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   Chapter 27 Why Can't You Like My Mommy

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"That's good, but you sound strange." Daisy wrinkled her smooth forehead.

"Haha! Mommy, you got me! I yelled a lot with my friends. My throat feels funny." Justin knew his mom was sharp. He wasn't going to be able to get away with lying that easily.

Edward and Rain looked at him in surprise. Why didn't he tell his mother he was ill?

"Oh! Be careful next time. And try not to use your voice a lot till it heals up. I'll be back in a few days. It's late, and I've got a bedtime with my name on it. Good night. Mommy loves you." There was a faint smile on Daisy's face. She was never stingy with her patience and love for her son. But she never gave an inch to anyone else.

"OK! Mommy, I love you, too. I'll wait for you to come back! Bye!" When Justin hung up, his face was as rosy as usual.

"Justin, your mother is coming back." Rain was excited. 'Finally, I get to meet the mystery woman!'

Edward was quiet as he went about setting out the food. You might have told him an insurance agent was coming, for all the emotion he showed. But he was growing more curious about that woman by the minute.

"Yes!" Justin's voice cracked as his voice rose. "Mommy will be back in a few days, Uncle Rain. She is very beautiful. You'll love her!" Justin said proudly. But he didn't know that his words embarrassed both men.

"Er -- Little one, I don't really care if your mom is attractive or not." He glanced at Edward secretly. She was his boss's wife. There was no way. He would have a bad death if he dared to like his boss's woman.

Edward relaxed. She was his wife. He didn't need any rival for her affections. What was Justin thinking?

"Why not? Although mommy is a cold beauty, she really has a kind heart. Don't worry. She would never let you do push-ups." Justin looked at Rain innocently. Rain's jaw dropped. Edward's face showed concern as well. Jesus! 'Justin! You can't talk about your mom and other men that way! Don't you see the expression in your father's eyes?'

The conversation brought some unfamiliar feelings to the fore. Edward felt pure jealousy the way Justin talked about his mom. Especially the sexual hints. He was totally caught off-guard.

"Justin." Rain continued. "Let's not talk about this, okay? It's more than a little weird, and I don't think about your mom like that." Rain needed to put his foot down. Edward was staring at him so intently as if it might burn a hole in his face.

"Uncle Rain, why can't you like my mommy?" Justin pouted. Edward almost spilled the porridge as he stared at Justin. Rain was visibly nervous.

"All right. You tell me first. Why do I have to like her?" Rain indulged this little guy. He was hoping to shut this down before it got him in trouble. But why was Justin pushing so hard?

"Because no one likes mommy except me! Many people like me. But no one likes mommy." he repeated. Justin was going to cry. Rain raised his head and cast

a glance at Edward. Edward was astonished and couldn't say a word. He just stood there.

Edward felt a pain in his heart. Was it because of what Justin said, or the fact that his son was crying?

"Justin, are you hungry?" Edward said at last. "Let's eat!" Edward ignored Rain's quizzical expression.

"Yes. Justin, you need to eat. I need to get back. I'll visit tomorrow." Rain said. 'Oh, no!' Rain thought. He had to get out of there. Who knew what problems were waiting for him next?

"Okay! Goodbye, Uncle Rain. Think about it when you're back home, please." Rain thought he would make a quick exit. What Justin added almost made him trip.

Edward looked at Rain. The man was red-faced and eager to get away from Justin and the topic his son insisted on talking about. Rain disappeared quickly. However, Justin smiled slyly. He wasn't sad anymore!

"Daddy, do you think Uncle Rain is funny?" Justin said those words deliberately. Mommy was coming back, and he wanted to see whether Edward liked his mother or not. So he played with Rain to test his father. He only had to add some fuel to the fire. Then he would get the answer.

"Justin, it's impolite to make fun of your uncle Rain!" He realized that Justin was just teasing Rain. But he couldn't shake the feeling that there was more than a little truth behind his words. He always felt that the little guy was up to something.

Daisy was always quiet. At this moment, sitting quietly and looking into the distance, she fiddled with the phone there. Her cold face was full of melancholy. Missing him was like a rose. The thorns might cause pain, but the rose, like love, still smelled as sweet as ever. She was used to missing him, chasing him and waiting for him. Sometimes she felt too weary to love someone again, afraid that she could not help throwing herself into his arms, but she knew that the person in his arms could never be her.

She missed him a lot, but she couldn't see him. Oh, he appeared in newspapers and magazines, and she would quickly snatch up an issue in which he appeared. He smiled gently to the lovely ladies around him. But this tenderness did not belong to her. She was his wife, but he was never concerned about her. No, he didn't know. He never understood how painful it was when she missed him! He had even forgotten that there was such a woman in his life.

He would never know how many sleepless nights she spent looking at Justin's face for his shadow, trying to pick out all the things in Justin that reminded her of Edward. He would never know how much she wanted to throw herself into his arms when Justin was sick. She was a soldier, but she was also a woman. Like anyone, she wanted to be loved. But he was always an unreachable dream to her, and the only thing left was the endless pain when she woke up.

Who said that secret love was beautiful, that it was happy? They were wrong. She never felt that way.

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