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   Chapter 23 You Are A Miracle

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"No way! You got married six years ago. Why didn't I ever meet your wife?" It turned out that one of the best bachelors was not single already at an earlier time. Beauties who came for him like moths to a flame were worthless! However, it was not their fault for being ignorant. People close to him like Rain only knew it today.

"I have just met her twice. It's normal for you not to meet her." It was unsure if he could recognize her on the street.

"Er! Man, you are a miracle. You two only met each other twice but have a big boy already." It seemed that he would not be surprised again if Edward told him more astonishing stories after a series of blows.

Edward gave him a stare when Aaron hurriedly walked in. His face was covered with thin sweat.

"Mr. Mu, what's wrong with Justin?" He rushed over when he heard from Anna that Justin was ill.

"Nothing serious, just a fever caused by the cold." It might be that the temperature of the air conditioner was a bit low and he was not covered with a quilt. And that's why he caught a cold.

"Sorry, he said he was back to your office so I didn't stop him. It's my fault for forgetting to take a look at him." Aaron was very annoyed. Why didn't he think about it? Things went worse now.

"It's not your fault. I have an appointment tonight. You two stay here and help me look at my little boy! I will come back as soon as I finish it." Edward had planned to ask Anna to appoint another time with Leo because Justin was still with fever and he worried about him. But Leo was his nominal father-in-law and it was not good to postpone it. So he asked them to take care of Justin. He was also curious about what Leo Ouyang was going to talk with him about.

"You may rest assured we will look after him." Aaron was still feeling guilty now! He felt that It was his fault to make Justin suffer.

"Mommy, it hurts! Mommy..." A small voice softly cried, grabbing the attention of everybody. They looked at the small figure on the bed and Edward held his delicate hand again.

"Justin, daddy is here. Where does it hurt, Justin?" Edward said in an anxious voice.

"Mommy, I miss you. Mommy, my head hurts." Justin muttered these words deliriously, making Edward panic.

"Rain, call the doctor. Hurry up!" What kind of hospital was this! .Why didn't Justin get better after the injection! Alas! Edward, it was not a miracle cure! It wouldn't take effect immediately.

Rain quickly pulled the doctor over. It was not difficult to see how worried Rain was from the doctor's messy clothes.

"Doctor. Why does he still feel hurt? Is there any other problem not checked out?" Edward's voice was shaking. How he wish he could take the pain for him!

The doctor quickly checked Justin and soon got the result. "Mr. Mu, your boy has no other problems. The pain is caused by high fever. I'll ask the nurse to send two ice packs over. Put the ice packs on his head and it will make him feel better." The doctor said cautiously because the man in front of him commanded a powerful presence.

"Why didn't you just say it just now if this was a good method?" Rain spit out in a cold voice, his eyes smouldering with anger. The doctor was so scared that he wanted to run away. How he wish he was not on duty today!

"Go get it!" Edward was more gentle compared to him.

"Okay! I'll do it right away." Speaking of it, he quickly turned away, afraid that he would be killed by the eyes of the beautiful guy the next second. If Rain knew the doctor's thoughts, the doctor would never get out of the room, because he hated to hear people say he was beautiful.

The ice packs were quickly sent over. The nurse told them how to use it, blushing. She sneaked at the men who looked distinguished in front of her from time to time, and two of them were so beautiful.

"Mommy, mommy." The sudden coldness of the ice pack on his forehead made Justin frown slightly, and his unconscious words spilled out again from his red lips caused by fever.

"Edward, Justin has been calling his mommy all the time. Why don't you ask her to come over?" Seeing Justin, Rain couldn't help but feel the same. He used to mi

ss his mother every time he was sick, but she never appeared at all, so he hoped that Justin can see his mommy.

"His mommy isn't in S City," Edward said flatly. According to the text message last night, that woman would be back in a few days!

"What! Where is she? Abroad?" Rain was surprised.

"I don't know where she is either!" He really had no idea. He had asked Justin, but he said that he didn't know cuz Mommy never told him about her work. Sometimes her work needed to be kept confidential.

"What? No way! You don't know where your wife is, how can you be a husband?" Rain really didn't understand this couple. They had just met twice in their six-year marriage, but they had such a big boy. And now he didn't know where the other person was.

"Should I know?" Edward never bothered to think about those who he didn't care. This time, because of his son, his curiosity about that woman was a little beyond his consideration.

"Er! Shouldn't you know?" Rain was confused.

"Aren't you too curious?" Edward was on the edge of anger. How could he hold on to this topic? Compared with Aaron who was quiet, Rain was too noisy.

Actually, Aaron also wanted to know the reason. He was carefully listening to their conversation. He was a little disappointed when his boss stopped talking about his wife.

Seeing Edward like this, Rain knew he didn't want to continue this topic, therefore he stopped speaking, but looking at Edward with a sad expression.

Edward took away the ice pack on Justin's forehead and touched it with his hand. He gently breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, it was not so hot. Maybe the medicine also worked!

At this moment, Justin's eyelashes quivered, and then his eyes opened slightly. Seeing this, Edward smiled, with his deep eyes full of tenderness.

"My boy, how do you feel now? Do you still have a headache?" He touched Justin's forehead with his hand again. The fever was relieved.

"Daddy, what happened to me? Why am I here? And why do I ache all over?" Justin's voice was soft and hoarse.

"You have a fever and you are in the hospital. You freaked me out, my son." He hoped that his little boy would never get sick and always be healthy.

"Sorry daddy. I didn't mean to scare you. I used to have a fever, and mommy would give me medicine. It's alright." Justin said in a soft voice. He was too sensible for a child at his age.

Hearing his words, Edward spaced out a little. If Justin used to have a fever, how did that woman get through this? Was she as scared as he was?

"Hi! Boy, you are awake finally." Rain, not willing to be neglected, stepped up, but in return, Justin gave him a small sigh.

"Alas! I must be dazed with fever. Why do I see a ladyboy?" Saying that, he winked his eyes with uncertainty.

Aaron burst out laughing. He felt joyful now. His mouth was wide open. Everyone could tell how happy he was. 'Rain Xia, now do you believe that you look like a ladyboy?' he thought.

Rain stunned. He opened his mouth but didn't say anything. Even Edward also twitched his mouth slightly. He looked at Justin lovingly. Justin was right. Rain did look like a ladyboy.

"Justin, my cute boy! How did I offend you that you diss me like this?" Rain felt like weeping but had no tears. Why did he always hurt!

"Sorry. I don't like ladyboys so it's not only for you." Although Justin was still weak, he would like to tease him when it came to the topic of his interest.

Edward was speechless. He was included too according to Justin's words. Why was he aimed at? Rain felt happy this time because he was not the only ladyboy! Edward was one of them too!

"Justin, you are so cute." He kissed Justin on the cheek. Rain deserved a good spanking!

Justin looked at his daddy with a grimace, hoping that he could help him wipe the saliva of this ladyboy left on his face. But Edward pretended not to see it. He knew that Justin was afraid of being kissed by others. To put it bluntly, he was a neat freak, ha! Who made you tease me! I won't help you this time!

Edward, you were an adult, no need to fuss with him. Besides, he was your child! Didn't you feel ashamed?

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