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   Chapter 32 Lothario

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"What's it like to fall in love?" Edward's slender fingers flipped his wine glass rhythmically. He slouched back in his chair and squinted at them with a faint smile.

"Are you serious? Who are you in love with, boss?" Rain was so shocked that he lost his grip on his glass and spilled some cognac, staining his shirt. He wiped it off and stared in disbelief at Edward.

Duke didn't overreact, although he was also shocked by Edward's words. His cold eyes glistened and his mind started turning gears.

"Who can I fall in love with? I'm just curious about it." Edward apparently knew how stunned they were upon hearing his words. He could easily tell from their reaction. And he wanted to keep things light, and maybe not delved too deeply, but the topic was so astonishing that no one would let him go that easily.

"Edward, Just say it. Who are you in love with? Tell us and we can give you some suggestions." Rain was always so interested in that kind of gossip. He would not give up until he got an answer.

"Look at the women around me. What kind of woman do you think I'd fall in love with?" Edward would never let them know his heart, before he knew exactly what kind of feeling it really was. It was impossible for him to expose his feelings to them, even they were his best friend, at least not now.

"Now that you ask this question, I'm sure that you have someone in mind. But I don't know if she's the same one I'm thinking of." Duke said casually and cast a glance at him.

"Well then. It seems that Mr. Duke knows me so well that you even know who I'm thinking about. Should I feel honored?" Edward looked at him with an evil smile. And he became himself again.

"You can't keep this to yourself forever. Let's wait and see how long you can escape from it." Duke was getting angry, because Edward always made fun of him about this, which made him feel weak.

"Could you please involve me in the conversation? Throw me a bone! What is this about?" Rain felt isolated. They didn't care about his existence at all.

"Weren't you there from the start? Try and keep up." Duke rolled his eyes and took his annoyance out on him. Rain was owed a lesson. Every time he gave them the chance to bully him.

So Duke found one more way to call him stupid. 'So if Duke and Edward are always in sync, and not everyone understands them, then maybe there's something going on between them. Like a relationship?' As this thought occurred to Rain, he moved a little further away.

"Stop that." Edward knew what he was thinking, likely from the smirk. He glanced at him casually and continued to enjoy hi

s Hennessy.

"So-o-o-o-o..." he drew the word out, saying it very slowly. "If it's not true, why do you care what other people think? Or maybe you're just pissed because I uncovered your secret." Rain was happy now. He finally got one-up on Edward. He had to find some way to entertain himself.

The two men ignored him thoroughly. They stood up and left without any reservation. "It's on you tonight."

Rain was stunned. Why? Didn't they know what they drank tonight? Hennessy. They were both CEOs. Why did they make him pay? They were far richer than him. Moreover, one of them was his boss. This was not reasonable at all.

The two were so pleased with themselves. Rain should not have made fun of them. Poor Rain! When would he learn how to protect himself from being bullied?

Looking at the two guys who were laughing evilly, Luke could not help but peek inside to see the victim.

Edward waved goodbye to Duke and drove his Maybach G 650 away. Duke was annoyed. He hadn't had any time to catch up with his old friend.

Duke saw Edward's elegant car vanish as it rounded a corner. He spun and began walking to his own car when -- ooops! Duke and another woman ran headlong into each other. He regained his balance in time to catch her, only to be rewarded with a hard slap that left welts.

"Damn it! How dare you sexually harass me? You are lucky that I didn't kick your ass!" Belinda rubbed her reddening nose and yelled at him. She didn't notice that he was staring at her furiously. His tone seemed summoned from the depths of some icy hell.

"You are the first woman who dared to hit me. You'd better give me a good excuse, or else!" She felt his hot breath and shivered. She was Belinda Shangguan. How dare this evil man threaten her?

"I just hit you, Lothario, so what?" And moreover, where was Edward? He was just here. She saw him. How could he disappear as soon as she got here? Did he have an invisibility cloak? Haha! He didn't have an invisibility cloak but he had a flying car, so Belinda could not find him.

"What? I'm Lothario? If I remember correctly, you are the one who fell into my arms." Duke looked at the woman in front of him furiously and fought the urge to kill her. Why didn't she look at herself in the mirror? What made her so confident?

"Even if I ran into you, you shouldn't have assaulted me." Belinda wore heavy makeup, a large shirt and a pair of old fashioned black frame glasses. Any good looks she might have had were covered thoroughly. She was as attractive as a middle-aged woman -- which is to say not at all. No wonder Duke would be so angry.

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