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   Chapter 31 I Don't Mind for You

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"I don't mind going to the Grand Council for you." Kevin Gu stared at her with his blue eyes. His gaze smoldered with so much passion that Daisy could not make eye contact.

"Mr. Gu, don't fool me. I don't want to be murdered by your admirers." Kevin was acting strangely, which raised her stress level. That had never happened before.

"Are you scared?" Kevin, acutely aware of her reaction, could not help but feel depressed. 'Daisy, is there only room for one in your heart?'

"What's on the agenda tonight? I haven't been to such a lively party for a long time." Daisy deliberately changed the topic. Her heart was beating fast at the moment. She was not familiar with this side of Kevin. She wanted to keep her distance, and she didn't know why.

"Well, let's go and have fun. I'm sure you'll have a good time." He knew that she was trying to pull away, so he stopped flirting. He didn't want her to be uncomfortable and withdraw into herself, so he gave Mark an order to come over. But she still didn't notice his tender love.

"Let's go then!" Daisy felt defeated. Kevin's words were full of suggestions, and his eyes were so weird. He was fixated on her. What would she do now?

Kevin was dejected. He sadly watched her join the rest of the group. Was he a dreadful monster in her eyes? Why did she run off so fast?

Although Daisy was playing with them, she still squinted at him from time to time, with puzzlement in her eyes. He was so casually leaning on the tree, looking a bit lonely. He just got a promotion. Major General, now. So why did he look so unhappy?

Kevin was destined to be alone on the path of his secret love, because Daisy did not feel the same way at all. Though she loved Edward for so many years, she had never been in love with someone. She really couldn't understand Kevin's love for her, and it was not her fault she wasn't more receptive.

The night was getting darker, the sky speckled with stars. The lights of the city were not quite able to blot out the buildings that towered over everything. Down in the streets, blinking crossing lights and neon reigned supreme.

Edward confidently stepped into Sexy World along the East Road near the Square. He'd swapped his expensive suit and tie out for the more casual light sweater and a pair of nice, tailored pants. Several strands of wet hair covered his forehead, making him even more rugged and handsome.

Ignoring the bevy of beauties who showed great interest in him from the moment he entered, he made a beeline to the suite his buddies had reserved. Like always, he was late. Duke was accustomed to his habit, and not surprised at all. But another certain someone had a different rea


"Edward, come on. Don't you have any sense of time? You are always the last one here. Shake things up. Be creative. Be on time for once." Rain lazily reclined on the sofa, his blue earrings shining in the light. He was also dressed casually, a button-down and jeans, far from the dazzling suit in the morning. This way he looked less aggressive and more attractive to women.

"What do you mean by creative? Whether you want to be kept as a mistress or keep a mistress, I can help you design a plan and make sure you learn new things every day." Edward walked over to him slowly and sat down. He said these evil words very deliberately, and instantly Rain's smile disappeared.

"I did ask for it," he said sheepishly. Rain chastised himself silently. It was really stupid to put himself in the line of fire. He should have seen Edward's gloomy face and gauged his reaction.

Edward glanced at him and picked up the Hennessy on the table. He didn't mind Rain's teasing at all. After his phone call with Daisy, he felt out of sorts, and figured a night on the town was just what he needed. Maybe he could sort out his emotions and relax.

"Tell us! What's on your mind?" Duke knew him well. Edward would not call them out so late if there was nothing wrong. He recently became more well-behaved and rarely went to places like this late at night.

"Can't a guy just invite his friends out for drinks?" Edward tipped the glass of wine to and fro, the liquid rippling with a beautiful arc.

"I've known you for a long time. Long enough to know when things aren't all right." Duke called him out on his reticence. He had never been so depressed like this before.

Edward snorted and emptied the glass. He didn't stop to savor the cool liquid.

"When did you become so interested in me? Or are the rumors true?" Edward had an evil glint in his eye. Edward would never forget how bent out of shape Duke got when he pretended to flirt with him. He figured he might poke that old wound.

"Edward, the more you lash out, the harder it will be to help you. I'm not going to force the issue. You don't want to talk about it, fine!" Duke kept his own counsel. It made no sense to force Edward to talk. His friend would talk about it when he was ready.

"What game are you playing?" Rain looked at them, lost for the moment.

"No game. Drink your wine!" Edward glanced at him irritably, poured some wine into his own glass, and then leaned back into the sofa, gracefully swinging his long legs.

"Alright. Don't tell me then. I don't want to know. No need to be so mysterious." Rain looked at them, annoyed. This was between Edward and Duke, and no one else would understand.

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