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   Chapter 36 How Poor You Are

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Mary stared at the little guy who suddenly appeared in front of her. She pointed at him with a frightened look. This little guy resembled Edward so much. She was too shocked to say a thing. Since Mary had only recently returned from abroad, she had no clue Edward had a son.

"Auntie, you must be poor!" Justin said to her with a sly smile on his face. He ignored her shocked expression.

"Listen! Just who the hell are you to say a thing like that, brat?"

How could Mary know that the little guy in front of him had been the lead story in newspapers and magazines for almost two months?

They couldn't figure out who Justin's mother was. The mystery became the exclusive scoop that all newspapers and magazines wanted to get. They couldn't even track anyone down who had been involved with Edward. It seemed that Edward had changed from a playboy to a family man all in one night. They all believed that the woman who changed Edward was out there somewhere, but they had zero leads on how to find her.

"You must be poor, though! The temperature is so low here, but your skirt is so short. Don't you feel cold? Auntie, don't you have any money to buy clothes? Do you want me to lend you some money? I don't have much, but I think it's enough for you to buy a decent dress. And I'm not called brat. I have my own name. Please remember that. I'm Justin Mu." Of course it was cold now. He specifically asked the man in the temperature-control room to turn the dial down to around ten degrees. He even put an extra coat on so he wouldn't be cold.

Anna smiled slightly. Justin was such an evil little boy. How could he make fun of others and look so innocent? Anna shivered suddenly. No wonder she felt cold. Looking at the little guy's coat, she finally knew the answer.

Mary's face became darker and darker. Angry viciousness flashed in her eyes. She swore that no matter who the little guy was, he would pay for today's humiliation. She was not a kind angel. She was really good at bullying others. Daisy was a good example. She had been treated as a princess at first, but when she met Mary, her life became so miserable that she lived no better than a servant.

"Little guy, the dress I wear is well designed. It is the fashion. Clear?" Mary said with a humorless smile on her face. In her mind, she had cursed the little guy thousands of times. Mary stuck her nose in the air, defiant to the end.

"Oh! Auntie, I'm sorry. It's not that your poor, it's just that you have bad taste."

'Oh my God! This little guy is so evil.' Anna thought. She was caught between a rock and a hard place. One is the daughter of the CEO of Ouyang Foreign Trade, the other one is the son of their own CEO. She could help neither of them. However, she couldn't just

let it go.

Mary was completely enraged. She bit her lip tightly. Her clenching hands trembled. Her voice trembled too. Was it due to the low temperature, or Justin's words?

"Didn't your parents teach you any manners? How could you talk to your elders this way?" Mary was so angry. She wanted to kill the little guy so he wouldn't challenge her any more.

"Are you questioning my son's manners, Miss Ouyang?" Edward leaned lazily against the door to his office. His expression is casual, but the way he looked at Mary made her shiver more.

"What? Edward, is he really your son?" Although Mary saw the unmistakable resemblance, she was so shocked to hear Edward confirm it in person. Now she had to re-evaluate the chances that she could win Edward back. At first she thought that the only thing she needed to do was to defeat Daisy, but now she knew that he had a son, she needed to take the little guy into consideration too. 'The little brat's mother must be someone hard to defeat, since Edward allowed her to give birth to his baby.' Mary thought. Of course she would not think that Daisy was his mother. 'Edward hasn't gone back to the Maple Night villa since their wedding night and Daisy left too. It seems that they haven't seen each other since then. There's no way Daisy is the little guy's mother. Who was his mother then? It doesn't matter who she is. Edward can only be mine. And only an excellent woman like me can match him.'

Humph! It was good for Mary to be confident, but being smug was no virtue.

"If he's not my son, then whose son is he?" Edward asked. It was late and it was time for Justin to have lunch. But when he left his office, he heard Mary's words which made him very unhappy. Daisy taught him well. That was why sometimes he just let him play pranks. He knew that Justin just wanted to revenge on him for being absent so many years.

"I didn't mean that, Edward. I was just surprised." Mary wore a forced smile in embarrassment.

"I think Miss Ouyang just surprised me instead." What did Edward mean? Her own nephew was standing in front of her, but she did not know him. 'I'm guessing that would be surprising to Edward.' she thought.

"What, Edward? I don't know what you mean." Mary would not meet Edward's gaze. She thought Edward was surprised because she scolded the little guy. Instead she was upset that she hadn't stayed calm just now. She would have a lot of chances to bully the little guy in the future, she thought.

"You don't need to know, Miss Ouyang." Edward was immediately dismissive. Besides, he was more concerned by the fact that Daisy was coming for a visit.

"Justin, let's go. Daddy's taking you to lunch." He took his son's little hand and walked away without looking at Mary at all.

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