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   Chapter 20 Fruitless Love

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Edward drove all the way home as fast as he could. He walked to the children's room as usual. He didn't realize that Justin had gone away with Duke until he saw the empty room. It seemed that this habit was something frightening.

He threw himself into the little bed and smelt the quilt which had the smell of milk. He couldn't help smiling. When did he become so sensitive? When he turned over, he felt something hard under him. It turned out to be a tiny cell phone. Now he found the reason why Justin didn't call him.

He gently unlocked the cell phone screen, a magnified photo leaped to his eyes. In the photo was a woman in a military uniform. Her tiny lips were tightly compacted; her dark shining eyes looked cold; her two delicate eyebrows gently wrinkled and her tiny face was with deep sadness. Edward suddenly felt a prick in his heart. It was the first time that he had seen the little woman so clearly. She was so petite and beautiful.

Then he started to browse the photos in the phone album. In almost all the pictures were Justin and his mom. The woman was always that cold. Only when she looked at Justin would she be warm and tender. Edward felt that there was something missing in the pictures. He was in serious thoughts until he finally saw a picture of three people. In this photograph, that woman was still looking cold while Justin was held by a handsome man, who was looking at the woman beside him with so much love. It seemed as if she was the only one he could see.

Edward closed his eyes for a while. Finally he got to know what was missing in the preceding pictures. It turned out that a man was missing in the picture. But who was that handsome man in the other picture? Was Daisy in love with the handsome man in the picture? If yes, why didn't she come and divorce him?

He threw the cellphone away and he didn't want to have too many feelings on the picture he had just seen. After all, he didn't love that woman. If she loved someone else, why didn't he mind letting her go? However, there was a small wave in his heart which he had not even noticed.

The phone fell into the soft quilt. Edward stood up and was ready to leave. Suddenly, the cell phone vibrated. After thinking for a while, he picked it up and checked it.

After he clicked the message button, a line of warm words showed on the screen," Justin, do you miss mommy? Mommy missed you so much. The training has ended ahead of schedule. Mommy wanted to call you, but it was too late, so I sent you this message instead. I need to finish some more work, then I can pick you up in a few days. Remember to be obedient, mommy will be back soon." There was not a single word that mentioned him in the message. It seemed that that woman ignored him thoroughly.

In the meeting room of X army group of C City, Daisy frowned. There was not a trace of being exposed to the sun for a long time on her delicate face. Her nice fingers gently turned the pages of the evaluation reports. It didn't indicate that the performance was bad, just not that good.

"What' wrong, Colonel Ouyang? Are you dissatisfied with the result?" The query made Daisy raise her head suddenly. She didn't say anything before she could see clearly who was in front of her. "Oh! Hello, Mr. Gu." She deliberately ignored his question and greeted him.

Kevin Gu picked up the papers in front of her. He nodded while checking the results. At last, he put down the papers in front of her," They all performed well. With such a training result and your daily performance, you will be promoted for sure."

"I don't care whether I will be promoted or not. There are so many people who are more excellent than me. I just feel that it has not reached my expectations and it's a little sad for me." In fact, Daisy also knew the real purpose of the training. However, there were a lot of elites who would also be evaluated and most of them had powerful backers. She

didn't have any backer at all and she relied on her own effort to reach her current position. She had tried her best and was too tired to strive for a higher one.

"Daisy, don't be so harsh on yourself. We all see how hard you worked." Kevin Gu pitied Daisy very much. He had never seen her relatives or friends except Justin. As to Justin's father, there were many versions of the rumor, but he knew none of them was true.

Four years ago he had been transferred to his current army. At first, he thought she was some high-ranking official's daughter, because she had achieved so great at such a young age and lived alone with a boy. He looked down on those who relied on their backers. Although he was from a high-ranking official's family, he relied on himself to get his current position. So he despised Daisy at the very beginning.

When they became familiar with each other, he found that she was really excellent and she didn't have the backer. She did well in each task and her professionalism and tenacity were beyond any men. She had always been cold from the deep bottom of her heart. He had always been curious why she was so cold and who hurt her. Slowly, he was deeply attracted to her. He didn't know if it was because of his pity on her or because he admired her hard work and effort.

"Forget about it. Don't talk about me any longer. Mr. Gu, you will win the honor of major general this time." Daisy knew that the background of Kevin was not simple, but she didn't like to explore others' private affairs because of her cold natural disposition. It was just her guess.

"It's hard to say. As you just said, there were so many elites this time. I don't have too much hope." Actually, Kevin was handsome and because he was from a well-off family, he had an aristocratic temperament. His beauty was different from Edward's. Edward was enchanting and charming while Kevin was distinguished with a heroic spirit.

"I think if you cannot be promoted this time, there is little hope for others too." She had always thought that Kevin was good and he didn't get the arrogance as most second-generation officials.

"Do you really think so? Actually, I don't really value this promotion, either. It's good to be promoted and it's good to stay in the same position, too." At least, he could stay here with her. If he succeeded in being promoted to the major general, he must be transferred back to B City. He didn't want to go back. There was no woman called Daisy Ouyang there.

"Don't I know your capability? Just rest assured. It is pretty solid." She always unconsciously relaxed in front of Kevin, so her tone was casual.

Kevin glanced at her with no expression on his face, but he felt complicated, 'Daisy, why do you want me to be promoted that much? Won't you feel upset about my leaving after so many years of companionship? Couldn't you really feel my love?' Thinking of this, he became angry.

"It is not what I want!" He left the meeting room before Daisy could react.

The night wind blew across the corner of his coat and at the same time brought about his sadness.

He knew that he shouldn't have been like this, but he couldn't help bursting into anger. He knew his father's opinions well. If he went back this time, he would be asked to go on a blind date. After all, he was not young, but he could not let go of the love in his heart, but he also knew that it was a fruitless love.

Although Daisy had never mentioned her husband, he knew that there was such a man. Her constant self-reflection and occasional slight smile showed that that man must have a very important place in her heart.

If he had not been a soldier, he would have pulled her under his wings. He wished to be her support when she felt tired and he wished to be the one she loved. But it was just his own wish.

Daisy was puzzled by the sudden leaving of Kevin. Did she say something wrong? Why was he so angry?

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