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   Chapter 26 The Desolation Of Edward

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"Didn't he eat anything?" Edward's handsome eyebrows were knitted with worry.

"Only a few bites. He didn't feel good." Rain Xia was anxious. He wanted to prepare some food for Justin. It was easier to recuperate with food in his belly.

"I'll call Mrs. Wu. She'll cook up some supper. And then you can go bring it here." He reached into his pocket and pulled out his mobile phone. He did so organically; it was a seamless, smooth maneuver.

"You can go back and get the food." Rain said. "I think you have time to take a bath. Justin will probably be asleep for a while." He knew that Edward did not like being hot and sweaty. It was very uncomfortable for him.

Edward had planned to ask Mrs. Wu to arrange clothes for him and have Rain bring them to him. If he just went there himself, he wouldn't need to ask Rain. He could also catch a shower while he was there.

"I'm headed back. Call me if something happens." He bent down to kiss Justin's forehead, Then he was gone.

"Go!" said Rain. "You've wasted enough time!" Rain Xia was confused. Why didn't he know that his boss was so long-winded?

When Edward arrived, he saw that Mrs. Wu had made porridge and appetizers. He also got the chance to shower, and felt much fresher afterward. After he toweled himself dry, it suddenly struck him that Justin was whispering something when he had a high fever. He then went to Justin's room to get his phone. Justin could get through to his mother now.

He took the phone and unlocked the screen to check the battery life. He found several missed calls. He clicked one and the screen displayed "Mommy". There was also a text message waiting for the phone's owner.

Edward looked at the message and hesitated. Finally, he decided to click it. It showed "Justin, what's the matter with you? Why didn't you answer? Didn't you see the message I sent to you last night? I'm really worried about you. Call me back when you see this message." What he read was warm, like a tender spring breeze on his face. It was in direct contrast to the coldness she showed when last they were together.

Edward took the phone and went down the stairs. Luke called to him when Edward was about to take the food.

"Sir, let me take it!" Luke took the supper and put them into the car. Edward knew that Luke would worry about his safety and follow him as it was late. He said nothing but follow Luke.

"Luke, why are you doing this?" Edward was confused by Luke's behavior.

"Sir, Let me drive for you tonight!" Luke opened the car door grimly, deliberately.

Edward looked at Luke's face, and understood that he was being helpful, as always. Trying to anticipate Edward's needs.

Luke needed to learn to relax. He took his orders very seriously. Edward was merely a little tired today, Luke even didn't allow him to drive.

Luke drove the car sm

oothly. But his cold face always had Edward doubting whether Luke was truly Duke's brother. Why were both of them so stone cold?

Edward looked through the car window, watching the rush of light and color that heralded the city's nightlife. His chiseled face showed he was weary and jaded, yet he didn't understand why.

Watching lovers on the street, their hands clasped and faces smiling, he couldn't help but sigh. He hoped and dreamed he could also love someone deeply, hold her hands, age with her, smiling the whole time.

Luke observed Edward quietly, seeing his desolation, and felt sorry for him.

Only Luke knew how lonely Edward was. Edward had been sent away from his parents to study abroad since childhood. Upon his return, his parents traveled the world.

Despite his riches, he lived alone in the large villa. It was really lonely. So he dated different women in the past years.

Once his son came here, he came home on time dutifully after work, eschewing the nightlife, not flirting with other women. He didn't even make headlines in the Entertainment section anymore. Luke was happy to see him settle down, but didn't know why he was so lonely tonight.

Daisy Ouyang called Justin many times, but there was no answer. She worried a lot, trying to call him again even though it was so late. She wouldn't be able to sleep until she talked to him.

Edward entered the ward, and he heard the military song that served as the phone's ringtone. "Why is it so loud?" he wondered. He recalled the ringtone being more mellow.

Edward looked at the phone and saw the screen showed "mommy". Without a second thought, he answered, and heard the cold voice on the other end.

"Justin, why didn't you answer my call? Do you know how worried I am?" Daisy was rushed, immediately starting to chatter when Edward picked up.

"Hello?" The masculine voice shocked Daisy. She almost dropped the phone. Things were tense, the atmosphere oppressive.

Taking a deep breath, patting her own beautiful face, she started to say "hello! Can you tell me where Justin is, please!" Her tone was cold and distant, which matched her appearance.

"Hold on a sec," Edward replied. He stepped into the ward quickly, passing the mobile phone to Justin, who was talking and laughing with Rain. "It's for you."

Justin was confused to see his phone, the one he left at home. He smiled sweetly, since only his mother could call this phone.

"Hi, Mommy! I miss you a lot. When are you coming back?" He said. His voice went soft and high. It was obvious he was emotional.

"Oh, Mommy misses you a lot too. Why didn't you answer, though? Anything wrong?" She was still worried, though hearing Justin's voice helped a little.

"No. I just forgot my phone when I went out with Daddy." he lied. Justin didn't want Daisy to know he was ill.

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