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   Chapter 21 Hiding A Woman

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Early in the morning, FX International Group was in a busy state. Not long after he entered the office, he heard a gentle knock on the door.

"Come in."

"Boss, good morning! This is your schedule for today." Anna gave the well-arranged work schedule to him.

"Is there anything special?" Edward read it for a while. It was his daily work.

"Yes, the CEO of Ouyang Foreign Trade has an appointment with you, but we have no business relationship with them." This company was very strange. Why did they suddenly want to meet with their boss?

"Since we don't have a business relationship, then refuse them." He did not want to waste his time on such useless things.

"Alright, I'll do it." Anna was always calm, and it was hard to find too much emotion on her face.

"Do it now!" He browsed the schedule again, and suddenly remembered that Ouyang Foreign Trade was the company of Daisy's father. They had never seen each other for so many years. Why did both of them come to him recently?

"Wait, Anna. When is the appointment with them?" Okay! Since he was his nominal father-in-law, whatever his purpose was, he must have a meet with him.

"7 p.m. at Mochan Restaurant." Anna looked at him doubtfully. Her boss was strange today. But she did not ask the reason.

"I see. Tell them I'll be there on time." What does Leo Ouyang want to do? Would he come to blame his attitude towards his daughter? They had been married for so many years. Why did he come at this moment? Or was it the recent foreign economic crisis that had affected his foreign trade. Maybe his sudden visit should have something to do with it.

He would never waste his mind on anything he could not guess. So he picked up the documents in front of him. All the answers would be revealed tonight. It was better to do more work than to wrestle with the issue.

Duke's car was as cool as himself. The shiny black body of the car was even more awe-inspiring in the sunlight. Justin wondered how could he be a good friend with Edward. Did they feel weird when they played together?

"Uncle Duke, could you send me to Daddy's company? I'll go back home with him later." He needed to check whether he was with a beauty or not.

"Should we make a phone call first? I'm afraid your father won't be there." Duke turned around and looked at him. His father liked this little boy very much. They had so many topics to talk about. He was very jealous of him.

"No, I can wait for him in the office if he is not there." It would not be a raid if they called him firstly.

"Okay! As you wish." He turned to another direction after saying that.

"Uncle Duke, are there many people who owe you money?" Justin asked with his head tilted slightly and wondered why Duke always kept a poker face.

"Of course not! Why do you ask?" Duke glanced, sideways, at him and kept driving with concentration.

"If not, why do you always keep a poker face? It seems that someone owes you a lot of money." The world of adults was so strange.

Duke stepped on the brake and the car hopped lightly when he heard what Justin said. Justin bent forward suddenly. Fortunately, Duke reached out with one hand and pulled him in time. Otherwise, he would be blamed by Edward if Justin got hurt.

"Uncle Duke, you gonna murder me! Just for my question? I didn't ask it on purpose. You want to kill me for this? I was so scared." Justin patted his chest, and complained to Duke.

Duke was embarrassed. 'It should be me who was first

scared by your remarks.' His words shocked him. So he suddenly applied the brakes. Even murder charges had been put on him now. This little boy was really difficult to deal with! Kids were horrible now! It was no wonder that Edward had become a lot quiet now, since there was a "wolf child" at home!

"Sorry. I'll watch out and be careful next time." Duke would love to correct his mistakes. He was proud of this character.

They arrived at FX International Group soon. When he was about to get off the car, he got an urgent call from the company. He looked at Justin with embarrassment and then looked at his watch.

"Uncle Duke, if you have something urgent, you can go first. I can go upstairs by myself, and besides, it's not my first time here, so you don't have to worry about me." Justin was a master of observation. Although he was young, he knew a lot.

"Really? I can call your father and ask him to come down and pick you up." Duke worried about him, but business in the company was really urgent.

"No, Uncle Duke. Bye-bye, I will go upstairs now." Justin got out of the car and ran into FX International Group.

Duke drove off after seeing Justin went into the building. Then he called Edward.

"Hello. Duke, what's up?"

"Are you in the office? I sent Justin to your company. But I have something urgent to deal with. He went upstairs by himself. Let someone pick him up."

"Well, I am here. I'll let someone pick him up." Ignoring the crowd of executives waiting for him to speak, Edward waved at Aaron.

With a puzzled face, Aaron leaned to him and listened to his whisper, then left the meeting room. What the hell was going on? Rain was puzzled. He looked at Edward and wanted to get some hint, but Edward didn't look at him at all. "Go on," Edward ordered. His curiosity was decreased by Edward's attitude and he got really angry, but couldn't say a word during the meeting.

When Aaron just walked out of the meeting room, he saw little Justin went out of the elevator jumping. He couldn't help smiling. Justin was so clever! His boss needn't worry about him. Justin didn't need other's help! He could take good care of himself!

"Uncle Aaron, where's my daddy?" He trotted all the way into Aaron's arms.

"He was in a meeting. It may be a while before it ends. Will you go in and wait or would you rather wait in my office?" Aaron pinched his pink face lovingly.

"Don't you need to participate in the meeting?"

"I should have to, but since you are here, I don't need to now." Rare benefit!

"Then uncle Aaron, I'll go to your office!" At least it would be better than being alone. He smiled sweetly, which was so different from his cool expression before. The environment can really alter a person's mood.

"Don't you think about it again?" He still remembered the last computer incident. He wouldn't flame him again, would he?

"Uncle Aaron, look at that nervous look on your face. Are you hiding someone in your office?" Justin looked at him with a sly expression.

"Who says I am hiding a woman in my office?" Aaron defended himself immediately.

"I didn't say you had hidden a woman. You said it by yourself." Gosh! Sometimes it was really fun to tease Aaron.

Aaron wanted to slap himself. How could he be so stupid! 'Haha.... Aaron, you are really funny! And you are a typical fool! You can't take advantage of those two evils in the conference room. Now you are even teased by a child. Don't you feel ashamed of yourself?'

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