!" What he said would affect both Edward and Rain. How dare Edward hire that woman? How dare Rain call him jerk? Killing two birds with one stone, that was his favorite thing to do.

"Justin, Did I offend you today? Don't start with me again!" Rain was pissed off. He couldn't figure out how he had offended both of them. Could anyone give him a reason? He was always left out. This time he wouldn't stand for it. He would know what was going on.

"You didn't offend me. But you offended Mr. Mu." Justin wore a bright smile on his face. His smile was as beautiful as a blooming flower.

Rain scratched his head. Did he really offend him? Why didn't he realize it?

"Edward, I didn't even talk to you today, so how did I offend you? I just..." Rain almost cried! He finally knew what was going on here. Justin was all dressed up. He should have known that only Mr. Mu and his son had the right to adjust the air conditioner however they wanted! No wonder that Mr. Mu stared him with th

pester his daddy, everything was OK, because Mr. Mu could only belong to his mommy. If other women wanted to get close to his daddy, they should get his permission first.

Mr. Mu! Did you know your kid already has your future planned out? He had you wrapped around his little finger.

As soon as they entered the private room, Rain checked the menu. He was going to make up for being stuck with the bill last night. Justin rolled his eyes for the second time. 'Uncle Rain was so disrespectful!' Because Justin was hungry, and he should order first!

"Miss Ouyang, please have a seat! Order whatever you like." Mr. Mu! You finally noticed her this time. She was beginning to wonder if she were invisible.

"Sure. Edward, you can call me Mary! You don't have to be so formal." Mary was annoyed when Mr. Mu called her Miss Ouyang. It felt like they were strangers and she really didn't like this feeling.

The truth was that because of Daisy, Mary and Edward were absolute strangers. It would be awkward if Edward didn't give her the cold shoulder.

"Daddy, could I have an ice cream?" Justin interrupted this exchange deliberately. 'Daddy only belongs to mommy, and not to this woman who was obviously starting to flirt.' Saved by the boy!

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