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   Chapter 35 The Persian With Curly Hair

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Where there are women, there are gossips. It's like smoke and fire. They go well together.

Mary believed in this truism as well, so she bonded with her co-workers quickly. All women. All willing to whisper the juiciest tidbit of gossip into the ears of their friends.

The moment Justin and Luke came in, they saw Mary talking and laughing happily with the other women. 'Edward, why is that woman working here?' Justin was very angry and burst into the CEO's office, taking Edward aback. Other secretaries flooded out of their offices to see what the ruckus was.

"Justin, why are you here?" Edward was more curious about why he had come, rather than his intrusion.

"Edward, why is that gossipy woman working here?" Justin said. 'Darn it! I thought that he'd changed the way he operated! But apparently he changed on the surface to fool everyone, and then took beautiful women to his company on the sly.'

"Who?" Edward looked at his angry son with confusion. Oh! Edward had forgotten about Mary, who was an incredible beauty.

"Don't play dumb. That woman out there. The exotic one that looks like a Persian with curly hair!" Justin said angrily with hands on his hips.

"Oh! You're talking about Mary!" Edward finally understood who Justin was referring to.

"You don't know her?" Edward asked. He was confused that Leo didn't know Justin, and now he was even more confused to find Justin didn't know about Mary.

"Why should I know such a kittenish woman?" Justin rolled his eyes. 'Unlike you, I don't know every woman.'

"Are you sure that you don't know who she is?" Edward was unsure about that. 'Since he knew about me, then he should know Leo and Mary.'

"Of course. I'm positive."

'What's wrong with Edward today?' Justin thought. How could I know that woman?'

"Since you don't know her, she's not important. So...why are you here?" Edward smiled at him. This little guy was really his invincible opponent -- he lived like a monk these days. Justin prevented any woman from getting close to him!

"Daddy, didn't mommy say that she was coming back today? I came here to wait for her." Because of Mary, Justin almost forgot why he was there.

Edward paused for a few seconds. 'Is she coming back so soon? Why didn't she mention this when they talked on the phone last night?' Edward thought to himself.

"Did she say that she would come back today?" Edward asked. He was tense, but he couldn't for the life of him figure out why.

"Of course! Didn't I tell you?" Justin

raised his handsome face, looking at Edward inquisitively.

"Did she say she was coming here?" Edward asked, confused.

"I don't know. But since she doesn't know where we live now, she'd probably come here to see me." Justin said happily. He was ecstatic he could see him mom again.

"Are you going back with her?" Edward asked. Daisy only let him take care of Justin for three months rather than entrusting their son to him forever. It stung a little.

"Of course! I will stay with mom wherever she goes." Justin would never leave his mom.

"And what about Daddy? Will you leave me?" Edward asked. He looked at his son nervously.

"Well, you've got a lot of friends, but mommy only has me. So I must stay with mommy. You can always visit us if you want!" Justin had a good relationship with Edward. But this relationship could not compare with his love for his mom. Because he was the only person his mom could rely on, he would never leave her alone.

Daisy Ouyang leaned against the back seat of a dark green Humvee on the expressway between cities, looking at the scenery.

"Mark, what's our ETA?" she asked while still looking at the scenery outside.

"Around 3 p.m., Colonel, since we set off late." Mark Du replied, looking at his watch.

"It doesn't matter, we are supposed to arrive on time." Daisy said. She turned her head and stopped looking outside.

"Colonel, are you in a hurry? We could go faster." Mark looked at her for permission.

"No. Safety first. We're going fast enough."

'It doesn't matter if we're late. I won't play around with our lives.'

"Yes ma'am." Mark said. Mark drove the car silently, and glanced at her through the rear view mirror in the car occasionally. He had got used to her silence, a silence which often made people ignore her.

Despite her silence, Daisy was not calm at all. She was thinking about how to explain the situation with Justin to Edward, since she had promised that she would when she came back.

She touched her face nervously, pouting her lips, looking at the phone and planning to call Justin and take him away secretly. But she soon gave up the idea when she glanced at her military uniform. That uniform meant duty. She had a duty to meet her commitment.

Mark looked at her, surprised at his own feelings. She could be shy like any woman, which belied her cold demeanor while on duty. But he had to say she was much lovelier than before. 'These feelings are going to get me into trouble.' he thought to himself.

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