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   Chapter 22 Justin Has A Fever

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As soon as the meeting was over, Rain came towards Edward and started to gossip. He was in a casual suit today and he wore a pink and purple stud earring, which matched the color scheme of his suit and made him more eye-catching. Now he was looking flatteringly at Edward. He really looked like the bottom one with that charming face.

"What did you ask Aaron to do, Mr. Mu?" He asked and ogled at Edward.

Edward glanced at him disdainfully with his fine lips compacted. He picked up the documents and left. Edward wondered when Rain became such a lackey. He even tried to ogle at him, but unluckily he was Edward, who was so charming himself that he would not be possibly seduced by anyone else.

"My dear elder brother, Boss, Mr. Mu, Beautiful Mu, could you please just tell me?" He followed him all the way out without any fear. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in the nose. It turned out that he hit his nose hard on Edward's back, when Edward stopped unexpectedly.

"Damn you, Rain!" Edward turned his head abruptly and glared coldly at him.

Rain shrunk his neck. 'Damn it! Have I offended him? I should stop talking immediately. He was born beautiful. Why doesn't he let others talk about it? If he were a gay, he should be the bottom one. I just cannot imagine what he will be like when he is under somebody else.'

"You'd better stop thinking the dirty thoughts now." Edward's gloomy voice suddenly sounded near his ear, Rain retreated a few steps out of fear. Was this guy a ghost? When did he come so close? Was he trying to tempt him? His sexual orientation was normal and he had no interest in him at all.

"Do you want me to make your messy thoughts come true?" Edward's voice became colder. It made Rain want to escape at once. The guy knew exactly what he was thinking. When did Edward learn mind reading?

"I'm not thinking of anything. You have thought too much yourself, boss." Uttering these words, Rain gave up gossiping and ran away at once. Hey! He was just like Belinda who dared to challenge Edward but could not bear the consequences. Both of them were good at running away.

Rain's wretched expression had already betrayed him. How could he deceive Edward?

Rain trotted away, but he did not go to his own office. Instead, he went straight to Aaron's. He could not find the answer from Edward. Wasn't it easier for him to get the answer from Aaron?

Aaron was so innocent. He was always the one to be bullied.

The office door burst open while Aaron was drinking coffee. He was frightened by the loud sound and the coffee had split all over him. He glared at the man who had just come in. He was so angry that he wanted to kill Rain. The door was used to be knocked on instead of being hit. It seemed that Aaron had forgotten what good manners were.

"Rain, you'd better give me a good reason which will save your life. If not, you'd better disappear from my office at once." It was rare to see a gentleman like Aaron became so furious. As he wiped up the coffee stains on his clothes, he glared at the man who was to blame.

Seeing how hapless Aaron was, Rain must have laughed out as before. But now he wanted to cry instead. Why was his luck so bad today? He first pissed off his boss and then offended Aaron. Aaron was so angry that he wouldn't tell him the answer. Could it be true that the evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear?

"Hey! Aaron, I didn't know that you were drinking coffee, did I? Besides, Why did you pour your coffee on yourself? If you want to take a shower, you should first walk into the bathroom and then take off your clothes." Before he could finish his words, a folder was flying towards him and he dodged out of the way at once.

"Oh, God! Are you serious? Do you want to kill me?" Rain pretended that he was scared and he patted on his own chest. He challenged Aaron again without any fear. Aaron's face became darker and his eyes became colder.

"Rain, do you want to roll out by yourself or not? I don't mind carrying you out." The wet clothes stuck to his body, made him feel very uncomfortable. He really wanted to go into the bathroom and take a shower. However, that guy kept on talking with a lame apology.

"I'll walk out instead of rolling out. I don't know how to roll out. If you can set me an example, maybe I will think it twice." It was not a good start, he should have stopped for the moment. When Aaron was calm, he would come back again. He was sure that he would get the answer he wanted. So before the next folder was thrown to him, Rain quickly dodged out of the door. Then he heard the sound of something falling on the

ground. 'Damn it. He was really mad.'

