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   Chapter 29 Mommy Cried

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Justin soon recovered from his illness. In only two days, he was alive and well again. He had no sign of sickness at all.

"Mrs. Wu, shall we have cola chicken wings today?" Justin was drooling over the chicken wings cooked by Mrs. Wu. They didn't taste like those cooked by his mommy, but they tasted better.

"Well, if you want to eat, I will cook them for you." Mrs. Wu was very fond of this little guy. He was not as spoiled as other children and he was so clever and thoughtful. Although he had always pissed Edward off, she still liked him very much. Anyway, she was not the one to be tricked.

"Yeah! Mrs. Wu, I always know that you are the best to me." Justin was really good at pleasing people.

"Justin, is Mrs. Wu the only one who is good to you?" Another servant -- Sunny -- said in a teasing way.

"Well! I know that Sunny is good to me too, but you don't know how to cook cola chicken wings, do you? So Mrs. Wu is the best."

'Well, this little guy is a foodie, and whoever cooks something delicious for him is the best one.' Sunny thought sourly.

"Sunny, take Justin upstairs to play. I'll call you when the meal is ready." Although the kitchen was big, she was still worried that Justin might be bumped.

"Let's go! Justin, if you keep saying those sweet words, the cola chicken wings will not taste of cola." Sunny smirked.

"Sunny, why would they not taste like cola?" If he didn't understand, he had to ask. Every child knew this rule.

"Because they would only taste of sweets! Don't you know that how sweet your words are?"

"Ah! Sunny, how could you make fun of me? I'm not playing with you anymore." Uttering these words, he ran upstairs. He was a little embarrassed. Mrs. Wu and Sunny burst into laughter. Justin was such an interesting boy.

When he ran into his bedroom, his cell phone was ringing. He ran over happily to pick it up, Sunny's teasing totally forgotten.

"Hello! Mommy, when will you be back? I want to taste your cooking." The reason why he asked Mrs. Wu to cook cola chicken wings was that he missed his mother's culinary style.

"OK! You are such a foodie. If nothing happens, I'll be back tomorrow. I'll cook delicious food for you." Daisy stared at the latest position report in front of her. Although she knew the result, she was still a little disappointed. That was why she was eager to seek the comfort of her son.

"Mommy, are you unhappy? Are you crying?" Justin could tell that Daisy's voice was unusual.

"No, Mommy just misses you so much." Daisy stopped talking, choked with sobs. Actually, she had an overwhelming urge to cry. The physical exhaustion and mental pressure pushed her further into the depths of depression. But she knew that she couldn't cry and she could only endure with the dogged will.

"Mommy, I miss you so much too. Don't be sad. OK? I'll make everything better." Justin's eyes got red. He knew that his mom must be unhappy. He couldn't cry because he was the only on

e his mom could rely on. If he cried first, what should his mom do?

"OK. Mommy doesn't feel sad. I have my Justin with me." Daisy's tears finally cascaded down her face. Her heart was fragile now. She just let the tears silently cover her delicate face.

"Yes! Justin is always the guardian angel of mommy. So mommy, you have to be brave and you can see me tomorrow." Justin bit his delicate pink lips, so as not to let Daisy hear the tremble in his voice.

"Well, Justin, I'll see you tomorrow." She hung up the phone quickly and her tears ran faster over her face. She didn't know what was wrong with her and why she became so emotional all of a sudden. This was not like her at all. Was it because she failed in the promotion?

'No. That's just covering it up. I've bottled everything up so much that it finally poured out of me.'

Justin slowly set the phone down. He could not help bursting into tears. He wished he could be with mom now, so he could support her. He knew exactly how weary his mom had been for all these years, so he tried his best to obey. He never asked his mom to find his dad, nor did he mention him in front of her. Sometimes, when he saw other children playing with their dads, he envied them. He just had to endure.

When Edward opened the door, he saw Justin was sitting on the ground with the phone in his hand, sobbing silently. His unusual behavior frightened him. He strode to him and scooped Justin into his arms quickly, holding him tight.

"Justin, what's wrong with you? Who upset you? Tell daddy." He picked up a tissue and tenderly wiped the tears from his face.

"Daddy, what should I do? Mommy cried. She had never cried before. She must be very sad now." Edward stopped for a moment. His heart skipped a beat.

"Did your mommy really cry?"

'What happened to that aloof woman? Why should she be so emotional in front of his son?' Edward thought.

"Yes! I heard it. Daddy, do you think mommy will be all right? I'm not with her. What should she do all by herself?" Thinking of this, Justin cried even more, sobs rocking his body.

"Please don't cry. I think your mom will be all right. Maybe she just missed you so much that she couldn't help crying." Edward knew the reason was far-fetched, but he couldn't find a better reason to comfort his son, because his heart was in turmoil.

"Daddy, really?" Justin looked at his dad in anticipation with tears in his eyes. He was uncertain.

"Yes! I promise. Let's wash your face and get some dinner." Edward took Justin to the bathroom and wetted a washcloth. He frowned and his dark eyes became darker. 'Isn't she in the army?' he thought. 'Was she hurt, so she became so emotional?' Distracted by this, Edward dabbed too hard at Justin's face. "Ouch!" Justin cried out and he looked at his father, his eyes asking "why?"

"Oh! I'm sorry. Dad is distracted." Edward was out of sorts. 'What was happening to me? Why do I lose it where that woman is concerned?'

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