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   Chapter 34 Can You Teach Me

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FX International Group was always jumping in the morning. Staff shuffled from place to place, some carrying files, others the mail, and still others their morning coffee. The clicks of keyboards and beeps of freshly booted computers filled the air. There was the unmistakable smell of clean carpets and printer dust. Yet no matter how busy they were, the company was never messy nor noisy -- a unique working atmosphere.

Mary Ouyang showed up in the lobby of FX International Group in a sexy outfit. Her mini-skirt perfectly displayed her long legs; the low-cut top revealed the curve of her large breasts; the curly hair cascading to her shoulders added more charm; and the make-up flattered her overall.

"Hello. I'm Mary of Ouyang Foreign Trade. I have an appointment with your CEO." Her voice was clear and flirtatious. Her face wore a sweet smile.

"Hello, Miss Mary. I need to report to the secretary division first." Receptionists always fawned over these rich ladies. After all, maybe one day one of them would become the CEO's wife.

Mary nodded with a smile, behaving perfectly as the daughter of a well-to-do family. Furthermore, she needed to make a good impression on the employees of FX International Group so that she would have free access to the company.

The Knocking on the door disrupted Edward's work. He slightly frowned, leaned back, then said with some discontent.

"Come in." he said, his voice thick with consternation. Then he took the coffee from the table and gave it a sip.

"Mr. CEO, Miss Mary is here to see you." Anna cast a glance at Edward and whispered,"What? Mary?" Edward knew she would come, but he never expected that she would come so soon.

"Yes, it's Miss Mary. Should we let her in?" Anna replied calmly. That poise reflected her professionalism as a secretary.

"Fine. Let her in." Edward felt helpless. He didn't really want Mary to interrupt his work, but that appointment was his promise to others. Besides, even if he didn't want to do Leo a favor, he must do this for Daisy. After all, Mary was her step-sister.

"Miss Mary, the CEO will see you now." The receptionists smirked knowingly. That's the first time the CEO had ever let a woman come in since the CEO's son came over. It seemed that Miss Mary was different for their CEO.

"Thank you." She nodded, then walked into the elevator in high-heels. Her curvy figure captured a lot of men's attention, bolstering her confidence. She always believed in her own charm. There was no way Daisy could compete with her.

When Mary appeared on the top floor, the women gathered to watch. They were all discussing in hushed whispers who she was, whereas Anna silently led her in, then left.

"Edward, sorry for my sudden visit. I planned to call you, but I don't have your number." said Mary in a cutesy voice, looking at the handsome man before her. Her dulcet tones could have melted any man's heart.

"That's okay. I've promised to let you learn here, so there is nothing to be sorry about." Edward sat still on the chair quite calmly as if he didn'

t notice how seductively Mary was dressed.

"Edward, thank you. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn here." Mary was a bit upset about Edward's chilly response. She wondered why there was no "wow" expression on his face.

"That's okay. I will ask Anna to familiarize you with the corporate procedures. You will learn from her."

'Mary, I agreed to let you learn here, but I didn't promise to teach you myself, did I? Besides, Anna was quite familiar with the company and that will make her a great teacher.' Edward thought to himself.

His words turned Mary's face pale. She never saw this coming. Instead of teaching her himself, Edward pawned her off on a secretary.

"Edward, will this work? I'm afraid that a secretary can't teach me useful things. After all, I'm here to learn how to run a company, not how to be a secretary." Her seductive voice changed. Her composure cracked and desperation shone through.

"Then who does Miss Mary think will make a qualified teacher? Mr. Qiao or Mr. Xia?" He just didn't mention himself.

"Can you teach me?" Mary bit her lip gently and looked at Edward pitifully. She was trying to change his mind.

"That's not possible. Miss Mary should know that we are a large company. As the CEO, I have too many things on my plate. I'm afraid I'm too tied-up to teach you." Edward was never soft or patient with people he didn't care about. He sounded angry already.

"Okay then. I will learn from Anna. But I hope you can instruct me at your spare time." Mary compromised because she noticed Edward's rising temper. She could only accept his arrangement to stay in FX International Group. As long as she remained here, she would find the chance to get close to Edward.

"Ahem, yes... Thanks for understanding. Anna will show you out now." Finally, Edward dropped his stilted tone, talking more normally.

"Anna, come inside." he ordered coldly. He didn't even look at Mary.

"Mr. CEO, what's the matter?" Anna walked in speedily, just like the way she worked.

"Anna, Miss Mary will learn the corporate management procedures from you. You need to teach her patiently."

"I understand, Mr. CEO. Miss Mary, let's go." Anna would do everything Edward told her without asking why. That's also why he gave Mary to her. If it is Mr. Qiao or Mr. Xia, they would get to the bottom of it. He didn't want to waste the time.

"Em. You can go now. Miss Mary, I wish you a happy stay with our company." Edward said with a smile. He looked seriously at Mary, making her heart racing fast. She wanted him even more eagerly.

"Thank you, Edward." Mary coyly walked out behind Anna. She was happy to stay here.

Edward looked at Mary's figure quite confusedly. He didn't know what Mary really wanted. If what she wanted was him, she should give up the idea already, because he was her brother-in-law. And It was also unbelievable that Leo sent another daughter here. Had Leo forgotten that he was already the husband of one of his daughters? Or how else should Edward interpret all his unusual and absurd moves?

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