Edward walked into his office. He looked around and did not find that little guy. He frowned and thought that he may be with Aaron. He walked up to his desk and sat down. When he found that little guy sleeping on the sofa, he smiled. He must have been waiting for a long time. It took him a relatively long time to have the meeting today.

He picked up his coat and walked quietly up to his son. He looked at his son dotingly and covered him gently with his coat. He smoothed away a wisp of hair from the little guy's forehead and found that his hair was a little longer. It had been almost three months since he came here. It was time to have his hair cut.

He caressed his little pink face. Noticing the unusual red on his face, he put his hand on Justin's forehead at once. Damn it. It was so hot. It seemed that he had gotten a fever. No wonder his face was so red.

Edward was in a great panic. He had never experienced anything like this before. The little guy had always been in a good health since he came here. Edward was frightened by his illness. He held Justin in his arms and rushed out.

"Anna, Anna, call Luke and ask him to get the car ready." Edward's voice was full of tension. His shouting also attracted the attention of Rain who had just escaped from Aaron's office. He walked up to him quickly and asked what had happened. But when he saw the little guy in Edward's arms, he was stunned.

"Rain, go down and get the car ready. Justin has a fever." Edward was a little distracted. The little guy in his arms was so scorching hot that he felt that he was almost burned. So when he saw Rain, he asked him to get his car ready at once.

"OK! I'll be right there." With these words, Rain ran downstairs at once. Although he was very gossipy and he wanted to know who that little guy was, he could tell that it was not the right time to ask.

Rain hadn't parked his car into the underground parking lot today, so when Edward and Justin came downstairs, he had already started the car waiting for them at the doorway. He drove as fast as he could and glanced at Edward in the rearview mirror from time to time. Seldom did he see his boss in such a nervous state. It seemed that this little guy was of great importance to his boss. He didn't have the chance to see Justin's face clearly, so he didn't know how much Justin resembled Edward.

They soon arrived at the hospital. After having a series of tests and the antipyretic injection, Justin was put on a drip soon. Edward's face, which had been in a state of tension, finally relaxed a little.

Edward asked for a VIP room. As soon as the doctor left, the room suddenly became very quiet. Rain went to go through the formalities. And now all could Edward hear was his own fast and irregular heartbeat.

Edward walked to the bed and sat near his son. He gently held Justin's hand which was not put on a drip. He didn't know what other fathers felt when their children were ill. He was scared. Yes, scared. Edward had never felt this scared, even when he was facing an assassination attempt. But now he was scared only because his son got a fever.

He bent down and kissed the little boy gently on his forehead. The little boy's forehead was still a little hot and he hadn't thoroughly recovered from the fever yet.

"Mr. Mu, the formalities have been completed." Rain walked in and spoke softly. In the meantime, he stared at Justin's little face hesitantly.

"Ask whatever you want to." Edward knew that Rain had been curious for a long time.

"Mr. Mu, whose child is this? Rain looked at Edward and then Justin. He felt that he almost got the answer.

"He is my son, Justin Mu." With these words, he turned to look at Rain.

"What? Your son? Why didn't I know?" Although he guessed the answer when he saw Justin's face, he was still stunned on hearing Edward's words.

"It's not late for you to know now." Why did everyone react violently when they knew that he had a son?

"But, when did you have a son at this age? Where is his mother? Who is she?" Rain began to gossip again. He was just as gossipy as Duke.

"My wife." Edward gave him the same answer as he had given Duke, which stunned Rain too.

"Boss, I'm already very surprised that you have a son. How could you have a wife? Are you kidding me? When did you get married?" Everything was in a mess. It seemed that a lot of changes had taken place during his business trip.

"Six years ago." His words became more and more concise. No wonder that Rain knew nothing about it. He hadn't graduated from school when Edward was married.

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