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   Chapter 33 You Know Each Other

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"What? You think I flirted with you? Look at you, do you think I have any interest in you?" Duke looked at her with utter contempt and shook his head to show how terrible she was.

"I look terrible. So what? You still hugged me!" Belinda exploded with anger. This jerk was judging her by her appearance. If her dad hadn't forced her into a blind date with a man, she wouldn't have needed to scare him away with such wretched looks. It was not that she loved to look terrible. However, she was afraid that her dad would nag about what she had done, so she didn't dare to go home, although it was quite late now.

"Ha! Are you kidding me? Do you think I wanted to do that? I was just kind enough to help you when you were falling, or I wouldn't have touched you at all." Duke looked coldly at the chick who turned on him. If his eyes could shoot laser beams, she would have been incinerated. Only he knew how hard she had slapped him as his cheek was still burning.

Belinda hesitated for a while without a word. It appeared that what he had said was actually right. She knew she shouldn't have slapped him, but she wouldn't apologize for that. Even if she had been wrong then, that didn't mean he was a good guy. Look how fierce he was now.

"Anyway, you shouldn't have hugged me." Belinda argued and insisted that she did nothing wrong. We could already tell how competitive she was from her arguments with Edward. She would never admit that she was wrong.

His face clouded, and his fists were so tight that blue veins stood out on them. Thanks to his ability to control himself, Duke didn't punch her. He had never known an unreasonable woman like her.

Damn it! He should leave now and stop arguing with her like an idiot. With that, Duke took a deep breath, trying to calm down. He flicked at the places that Belinda had touched on his coat, as if there were something dirty to remove. Then he glared at her before he started walking to his car. 'I'm not angry, really. I just want to kill that freaking woman.' he kept thinking.

Belinda touched her neck. Oh, my God! It was so scary. She thought that man wanted to kill her just now. His eyes were so horrible. Edward Mu was much better than that jerk. He wouldn't be so cold and terrible no matter how angry he was.

Duke was really unlucky today. He had only walked a few steps before Rain rushed out and ran into him as well. Belinda was so surprised that she couldn't help putting her hands over her eyes. Oh, my God! Who was that guy? He actually dared to mess with that dangerous monster! He was really brave. 'Hope he won't get killed.' she thought.

"Damn it! Where are you rushing to?" Duke shoved Rain away from him. His expression showed what mixed feelings he had inside.

"Duke, why are you so cold? I just touched you. Did you need to shove me like that?" Rain rubbed his nose. Damn it, had he run into an iron man? Why did it hurt so much?

Just before Duke could say anything, a snort of laughter suddenly drew their attention to Belinda. They both looked at her, and she just wanted to slap herself, regretting that she had laughed at the wrong time. Maybe he was truly cold, but she shouldn't

have laughed at him. She was digging her own grave.

"Yo! Isn't that Miss Belinda? Hello again! Small world, isn't it? Edward just left, so you won't see him this time." Rain looked at Belinda and smiled evilly. She looked bold and different today, but Rain was good at dealing with all kinds of women.

"You know each other?" Duke asked wonderingly.

Belinda was shocked. Why hadn't she recognized that guy? She still remembered how he smiled ambiguously when she was arguing with Edward Mu last time.

"What do you say? Miss Belinda, do you know me?" Rain was such a playboy that Belinda wanted to slap him badly.

"You're a ladyboy! Of course I know you!" Damn it! Except for that shameless Edward, nobody had ever beaten her in a war of words.

Rain was embarrassed. Belinda was always tough. She would never give in.

Duke chuckled to himself as an onlooker. Drama like this he refused to miss. It turned out that she treated everyone that way. Anyway, she really knew how to piss you off and then get away.

"You must be really interested in me. You must have checked it secretly in person, or you wouldn't be so sure that I'm a ladyboy." Rain grinned cheekily at her with an eyebrow raised. He had the typical smiling eyes of a cunning playboy. His sapphire blue earrings were even more bright and attractive in the neon light.

Belinda was hypnotized by this guy and forgot to retort. She just looked at him like that, sticking out her beautiful lips.

"Puppy love!" Duke's cold voice woke her up. Oh, my God! He was really enchanting! Sucks! She was actually enchanted by a ladyboy.

Belinda glared at Duke and turned to Rain with a smile that she thought was charming. However, her makeup was too thick to show her beauty. Instead, it was a little scary now. Rain didn't know what she was going to do next, but he knew even Edward was a little scared of this woman.

"Do you think I need to check it in person? Anyone who isn't blind can tell you're a ladyboy." So those who couldn't were all blind.

With his lips curving in a masculine smile, Duke glanced at the girl who looked bold and different now. He was wondering what kind of a beauty she would be without her makeup.

"Are you always so competitive, Miss Belinda?" Rain smiled instead of getting angry. Life was too boring. Sometimes he could have some fun fighting with a hot-tempered chick like her.

"Nope, just around guys like you." 'Humph! I don't like you. So what?'

"With all due respect, could you please tell me when guys like me offended you, Miss Belinda?" Rain was curious, and when he was curious, he would ask any questions he had. He would definitely get to the bottom of the stuff that he didn't understand.

"Birds of a feather flock together. Do you know the saying? It means that you guys are not any better. You hang about with that bastard Edward all day." With that, she stalked off. Rain wondered why Belinda had to leave before them every time.

Duke watched her, lost in thought. 'Collateral damage.' he thought. 'I think our reputations just suffered collateral damage. We're not any better? Because of Edward? What does it have to do with Edward?'

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