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   Chapter 25 Who Is Justin

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"Thank you for the opportunity, Edward. I'll study hard." Mary was beaming with pride. She could get anything she wanted.

"Well, then I'll go first. Justin is still in the hospital." Then he stood up.

"Who's Justin?" Leo asked curiously. 'Am I supposed to know Justin? Why does he mention that name?' he wondered.

"You don't remember Justin?" Edward couldn't believe his ears. It felt like he'd been slapped. Leo didn't remember Justin! How did the man not remember his own grandson? Leo's confusion stunned Edward.

"No, I don't. Is it someone I should know?" Leo was more confused. Mary looked at Edward with a puzzled expression as well. It was like he said something they couldn't understand.

Was there something wrong? Leo never mentioned Daisy at all. He thought it was because Leo knew Daisy was off at training, so he didn't mention it. But it seemed different now. Leo should at least know basic things. Edward felt like things were spiraling out of control.

Edward tried his best to recover. "Got you!" he said. "I was joking." Since the old man seemed genuinely confused, Edward had to figure out why. But now was not the time to get into it.

Initially caught off guard, Leo visibly relaxed. "I wondered if I'd forgotten. I'm not getting any younger, and my mind is not what it used to be. Just a joke, then?" Leo was fairly sure that Edward wasn't joking. But who was Justin? And why can't he remember him? He needed to figure that out.

Edward turned to leave. "Thank you for your hospitality, Mr. Ouyang. See you later." He paused. 'It was a fantastic meal, really! And he even wanted to give his other daughter to me.' Edward thought.

"I understand, Boss Mu. You are busy. Be seeing you." Leo said with a smile.

"Goodbye, Mr. Ouyang." Edward didn't say a word to Mary, not even goodbye. Indeed, he didn't acknowledge her at all.

Mary was embarrassed. 'Edward, ' she thought, 'I will make you fall in love with me. Just wait and see! You'll be begging for my love!'

But how could Mary be so confident? She was as beautiful as Edward was handsome. He was the dream lover of every woman, and there was no beauty that Edward had not seen. He wasn't interested in Mary at all!

Edward drove quietly, but there was a bee in his bonnet. The luxury car sped by and captivated everyone. The paint shone and chrome glittered. The driver must be an extraordinary man, since few people could afford such an expensive car.

Why did Leo not know Justin? Was it because Daisy didn't tell him, or some other reason? This whole thing was strange, almost as if Leo were rejecting him as a son-in-law. And what did that me

an for him and Daisy? Why did he introduce Mary Ouyang to him?

As he pulled into the parking garage, he put all that out of his mind. The ward was quiet. When he saw the little figure asleep on the bed, he breathed a sigh of relief. He looked around. Where were Rain and Aaron? The flush of a toilet gave him his answer. Rain burst out of the bathroom.

"That was quick!" No one knew how long Edward would be. He was gone less than two hours.

"Rain, I came back as soon as I could." He walked over to the bed, and gently touched the forehead of Justin. Much better. His fever had broken.

"Don't worry. I talked to the doctors. They're keeping him overnight. If he feels better tomorrow, we can discharge him from the hospital." Rain was really good at dealing with these kinds of things.

"Great! Thanks, Rain." Rain strode quickly to his side and put his hand on Edward's forehead.

Edward took a step back," What are you doing?" He looked at Rain as if he were a fool.

"Checking for a fever!" Edward never thanked him before! But he suddenly thanked him today. That was unlike the proud man that he knew.

"Very funny," said Edward. Edward knew exactly what he was thinking. They knew each other too well.

"Aaron went back to the office. The YS group is giving us fits. She's demanding new terms." Rain smiled. That gal was tough. She could make Edward so angry, and Rain never failed to find it amusing.

"Again?" Edward's brow wrinkled. 'Why is this woman so difficult to get along with?'

"I don't know. When Aaron comes back, we'll know more. Are you sure she's not one of your exes?" Rain got that look in his eyes. He wanted Edward to dish.

"Her? She's way too crazy for me." Edward had suffered a lot because of that woman. He tried to push the hurt down inside him.

"Edward, could it be that she's mad at you for dumping her?" It was entirely possible.

"Come on. Do you think I'm you? Do you have to work at not thinking, Rain, or does it come naturally?" Edward glared at him coldly.

"Alright, Edward! You made your point!" Edward made him look like a fool again! He'd never won when they argued. Why couldn't he be shameless as Edward?

"It's possible, I guess. You can't remember everyone you've been with." Rain added. He hoped that Edward could suddenly recall something.

"Don't you go home now?" Edward just ignored him and changed the subject.

"I need to prepare something for Justin to eat. He didn't eat much just now. He'll probably be hungry when he wakes up." Edward had called Mrs. Wu before he met with Leo. She agreed to prepare some food, so he left, worried about one less thing.

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