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   Chapter 28 He Was Going Mad Today

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6154

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It was already late at night, but Edward still couldn't sleep. He couldn't stop thinking about Leo's strange behavior as well as Justin's love towards his mommy. He admitted to himself that he had always been ruthless to women, especially for those who were totally irrelevant. But this was his legal wife. The mother of his child. There's no way he could stay emotionless and uncaring anymore.

She never asked about him on the phone, nor did she want to talk to him. But he wanted to learn more about her. This drove him nuts. They didn't know about each other and didn't even stand to be around each other for a long time. So why was he drawn to her? Panic rose in him and wrested for control. He needed to escape.

Next morning, Rain and Luke arrived at the hospital at almost exactly the same time. They couldn't be more different. Luke was introverted and calm, and Rain was outgoing and thought he was the bee's knees. Luke hoped that Rain wouldn't see him and quickened his pace. He felt embarrassed to be around the man. But Rain yelled after him.

"Luke, stop! Wait up! Why are you running? There are no girls chasing you!" Luke thought to himself, 'I wouldn't run if there were beautiful women behind me. But instead, it's this clown!' Thinking about this, Luke picked up the pace.

'Maybe he didn't hear me.' Rain thought. 'No way! He heard me!' He remembered that Luke looked back at him, then sped up. "Go as fast as you like, Luke! I will chase you to the ends of the earth!" Rain yelled. People began to stare at them, which was exactly what Luke wanted to avoid.

Luke felt tears well up inside. How could he have forgotten to burn incense this morning? He regretted that bitterly. If he had, he wouldn't be in this mess. Rain was a devil, and Luke missed his chance to protect himself from evil. Rain got all dressed up that day. No one who came to the hospital would dress in that way. What's more, he was holding a nice bouquet of red roses. Anyone who knew him, knew he was here to visit Justin. For those who didn't, they might think the roses were gifts for Luke. How could they think anything else, as he chased after and screamed after Luke? 'Man, they're going to think we're a couple! Argh! I want to slam that idiot into the wall!' Luke thought. 'What kind of man would visit the hospital with roses as gifts? Especially for a little boy.'

They made noise all the way to the patient's room. Luke quite calmly put away the things he brought along. However, Rain was angry. You could hear him before you saw him. "Damn it, Luke! Why did you run away from me?" Shit, you don't deserve any response, Luke thought.

Edward was already there. He looked at Luke and inquired silently about the matter. What was wrong with that dude, shouting and yelling so early in the morning?

Luke was just about to answer Edward's unspoken question when Rain rushed in.

"Uncle Rain, are you going to take part in the peacocking contest? If not, why are you dressed all pretty like a flower?" Justin curiously stared at Rain, with his eyes smiling l

ike a crescent moon.

Looking at his outfit, Rain wondered if he were too ostentatious. Well, he admitted that his shirt was flowery, and his trousers were super loud. Yet, he was still far from as pretty like a flower, wasn't he?

"Dear boy, this is the latest trend! Accept no imitations, and don't be one of the sheeple!" Edward smiled in amusement. Luke was also laughing. That outfit was ridiculous!

"Uncle Rain, are you sure these are the latest fashions, instead of the latest ladyboy costume?" Justin was in a good mood today. He wouldn't miss the chance to tease Rain, especially in that getup. Rain had been asking for it. He had left in a hurry last night, when Justin wanted to use him to make his daddy jealous.

"That's in poor taste. Taking revenge now?" With clenched teeth, Rain looked at the little boy helplessly, who was smiling brightly in front of him. He regretted leaving suddenly last night. Otherwise, Justin wouldn't tease him like this.

"How could an innocent boy like me know anything about revenge?" Rain had no idea that he would soon be dragged into the mire by Justin a second time.

"Edward, your son's bullying me. Shouldn't you teach him a lesson?" That boy was far away from innocent. He was no better than a little devil.

"Don't you have better things to do?" Edward said coldly, with his thin lips moving slightly. However old he was, he still couldn't get out of the habit of acting cute.

"Ah! Uncle Rain, about last night's question... Are you going to like my mommy or not?" Justin would never forget his original intention, which was to make Edward love his mommy again.

"Um -- that is, you see -- Edward, I'm rather busy today. Lots of business proposals waiting for me! I gotta go now." He just won't stop! The little guy was so persistent! He started this last night, and Justin still fixated on this issue. Rain must be getting tired of living if he naively answered this tricky question. Did they really think he was an idiot to say that he liked his boss' wife in front of Edward?

"Uncle Rain, don't rush off! At least, not before I get an answer!" Rain just flew out of the room. Damn! The little guy was just like his father, setting traps and waiting for him to jump in.

"Wow!" Justin exclaimed. He turned to his father. "Mr. Mu, are my words scary?" Edward laughed. Not scary at all. Your uncle Rain was afraid of your daddy.

"Leave him alone, he was going mad today." Edward was already used to the fact that his son would call him 'Mr. Mu' now and then. So, he didn't pay much attention to it.

Luke found himself wondering what Rain would be like. Not surprisingly, Justin wouldn't miss any chance to humiliate those who irritated him. He counted himself lucky that it wasn't him who offended father and son. That would end badly for him.

Justin was happy. He got the answer he wanted, that Daddy cared for Mommy at least a little. Otherwise, he wouldn't humiliate Rain like that.

Rain had no idea that he had been the sacrificial lamb for Justin to mess with his Daddy's head.

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